Tips Before You Get A Mortgage

You should have a mortgage knowledge If you want to purchase a home in the future. These are the things that you should know before applying a mortgage and what is the things you need to know while you are in the process of a mortgage after you have bought a home.

Your Credit

You have to have good credit to be able to qualify for a mortgage. It is a big responsibility because the banks risk a lot of money and they are very careful now because of the mortgage crisis in 2007.

Your Budget

The first look at your income to ensure you have the ability to pay. And Mortgage lenders make sure you don’t borrow too much of what you can afford. You can use your own mortgage calculations to know how much money you can get.

First-Time Buyers

If it is your first time to buy a house, you can be qualified for a special mortgage. This is sometimes valuable and sometimes it is not. You just have to make sure you have an idea about the programs and their restrictions.

Safest Mortgages

Fixed rate mortgage of 30 years is the safest bet. And if you expect to live in your home for more than 5 years. Fixed rate mortgage is easier to understand.

Other Mortgages

There are many mortgage options that you can choose from. But there are some that are creative to choose from like negative amortization, interest only and adjustable rate mortgages that are suitable for you. If you are self-employed individuals with sufficient income, real estate investors and buyers with a plan that fits these loans are qualified in these type of loans. But be careful because you can get yourself in trouble. So it is good to really know about the risks of each type of mortgage.

Second Mortgages

This type of mortgage allows you to borrow against the value of your home. You can be qualified to a large line of credit with attractive rates though there are some hidden problem if you are not knowledgable to these types of loan.

Down Payments

Do you know that is is possible to get a mortgage without a 10 percent to 20 percent down payment? Even others get a mortgage with no money down. You should look for a legitimate program that helps you to get a mortgage with very little money down. Find a safer mortgage program out there.


It means having a new loan. This happens if you are a good payer. You can get a better mortgage. Perhaps it is because the mortgage rate has changed or your credit improves. Refinancing is the best use for the right reasons.

Cover Photo Credits: Collin Bruce ortgage Team