Here Are 5 Simple Ways On How To Deal With Disappointment At Work

While being at work gives us financial security, there could be some circumstances in the office that might discourage or upset us. Whether it’s failing to do an important task or having troubles with your boss, set-backs like these are plainly inevitable.

However, it’s not what happens but how you deal with these events that matter the most. You don’t need to call an attorney to cope with these work-related problems. To help you break through, here are five effective ways that would absolutely help you move on with grace:


Emotions, whether positive or negative, are valid. Just because it’s causing you to be gloomy or angry doesn’t mean it’s already bad. In fact, Tina Gilbertson, a psychotherapist, says embracing them is the healthier way rather than bottling everything up. Get real with yourself and acknowledge your feelings. Label them — mad, sad, frustrated, disappointed, etc. Believe me, there is healing in admitting.


Always take things on a professional level. You may have been reprimanded or rejected but remember that these are all in the context of work. Your performance is not who you are and you actually have a life outside your job. Don’t let everything that happens at work consume your personal life let alone let it cause you to hate yourself. Remind yourself of the things you are good at and find your value in them. There is so much more in you that deserve much credit than the things you are told to do.

3. vent it all out

Although our colleagues are the closest we can run to, it is much safer to vent to a friend outside of work or a loved one at home. It may not necessarily be a lawyer, but pouring out everything you feel with someone trustworthy is helpful. However, make sure you find someone who is really there to listen without judgment. Crying won’t hurt, too. It’s the best way to let it all out.

Also, try not to build up bitterness and resentment towards the person who may have hurt you. Forgive yourself, forgive that person and let go. It should make you feel light by now just like paying off a huge amount of debt.


Finding yourself frequently being disappointed at work could be a sign that something is not right. Re-evaluate your expectations and see if it aligns to the reality of what happens in your office. It’s either the job is not fit for you or you have to adjust with it. But make sure you do this when you are not at the peak of your emotions. Do careful assessments level-headed or else you might find yourself making a decision you will eventually regret.


Don’t allow these set-backs pull you down. Stand up, dust yourself and try again. In fact, do better that what you did. Failures are there to teach us a lesson and hard work will never, ever, fail to pay off. Just like wise investments, everybody will eventually get what they truly deserve.

Based On Materials From Power of Positivity
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