Here Are 10 Quick Tips to Land A Job Fast

Do you badly need a job? Then you’re in for a treat. While finding a job isn’t at all easy, there are some things you can do to land one quickly. Here are 15 ways you might want to try:

1.Find one on the internet
Job posts may be everywhere, but websites such as CareerBuilder,,, and Monster have an “Advanced Search” option that will lead you to job openings within a radius of your location. Just search by a keyword and you will find a list of job titles, type of jobs, companies and other information that you want to get.
2.Get specific
There are millions of job openings out there. To save you time, try focusing on job openings that you are qualified for. You can also list down the top 10 companies you want to pursue. Trust me, you will definitely give yourself the credit for keeping your eye on the goal and winning a slot.
3.Don’t be discouraged by rejection
Just because some company didn’t hire you doesn’t mean all of them won’t. Learn from these experiences and use them to be better next time. Who knows? You might even find a better deal in the next job you’re applying for. When a door closes, remember that there is always a window open. Or better yet, a nice chimney on the roof!
4.Go straight to the point
When writing a cover letter, remember to immediately highlight your intentions and strengths. Most companies don’t have time to read long messages. Let them know the position you are applying for and why they should hire you right away. Saving them time will surely give you an advantage. Now, that’s a good investment. Talking about first impressions!
5.Aim for the right spot
In preparing your resume, make sure every true detail builds you up for the specific position you are applying for. You don’t need to include everything. Just like how lawyers prepare their propositions, you too, should make it short, concise but really strong. Your resume must contain the list of what they are looking for.
6. Dress like you got it
Show up like you already got the job. Interviews are the most crucial part so make sure you get them totally sold out even just in the first few seconds. A good set of outfits are definitely good investments.
7. Be yourself
Act natural. While you see to it that you get to answer all the questions, don’t appear like you’ve memorized every word you say. Breathe in, breathe out and let loose. Just be yourself and smile. Like a financial advisor approaching a client, show them that you are eager to help.
8. Tell them stories
Be comfortable in opening up to your employers. This is a beginning of a wonderful working relationship, so make them feel as if you are about to welcome them into your life. However, don’t talk ill about your past employment/employer. Your interviewers don’t need such negativity in their life. Stay positive and pleasing.
9. Be confident but humble
As you try to assure them that you are of great help to the company, make sure you got both of your feet firmly on the ground, as well. Humility is attractive. Don’t appear arrogant and too self-promoting. Be real and sincere.
10. Tell them you enjoyed your time with them
People stick to their jobs because they’re happy. Try to send that kind a message to your employers. Tell them you had a great time and that you’re looking forward to an enjoyable working relationship. Appearing genuinely happy will give them an impression that you’re in for a long time.

Based On Materials From The Balance Careers
Photo from Flickr