30 Symptoms Of Illnesses You Should Take Seriously

With how busy most of us are every single day, we tend to brush off the little signals that our body sends us.  How many times have you noticed something odd with your health and just shrugged it off, thinking that it’ll pass? Some avoid going to the doctor to have it checked out of fear that it might be worse than they think.

Remember that the first step to fighting a disease or an illness is facing the possibility that it’s there. To help you, here are some symptoms you might want to use your insurance for to get a checkup.

1.Forgetting People’s Names

Forgetting a co-worker or a neighbor’s name once in a while is normal. Especially if you don’t interact with them closely every day. It’s even more common when you’re stressed, overworked or running low on sleep.

However, if you notice and increase in the frequency of your forgetfulness, including the names of people you are very close with and common words you use, then consider getting checked for hypothyroidism. This disorder happens when your thyroid doesn’t produce the proper combination of hormones. Forgetfulness is a symptom of it, so it’s best not to wait. Step on the gas and visit your doctor immediately.