Actresses Who Have Aged Perfectly Flawless

Nicole Kidman – Age: 53 Years

The 52-years old Nicole Kidman has been the beauty icon because of her porcelain, flaw-less, and gorgeous skin. The famous lead start of “Big little Lies” reveals about using sunscreens throughout the day along with the retinol cream as her night care routine. Moreover, she keeps her skin moisturized. Matcha green tea and regular exercise is her forever choice. However, no one had as many controversies surrounding their appearance as much as Nicole Kidman has had.

Rumours and speculations arose in 2016 of an alleged cosmetic surgery that Nicole went through to keep her youthful glow. The news went viral at the time, and Nicole has had to defend herself endlessly. While Nicole came out and admitted using Botox, she claimed to have stopped because it made her face stiff and unnatural. She now gives credit to meditations, regular exercise, reduced exposure to sunlight, and healthy eating habits for her current ageless beauty. Indeed, some with her kind of beauty doesn’t need any dermal fillers like many dermatologists have assumed.

Kristin Davis – Age: 55 Years

Hollywood personality Kristina Davis is known as one of Hollywood’s ageless actresses at 55. Her perfect skin helps her stay as gorgeous as she was when she just started out. Fans remain captivated by her beauty and are always waiting for her next appearance. Apparently, Kristin spends her investment money on good sunscreen and an extensive skincare regime. This is no secret, as Kristin is always enthusiastic to share that her beauty is all-natural.

It goes without saying that to have skin as glowing as hers, you’ll need a good sunscreen that can protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. Kristin Davis has been known as the fountain of Youth beauty since long due to her ever-fresh and ever-shing skin. In her conversation with Shawn at Access Hollywood, she said that she wants to look the same in even coming 20 years of her life. Also, she is triggered by the idea of retaining smile lines on her face, no matter what age she reaches.

Courteney Cox – Age: 56 Years

Courteney Cox has been signified as the rule breaker, especially in the context of out fashioned guidelines of retaining beauty at the old age. Age is nothing more than a number for this gorgeous beauty icon. Moreover,  according to Cox, nothing is as important as physical appearance. The shining start of Friends, Courteney Cox is looking just as gorgeous as she did when she was still playing the iconic character of Monica Geller in the famous TV sitcom.

It almost appears unreal to some degree. We are big fans of her skin regimen, even though she opted for face fillers to tighten her skin. The fillers made her look strange, and we were glad when she had them dissolved a few years later. Courteney is now looking at her natural self. With her timeless grace and captivating looks, no one would believe that the star is now a wife and a mother.

Elizabeth Hurley – Age: 55 Years

Elizabeth’s go-to response when asked about her skin regimen and anti-aging tips is always something along these lines. She said, “How you feel on the inside will determine what happens on the outside; so if you feel good on the inside, it will be evident on your skin too.” The star recommends making some lifestyle changes that lean towards the healthier side, which includes regular exercise and adequate sleep.

There must be something that Elizabeth is doing so well with her routine for her to look as flawless. If she ever starts online classes on her skincare regimen, we’d be happy to binge-watch! According to her constant moisturizing of the skin is what keeps it glowing and shiny. She rejects the idea of using a lot of makeup such as foundations on skin. Alongside, using anti-aging serums is a plus to retain natural freshness of the skin. Probably these are the secrets that make her look like 20 even in her 50’s.

Kylie Minogue – Age: 52 Years

Even at the age of 52, Kylie is considered to be the symbol of radiant and flawless skin. According to FEMAIL, the secret behind her glow is the regular use of cleansers, scrubs, and chemical exfoliators. In a conversation with FEMAIL, kylie revealed that this is all what she prefers for her skin and even her mother loves these products for her. Kylie screams with versatility, talent, and hard work.

There’s no wonder she remained a prominent figure in the industry. One of her albums, Aphrodite, remains one of the most fascinating works from this ageless beauty. When asked for the secret to her young looks, she admitted that she got hooked into Botox injections due to the pressure put on artists to appear youthful. Kylie started to have insecurities following the procedure. It didn’t take long before she gave up and learned to embrace her natural self. It seems to be a great decision for Kylie, who looks more amazing now than before.

