Celebrities Who Lost The Most Weight: See Who Did It Naturally & Who Underwent A Surgery

Liz Torres – Gastric Surgery

Within the last few years, Liz Torres transformed significantly in terms of her weight. Everyone is still left baffled about her miracle, although there have been numerous speculations since she appeared on the Netflix reboot of Gilmore Girls. Many rumours have spread about the cause, with some e-news portals citing a gastric bypass surgery which must have cost a ton of investment money. But many people were confirming that Liz Torres was strict about her diet in that period. However, in her past interview’s she even mentioned that she did not follow any special diet.

Apparently, Liz simply used to ate nutritional meals as well as snacks in the early phases, while she kept herself away from processed food items like sweets, oily food, sweetened beverages, and many more. To some degree, she seems to be making great progress with her newfound self despite her facial appearance. With that, we can safely say that this issue got her a spot in the cast of the upcoming movie Chick Flick.