Here Are 5 Tips That Help You Approved Your Personal Loan

Have you tried applying for a loan? But is rejected? It can be stressful, you can be frustrated and it is such a waste of time.

When you apply for a loan, it doesn’t mean that you will be automatically approved. No credit provider and the ones that offer pre-approval promotions can tell you at the first place if your loan is approved. Here in this article, we can help you to understand things to have a successful loan.

5 Tips to help your loan to be successful at Now Finance loan

Improve your Credit Rating – technology makes a big part in this world and in helping financing companies find out about your financial behavior. Agencies can now access your credit information. Make sure your credit rating is as good as possible to make sure you will have a successful loan.

It is important to check your credit file. Here are the key things to improve your credit rating:

All your personal details should be correct and that all your information is updated.
You should recognize all your financial accounts that are present and that you should be the one responsible for them.
You should understand fully these two checks to make a vast difference to your credit report.

Managing your finances

You would like to improve your credit rating and easily fall under the banner of it, but when you look at something so potentially important, it is good to look at the more specific areas of your credit rating.

Splitting two areas of your managing finances:

●You should manage your finances in terms of your regular income.
●You should manage how you use any existing credit you have access to.

The two can influence whether your personal loan is approved.

Checking your credit file is a good way to start. Consider also how many times you have applied for a credit in the last 12 months, your payments history on credit cards, outstanding balance and previous financial account history.

Here are the golden rules for you to follow:

If you don’t particularly need credit, do not apply for it.
Be sure to make payments on your credits.
Pay off the full amount if you have a credit card and don’t put them on maxed out. A guideline in this is that to keep your cards around 20% – 25% of their credit limits.
Make additional payments on your accounts.

You’re gonna show potential lenders that you are in control of your finances and a good borrower if you manage your finances well.

Check our Eligibility Criteria

If you are planning to apply for a NOW FINANCE personal loan product, you should first check our eligibility criteria before applying for a loan. Even in other financing companies, you should apply this.

If you check if you are eligible for a loan, you will be avoiding records logged on your credit unnecessarily especially if you are unlikely to be successful because it is also a bad record for you.

If you are not sure whether you are qualified or not, contact us today so that you can speak with our personal loan specialist.

Only apply for what you need

It is always a greater degree of risk attached from a lender’s perspective to lend someone with $25, 000 to lending someone $5000 if all other credit factors were equal.

You may only need $5000 in your loan but you may also feel that it will be fun to have extra cash left to you to buy something else, have a holiday or treat yourself.

But it still depends on your credit score and your credit history. If you borrow extra other than what is important, it may be different between being accepted and being declined.

Honesty is the best policy

Your honesty is a big part of applying for a loan. Because lenders looking for the honesty of their potential applicants. Being dishonest or telling a lie in your information could damage a person’s chances of having a successful loan when it comes to the credit checking stage.

Giving information that is accurate and truthful throughout the application process is strongly recommended. If you failed at your application but you are honest, we will be in a better position to help you sort out your financial situation when you want to apply again in the near future. It will also help you to take the steps you need in order to seen as a good and responsible borrower.

On the other side, if you are dishonest in your loan application, this could be a reason for you to have an unsuccessful loan application. And will ultimately give you a bad record in our company and in other financing companies.

Get accepted for your personal loan

Be sure that you already did everything you can to ensure that you will have more chance of having a successful loan.

Feel free to contact us if you have more questions.

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