Sandra Bullock – Age: 56 Years

People’s Magazine titled Sandra bullock- winner of Oscar as the most beautiful woman in the world. This talented icon has never failed to remain on top of the successors in her heart winning blockbuster performances such as Our Brand is a crisis, Gravity, and The Blind Side. Sandra has one of the most intense and specific skin care treatments known to mankind. Her anti-aging skin treatment is nothing cheap. It costs a hefty sum of $650 and has a waiting list of up to two years.

The treatment is called Hollywood Epidermal Growth Factor Facial (HEGFF) and contains Epidermal Growth Factor derived from the foreskin of newborns. Through the procedure, elastin and collagen are regenerated. These two are the key ingredients in maintaining a youthful look. If you have enough savings in a bank, this may just be the one for you. Otherwise, embracing your natural beauty and being confident with it can still boost your charisma.

Christy Turlington – Age: 51 Years

Christy Turlington is considered to be among the top original supermodels of the era of 90’s. she is known for her make-up free glowing and radiant skin. Though she confesses that growing old is in no way a bad thing and she feels comfortable with the increasing years of her life. There may be aging lines on Christy Turlington’s face, but she remains one of Hollywood’s most beautiful faces. TV personality Christy still looks as dazzling and youthful as she did many years ago.

Christy says that one of her beauty secrets is to apply oils on her face every night. For Christy, nourishing oil is all she needs for a face boost. She swears by this product, which she considers principal in facial care. Even though we know Christy’s skincare oil must be more expensive than the average-priced products, we’re still ready to swipe our credit cards just to achieve that timeless glow.

Charlotte Ross – Age: 52 Years

Charlotte remains one of the most graceful and beautiful actresses to have graced the screens of Hollywood. In the ’90s and early 2000s, she was the favourite face on NYPD Blue and Days of our Lives, with many of her fans praising her for her natural beauty. We all want to know the magic behind the face, but her beauty regimen remains a secret. However, according to some sources, she might have opted for plastic surgery for her skin.

For now, we can only make guesses as to what supplements she might be taking and how much investment money it may cost as she has always remained tight-lipped about it. Nonetheless, she once revealed about her diet i.e, taking brown rice pasta, sweet potatoes weekly and decaf tea. Also, after exercising she makes herself shake made up of whey proteins. Charlotte is no longer active in the industry, but her previous career success must have secured her future and retirement.

Angelina Jolie – Age: 45 Years

Angelina Jolie gained a ranking on the list of the world’s hottest and most beautiful women. She has been following a strict skincare routine since the start of her career at a very young age. According to Angelina, she has been using antioxidants, including glycolic acids sometimes, gentle cleansing milks, sunscreens, and of course some natural products. Also, she prefers some alpha hydroxy acids for her ever-youthful skin. Indeed, she’s an A-lister that we just couldn’t get tired of seeing on-screen.

She is currently single, following her separation from Brad Pitt. However, Angelina continues to make eye-catching appearances that prove her personal life issues did not dampen her glow in any way. Whether she hired a good divorce attorney or invests in a heavy skincare regimen, it’s obvious that her routines are working for her. Even at 45 years old, Angelina looks almost young enough to play a lead star in teen movies.

Jessica Lange – Age: 71 Years

Jessica Lange is among those few faces that have proved that Botox is not the only choice to opt for achieving beautiful and fresh skin. She has proved it with her natural complexion even at the age of 70s. For someone who has been through quite several legal troubles, Jessica Lange, though, keeps her fresh, radiant, and youthful glow. With her years of experience in Hollywood, she must have been under some pressure of going under the knife.

