What Do Celebrities Collect Besides Regular Vintage Cars Or Luxurious Watches?

A lot of people find bliss in gathering their own collection of favorite things in the whole wide world. These passions can range from stickers, stamps, and random knick-knacks. There are a lot of investments placed to afford and maintain a vast collection of these things.

Not surprisingly, famous people are also not immune to the charms of this type of indulgence. When you have enough money to burn why not spend it all on a hobby? All their hard work, busy schedules, and time in the limelight will be worth it after reaping what they sow. These celebrities can put a room or even a whole property devoted to all their favorite collections. The items they own are safely placed in swanky storage areas. It seems like they’re making room for an expansion of these objects and we can’t blame them for it. This is a rundown of some of the most jaw-dropping, outrageously cool, and broad collections owned by famous folks. Their appreciation for their prized possessions is made even more obvious with their extensive range of items.

Tom Hanks’ Typewriters

Forrest Gump star Tom Hanks is very vocal about his collection of typewriters. He revealed that he’s been collecting these writing machines since he was only a teenager. He believes that they are a brilliant combination of engineering and fine art. Hanks also likes that each writing produced is one-of-a-kind.

Growing up, typewriters were a way for him to remain grounded while he welcomed various transitions in his life since he constantly had to move around from place to place. He uses his typewriters to write notes to his loved ones and even costars in projects he is involved with. The Hollywood icon gives credit to his favorite machine for making him feel relaxed.

Phil Collins’ Alamo Memorabilia

British music icon Phil Collins has a deep fascination for the Alamo. When Phil was growing up in the suburbs of London, he developed a deep liking for Walt Disney’s Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier. While he was still learning his way around playing the drums, the budding musician also played with his toy soldiers to have his own Battle of the Alamo in his garden.

Collins’ grandma was also supportive of her grandson’s favorite game and prepared a makeshift coonskin cap made from fur coat cutouts worn by the actors in the famous TV program. The award-winning musician consumed books that talked about the Alamo. When he was already in his prime, he found out that these relics were ready for collecting. His wife is given credit for starting his private collection when she gave him a saddle from the Alamo.

Janet Jackson’s Porcelain Pigs

Recording artist Janet Jackson was looking for a hobby so she decided to have a porcelain pig collection. The soulful siren also seemed to wonder why she decided on starting this collection. As people kept giving her porcelain pigs as presents, she lost her interest in these pieces. She realized that she didn’t know what to do with all of them so she eventually gave them all up.

At one point, her home was covered with so much pig memorabilia – there were more than a hundred of these pigs around her abode. Jackson revealed that she started making an investment in these types of pieces to fill out her time while taking a break from music and did not expect it to become so out of hand.

Kiefer Sutherland’s Guitars

24 star Kiefer Sutherland has an expensive and vast collection of approximately forty Gibson guitars. The award winner shared that he signed up for violin lessons when he was a young boy. It was during this time the actor was given his first-ever guitar by his mother.

The Lost Boys actor never looked back since then. He believes that these musical instruments were beautiful works of art. Sutherland’s collection even accumulated to a number of hundreds. Reports revealed that he has decreased his investments in collecting these stringed instruments since he was unable to play the old pieces in his collection.

Angelina Jolie’s Knives

The gorgeous Angelina Jolie is one of the most celebrated and admired actresses on the planet. She is considered one of Hollywood’s most beloved leading ladies. She played various roles in films so it was only natural for her to be acquainted with various types of weapons while on set, but her interest in knives actually began when she was younger.

Jolie was captivated by the beauty of the daggers, so she started collecting knives as a preteen. Now as an established actress with a vast amount of fortune, it’s easier for her to make investments in her collection. Jolie recalls that she finds beauty in the tradition involved while making daggers. Her impressive collection includes specialty blades from all around the world.

Neil Young’s Toy Trains

As a way to bond with his son who is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, music icon Neil Young owns a collection of trains. Since it has a wide layout, he placed it in his California ranch. The musician also crafted a remote control for his collection so that multiple trains can run at once. To get the most out of this charming hobby for his son, the device also produces realistic audio from railroads.

In interviews, the musician reveals that collecting these model trains can be very relaxing. He later on auctioned this collection and revealed that the items have been a great source of joy for him. Young gives credit to this hobby for also inspiring him to be more creative and adding excitement to his life.

Amanda Seyfried’s Taxidermied Animals

Les Miserables star Amanda Seyfried was presented with a stuffed miniature zebra by director Seth MacFarlane because she is super into taxidermied animals. She collects them as a hobby and buys most of these pieces from a taxidermy store located in France. On top of the mini zebra given by Seth MacFarlane, Seyfried also has a baby horse, which was revealed to be the most expensive and biggest investment in her collection.

How big is it? It is almost two times larger than her dog, Finn. Seyfried also gives names to her taxidermy figures; her preserved horses are named Antoine and Kevin Sparkle. Out of all her stuffed pals, she revealed that her favorite is a stuffed deer whose name is Sha’ Dynasty.

Reese Witherspoon’s Antique Linens

Known to be one of the warmest and homey angelic figures in Hollywood, Reese Witherspoon’s collection of antique linens isn’t shocking at all. The actress appreciates a good home essential when she sees it. Her deep appreciation for homemaking has led her to collect these specific types of linens along with vintage and ornate embroidery.

She also grew up surrounded by antiques in New Orleans, so the Legally Blonde star started collecting these gorgeous antique linen as a way to remember her hometown, This is definitely something Reese is into and we’re totally here for it. She is everyone’s favorite ray of sunshine, after all. This hobby also describes her personality and adds more electricity to her lovable appeal.

 Johnny Depp’s Barbie Dolls

Johnny Depp started collecting Barbie dolls for his daughter. But when she became older, she eventually stopped playing with these dolls. Instead of discarding them, the Pirates of the Caribbean star decided to keep them as a collection. It was also a worthy investment since he developed some of his movie characters when he practiced using different voices for these dolls.

The actor hasn’t revealed how many items are in his collection, but reports have mentioned that Depp owns a number of limited-edition Barbie dolls. It is also not just Barbies as Johnny’s collection includes Marie and Donny Osmond, Elvis Presley, the cast of High School Musical, and even the members of the girl group Destiny’s Child

Scott Hamilton’s Pinball Collection

World champion figure skater Scott Hamilton is an avid collector of memorabilia around the world. The Olympian keeps some objects from his figure skating career, but that’s not all that he collects. He also has a prominent pinball machine collection, which he displays in his pad. Another collection he has is of autographed guitars from famous rock and roll figures like Bruce Springsteen and the Eagles.

But these items are not just for his hobby as most of them were acquired for the benefit of various charities including his own Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation. Though most of the gold medal champion’s collections aren’t even related to skating, you will still find his iconic skating suits displayed at his home