Still, she has resisted it and remains gorgeous regardless of her turbulent love life and brief romance with near bankruptcy. She is still going strong, sealing more deals, and acting in more movies, including the popular recent shows The American Horror Story and Feud. In case you haven’t noticed, she is also the face of Marc Jacobs Beauty. If this isn’t a testament to her amazing looks, we surely don’t know what is.

Katey Sagal – Age: 66 Years

Actress, singer, and songwriter Katey Sagal isn’t called an American Sweetheart for no reason. Her looks and her vibes give that sweet, girl next door feel that makes her the ultimate adorable girl in her younger years. Throughout her career, she earned several awards to her name. Her bagged awards include a Golden Globe Award for best performance actress in a television series drama, three Golden Globe nominations, and one American Comedy Award nomination.

Though her career in Hollywood hasn’t always been smooth sailing, Katey managed to stand on her feet after a difficult journey combating substance misuse. Despite the damages on her finances due to spending a big sum on the wrong things, she’s looking better than ever. She managed to book roles that eventually helped her get through her financial struggles. As such, her role as Katherine Junk in Pitch Perfect 2, the mother of Emily Junk and a former Bella. We’re happy to see that she now maintains her healthy physique by choosing better life investments.

Christie Brinkley – Age: 66 Years

Anyone would have wondered at some point what beauty secrets this graceful 66-year-old American model keeps. From her glowing skin, dazzling looks, to her overall youthful appearance, Christie Brinkley has set a few tongues wagging. Christie has quite a lot of projects upon her sleeve – from acting to modeling to business – she’s been all around.

With her busy schedule, how is she able to keep that stress-free and youthful look? Good thing she is not timid in sharing her beauty secrets. If you’ve watched her interviews, you’ll see that she credits her glow to mostly organic food and peace of mind. Christie adds that her dogs also contribute to her healthy aging. Despite the obvious appearance of lines on her face, she still chooses to be beautiful naturally even if we know she can afford any beautification cost. Now it looks like organic foods, dogs, and a vegan diet are worth trying to achieve that youthful glow!

Kris Jenner – Age: 64 Years

The 64-year-old reality star and the matriarch of the Kardashian family seem to be keeping up very well with her daughters Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, and Kylie. Said to be the “mother” of the digital world, Kris Jenner is one of those women who looks half their age. While almost everyone knows that she spends quite a sum on surgeries and Botox, we cannot blame her for that as she has simply done what several other celebrities would do.

And why can’t she? Her appearance is what adds to her value and being the parent of gorgeous kids, she can’t be left behind. Still, it looks great on her as she looks like she is just in her 30s. She also spends a lot of time exercising, eating healthy, and taking vacation trips with her family, indeed a worthy investment. To this, happiness could also be her key in looking young. She is an avid businesswoman and does not seem to have any worries about financial management.

Jennifer Beals – Age: 56 Years

Jennifer Beals came to the limelight through her role as “dancing queen” in the 1983 blockbuster, Flashdance. She is an actress, a former teen model, and a role model for many women. Her popularity and career is proof that Jennifer was on the right track to stardom. No one can tell if she’ll ever again play a character as iconic as she did in that movie, but the actress is still building her career even at the age of 56 years old. She is still ever-present in Hollywood and getting roles from time to time.

Even at her age now, she seems to be pretty put up well. How? Jennifer claims that her skincare regimen does not cost a fortune. That could be arguable because no one can look as good as this actress does without buying some products off of her credit cards. That could also be true even if we think that she is just blessed with good genes. We surely wouldn’t mind getting a few hints on what she uses for her skin and lifestyle!

Nicole Eggert – Age: 48 Years

Nicole Eggert is no less than a popular sensation in the 80s and 90s. The bombshell beauty rocks her gorgeousness in countless international shows, including “Baywatch”, “Charles in Charge”, and “Who’s the Boss?” She captured many viewers’ hearts, and for that, we give the credits to her perfect smile, flaxen hair, and beautiful skin. She has since reduced her appearances on TV shows, opting instead to build her own business, and it looks like she is doing pretty well for herself. That is quite a bold move for her but a good one as there’s no news about her hitting the rocks.

It must be because even at 48, Nicole is as youthful as ever thanks to her skincare regimen which she could only afford if she owns a great fortune. We love her and hope that she makes a comeback soon. We are still glad that she looks fantastic despite her troubles with weight gain.

Debra Messing – Age: 52 Years

Debra Messing started her acting career in “NYPD Blue”, one of the popular Hollywood TV shows in the ’90s. She was already in her 20s at the time, unlike most of her other actor colleagues who entered Hollywood at a much younger age. Although most of her fans think that she has aged quickly since her debut, it seems that she’s not bothered by it at all. It was reported that she has made an impressive investment in a fitness regime and diet plan which we think works well for her.

Indeed, Debra now looks just as flawless and youthful. She sports that sophisticated look that we bet not anyone can pull off. She still seems to be perfect in every way despite her age. And just by her looks, we believe that she can still lock-in good roles. Whether it’s her skincare investment or her good genes, she’s rocking her 50s.

Julia Roberts – Age: 52 Years

Without a doubt, Julia Roberts is one of the most beautiful and gorgeous women in Hollywood. She thus stands by her alias as Hollywood’s sweetheart. Her most notable act in The Notting Hill, Runaway Bride, and Pretty Woman makes her a movie icon of our generation.

At her age today, she does not seem to look any different from when she was young. She claims that her good looks have more to do with genetics than any skincare regimen. For Julia, a balanced healthy diet that could result in an ageless glow should include sourdough toast, avocado eggs, coconut oil, and blueberries for breakfast, grilled chicken for lunch, and brown rice paired with wild salmon for dinner. While it does sound like a dreamy way to fill your stomach, we have to admit that this diet is only for the loaded and not for those who have got to apply for payday loans.

Halle Berry – Age: 54 Years

If anyone deserves high recognition for looking like half their age, it has to be Halle Berry. The Monster’s Ball actress is in her 50s and does not seem a day older than 30; this is no easy feat. At her age now, she was still able to rock a two-piece. She gives credit to discipline, consistency, and a beauty plan that focuses on adequate sleep, sun protection, and the least makeup.

Halle is one of the few actresses who somehow managed to look great even with minimal makeup. She firmly believes that giving your skin breathing room to recuperate can help you slow down the aging clock. Alongside her beautiful skin is her ever toned body. She doesn’t seem to gain weight or develop flabs anywhere; thanks her self-discipline and regular exercise. Aside from these practical tips, following the path to a calm mind and tending to your business also goes a long way.

Elle Macpherson – Age: 56 Years

Australian model turned businesswoman Elle Macpherson is a 56-year-old woman who looks more like she’s in her 30s. It is just right that she hosted and headed Britain’s Next Top Model because considering her looks and her age which comes with experience, young models would learn a lot from her.

Of course, reporters are always asking her for her beauty secrets. When asked, she simply recommends an alkaline diet – eating high-protein foods in the morning, drinking plenty of water, and getting no less than 8 hours of sleep every night. She explains that all of these help maintain a visibly clear and youthful appearance. While maintaining her ever-young looks, she seems invested in running her beauty-themed business. Her business, “The Super Elixir,” seems to be doing well, so we are pretty sure she has the credit score to maintain such a diet and beauty business. We hope she helps more people gain confidence.

Julianne Moore – Age: 59 Years

This red-haired actress who is 59 years old appears to have aged quite well, or as we saw in the 2014 movie Still Alice, it almost looks like she has not aged at all. Just zoom in on the photo and you will see her wrinkles are relatively minimal and her skin appears stretched around her jaw. Needless to say, she still looks very attractive with her youthful vibe; her beauty secret is no secret to the public.

She confesses and says that it all lies in avoiding the sun and ensuring that she uses the appropriate sunscreen whenever she needs to subject herself to the heat. The actress believes that to maintain supple, healthy, and young skin, you must be ready to make investments in a good sunscreen. That seems to be pretty simple to follow and effective as it is suggested by lots of beauty personalities. Well, just look at Julianne.

Demi Moore – Age: 57 Years

Many of Demi Moore’s fans compare her beauty to fine wine; the more it aged the better. The star who rose to fame with her unforgettable movie, Ghost got everyone to say she looks completely just the same now and then. Just compare a photo of her younger self with how she currently looks and be amazed at her ageless beauty. Not only she doesn’t look old, but she also became more beautiful as for many, the 57-year-old Hollywood star and former beau of Bruce Willis still look flawless and beautiful as ever, even after having and raising three kids.

What’s her secret? It’s visiting Cryohealthcare Clinic in Los Angeles! Demi has always shared her love for her skincare clinic and gives her doctor credit for her youthful glow. She’s frequently spotted in between her hectic schedule, getting her treatment at the clinic specializing in skin care and anti-aging procedures. Demi’s beauty is really worth appreciating.

Lynda Carter – Age: 69 Years

Popularly known as “Wonder Woman”, Lynda Carter is one of the fortunate actresses to be blessed with an almost perfect face. The same face made her covet the Miss World USA title in 1972. Now at 69 years old, the actress and model managed to retain her youthful glow, prompting claims that she has undergone cosmetic surgery. Carter never confirmed nor denied the rumors. Instead, she strongly suggests the use of sunscreen to protect the skin from dangerous UV rays.

It is probable, as lots of beauty gurus and experts stress the importance of using sunscreen to prevent skin aging. The mother of two has also proven that she isn’t just a beauty queen, but also a woman with good financial management skills. It was reported that she just recently invested in a house in Maryland and it seems she has nothing to worry about the rising mortgage rates.

Sharon Stone – Age: 62 Years

One of the most popular models in the world, Sharon Stone, looks amazingly young for her age. Not only she is known for her modeling, but she also rose to fame, even more, when she said yes to playing the character of Katherine Trammel in the thriller Basic Instinct in the year 1992.

While her career success has given her enough to invest in an expensive skincare routine without the fear of bankruptcy, she claims that all she believes in are moisturizers. In a New York Times interview, when she was asked about the secret to her youthful, good looks, Sharon shared that exercising regularly and having a healthy diet helps a lot. That is why if you’re aiming to look as good as her, you should be ready to give up alcohol, soda, caffeine, gluten, and move it to get rid of the bloated feeling and gas. It’s pretty hard to do nowadays as the food business is booming but if you want to be like Sharon, you must make that difficult decision.

Sela Ward – Age: 64 Years

The closer an actress is to her 60-year mark; the more worried she gets about her appearance. This is not surprising at all since their looks form and play a significant part in their perceived value and career in Hollywood. This has prompted many actresses to opt for cosmetic surgery to enhance their looks as they get older. Others relied on Botox injections for corrective measures.

We think Sela falls into the latter group, but she has not said much about her beauty regimen. If it makes her feel good about herself then she should. Anyway, she must have saved enough for this investment. If her appearance is all-natural, then her intense, regular aerobic and cardio exercises deserve much credit. We may also have to acknowledge the possibility of a tightly-controlled diet. Whatever her secret is, we are glad that she lives on her terms and continues to grace our screens with her charm.

Stacey Dash – Age: 53 Years

Stacey Dash is one of those stars whose appearance makes us double-check their age and our calendars. From looking not a day older than her early 30s, the 53-year-old actress always catches everyone’s eyes when she shows up for any event. Everyone thinks she is on some special diet plan, and we would love to get our hands on it to share with the world or probably try it out for ourselves.

Although her interests now tilt away from acting, Stacey was able to make impressive performances in past films, such as Moving, Mo’ Money, and Renaissance. She also did an on-air contributor stint for Fox News. Surely, she has her life altogether now — health and investments inclusive for her to afford to be out of the limelight. Come to think of it, it is safe to assume that her youthful and vibrant look can also be due to her peaceful private life, isn’t it?

Jeri Ryan – Age: 52 Years

When you think of fantastic talent and a perfect smile, Jeri Ryan comes out to the top from a long list of Hollywood stars. She is an outstanding actress and a four-time nominee for a Saturn Award that she eventually won in 2001. The 52-year-old has been featured in many TV series and movies, with one of her most popular ones being Star Trek: Voyager, where Ryan played Borg Seven of Nine.

She may be getting older, but she is unrelenting and dedicated to pursuing her acting career actively. Jeri was able to keep in the loop as she managed to preserve her beauty and be bankable as ever. Her beauty secret lies in the anti-aging cream Jeri uses and, most likely, her good financial profile, to a certain degree, enables her to purchase her needed beauty cream. We look forward to seeing her in many more movies and hope she never runs into bankruptcy.

Markie Post – Age: 69 Years

Following her appearances on the popular shows in the 1980s and 1990s, Markie Post’s career took a great leap. Not only is she still active nowadays but she seems to be looking way younger than her actual age. She quickly became a crowd favorite in her appearances and roles in “The Fall Guy”, “Night Court”, “Heart Afire”, and, most recently, the Netflix series “Santa Clarita Diet”.

At her age, she appears to have everything going for her, perfect skin, great body, and healthy finances. Nope, she doesn’t do the Santa Clarita Diet as all she needs is her self-confessed beauty regime. She usually does not need a lot of makeup because she has perfect skin that needs no covering. We believe this is because she has paid close attention to her skin over the years, giving all the care it deserves. It does not hurt when one has an impressive credit score allowing her to live a rather worry-free life.

Jaclyn Smith – Age: 74 Years

Jaclyn Smith, known for her participation as the lead character in Charlie’s Angels TV series back in the ‘70s, has a unique kind of beauty that is loved by many. Her looks are linked to her rare genes and undoubtedly some good skincare routine. She is one of those actresses whose skin and appearance make both men and women envious.

Being a smart businesswoman, Jaclyn was able to take advantage of the fact that many people wanted to know about her beauty skincare tips to maintain their skin and reverse their age. So she started her product line called the Jacklyn Smith Beauty, which is a brand of skin care products made specifically to rejuvenate the skin by giving it all the nourishment it deserves. She probably did not need to obtain a business loan to start her product line, but many are glad she did, as people could now use what she puts on her skin.

Dolly Parton – Age: 74 Years

The queen of country music has been on Hollywood’s scenes since the 1960s, and she is one of the most outstanding voices in her genre of music. Still active these days, no one can deny that she does not look 74 at all. Well, it is not a secret that Dolly has invested a lot over the years in plastic surgeries and a range of procedures, significantly altering her appearance in the process.

While many have raised their eyebrows, no one could deny that the surgeries were worth every swipe off of her credit cards. For her age, she looks 20 or even 30 years younger. We would like to believe that she is getting her money’s worth because she does not look like she is 74 years old at all. The good thing to know is that although she has been under the knife several times, she seems to be in perfect health nowadays.

Martha Stewart – Age: 79 Years

One of the living icons in Hollywood is Martha Stewart, who is well-liked and respected by most people not just for being a TV personality but also as a businesswoman. Her current show, “The Martha Stewart Show” has been hitting the airwaves for quite some time and seems to be not going anywhere as it is given credit by many for its superior entertainment factor. She also has one of the industry’s younger-looking skin – definitely, admiringly young for her age.

Martha is known to follow a detailed skin care regimen and has carved out a niche for herself around this. As a businesswoman who recognizes an opportunity for knocking, she capitalized on the truth that many people were wondering about her amazing skin and built a reputation for herself as someone who “walks the talk.” We are quite sure that there aren’t many 79-year-olds who look half as good as Martha does.

Tippi Hedren – Age: 90 Years

Tippi Hedren may have entered her 90s, but her carriage, drive, and looks are definitely years younger than her actual age. With her age, she looks perfectly healthy and has been able to maintain her sophistication. She has received awards over the past decades as credits for her excellent work and is ready to receive even more in the coming years. Tippi may be old, but she hasn’t retired just yet and seems to be enjoying her career still.

The actress is understandably old-fashioned, so she has been pretty tightlipped about her skincare regimen. Our guess is that perhaps she just keeps a healthy lifestyle and has some beauty regimen that she religiously follows. There is no wonder why her granddaughter, Dakota Johnson, looks stunningly gorgeous as she inherited her granny’s genes. Hopefully, she will pass on some of these ageless tips to her granddaughter, Dakota. Who knows, Dakota might randomly decide to feature or share these secrets through online classes or via interview.

Audrey Hepburn – Age: 63 Years

If there had to be a specific adjective to describe Audrey other than sophisticated, it would be “ageless”. She was America’s sweetheart for a number of reasons. For one, Audrey had a successful career as an actress; she was a fashion and beauty icon. In fact, her iconic outfit back in the days, to a certain degree, became the standard must-have in a woman’s closet as it was said to be timeless and elegant. Likewise, she was also praised for her many charitable works.

When asked for the secret to her ageless look, she maintained that all a woman needed to be breathtakingly attractive was a steam bath no less than two times a week, a signature perfume, and of course, daily skincare. Sadly, after battling with cancer for a while, Hepburn died at 63 years old. Nevertheless, she lives on through her fans that have her posters on their walls to date, and also, her huge contributions to UNICEF ensure her name is remembered for all ages.

Molly Ringwald – Age: 52 Years

One of VH1’s most famous stars, Molly Ringwald, is featured in many movies and shows since her debut in the 1980s. She was a member of the Brat Pack, a group of young, passionate, and successful actors back then, and has appeared in movies like The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, and in the popular series, The Facts of Life. She is not one for a lavish lifestyle and is rarely seen in social circles unless it is absolutely necessary.

We believe that staying out of the drama that characterizes Hollywood is one of the ways through which one would be able to maintain amazing looks over the years. Besides, Molly has so many good movies, resulting in more savings that improved her credit score, making her able to afford peace. Although her private life seems to give an impression that she is already retired, she surprised everyone when she was recently spotted playing a part in a hit TV Series, Riverdale.

Helen Mirren – Age: 75 Years

You can call her an over-achiever and you would not be so far off the mark. Helen has had a long career characterized by lots of achievements in the industry. With her outstanding career and contribution to the scene, she is already considered a hall of famer and a pillar to the industry. She made her acting debut when she was 18 years old, and she has not stopped moving upwards ever since.

Although Helen suffered a bit of a setback in her 20s due to the need to go to rehab, she came out stronger and definitely better than before. Since then, she has lived a healthy life, and her glowing looks provide more than enough proof of her investments and living a clean life. Helen attributes her great looks to an eyelash growth serum, claiming that she does not have any specific skincare routine. Well, Helen! If that is all it takes, we are about to get some of that eyelash growth serum.

Goldie Hawn – Age: 74 Years

Award-winning Goldie Hawn always steals the show with her big blue eyes and cute bangs right from when she was a kid until now. She has won both an Academy Award and the Golden Globe Award for her performance in several movies. Goldie has always been known to pay extra attention to her health even if she comes from a great genetic pool blessed with good looks. It is not surprising that her daughter, Kate Hudson, also shares those good genes. As the old adage goes, “like mother, like daughter”.

When asked about her youthful looks and cheerful disposition, Goldie says the secret lies in meditation, dancing, and just having fun. That could be the reason why she was able to maintain that degree of youthful vibe and glow that she is known for. The actress is also a known figure among charity organizations, having given to various ones generously.

Olivia Newton-John – Age: 72 Years

Olivia Newton is famous for her striking looks and distinct voice, which set her as a trailblazer and record-breaking artist. With tons of hit singles and chart-topping albums, Olivia is considerably a legend in the music industry. She played the role of a good girl gone bad in the movie, Grease, but her life could not be any more different. Olivia has never hit the bottle or got wasted and would probably not have stepped into a rehab facility if not for her daughter.

She is known as an avid investor who makes sound financial calls. In addition to all that, Olivia is also an advocate for breast disease awareness. Apparently, she was recently diagnosed with a lump in her breast. Thankfully she won the battle, thanks to her making investments on her health. We are glad she has maintained her looks over the years and her recent trials didn’t take a toll on her.

Lucy Liu – Age: 51 Years

The stunning 51-year-old Lucy Liu appears to have it all when it comes to looks, especially seeing that she hast not aged one bit. This Charlie’s Angels star is undeniably still rocking her toned body like she has not aged at all. She always looks radiant with her glowing skin and youthful appearance. With that, this could be the reason why she is usually picked and cast on many high-budget action movies.

It is no wonder many critics have asked several times if she uses any anti-aging products. In response to these questions, the actress credits her clear skin and youthful look to drinking plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated and supple. While it seems too good to be true, and we can argue that her ancestry could have helped through it all, it appears that Lucy simple skincare routine is still worth trying in achieving that ageless glow!

Angela Bassett – Age: 62 Years

In the movie Black Panther, Angela Bassett appeared in her most recent and notable role as the Queen Mother of Wakanda, back to back with her role in Mission Impossible in the same year. She clearly established herself as a versatile actress. Her acting skills are highly notable and so is her seemingly not-aging appearance. The 62-year-old actress seems to be doing great and not struggling with aging skin challenges at all. She looks younger than her age and that flawless with no signs of aging marks or lines, skin just makes her fit.

As a testament to her good looks and extremely effective skincare routine, she has released a line of skincare products in partnership with Dr. Barbara Sturm. These products are made specifically for dark-skinned women, and many are charging their credit cards just to get the same ageless beauty as hers. Who would not try them, right? Just looking at Angela, it must really be effective.

Bern Nadette Stanis – Age: 66 Years

In addition to being an actress, Bern Nadette Stanis is also the author of four fantastic books. She has appeared on several TV shows and sitcoms and is also actively promoting her books. It may be interesting to know that she has been married four times, which means she must have spent a lot of money from the legal proceedings. On the other hand, her experiences with her failed relationships could be the source of her knowledge shared in her relationship-themed books.

Despite being a mother of two and facing all those challenges, Bern still looks good regardless. And the stress of failed relationships doesn’t seem notable on her face. There has to be a secret to her remaining seemingly unruffled, and we would be glad to hear her share some of the tips with us. Above all else, we are pretty impressed that Bern has been able to keep her head above water and maintain good credit all these years.

Michelle Pfeiffer – Age: 62 Years

Have you ever met a 62-year-old who could stop traffic just with her look? Well, look no further than Michelle Pfeiffer. She has remained as dazzling since the very first time she graced the screens starring in Grease 2, Scarface, and Batman Returns. She is absolutely beautiful, charismatic and has the talent to match it. Several directors recognize her as one of the most skilled actresses of her generation.

She had her own experience of ups and downs and to which is substance use. The versatile actress coped with all challenges and she says that by joining a vegetarian support group, she has been able to overcome those harmful urges. She regained her positive image and surprisingly, even with the substance abuse, that didn’t take a toll on her beauty. Until now, she looks remarkably gorgeous. However, she also lost some of her earnings and investments in the process but probably gained them back as she seems to be doing roles for a while.

Lauren Bacall – Age: 89 Years

Lauren Bacall was a screen goddess quite similar to Marilyn Monroe. She was known for her distinct voice and sultry looks. With those alluring eyes and sensual appeal, who could not resist her? In fact, in her glory days, Lauren was so attractive that she was banned from many acting roles during Hollywood’s golden age.

At one point, she was even advised to go under the knife, but she was resolute and chose to maintain her natural looks instead. Indeed, with her natural looks and skills, she became one of the industry’s valuable talents even through the 1990s. In 2009, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts awarded her with an Honorary Academy Award.

At the age of 89, the Hollywood star passed away but left a train of grace and brightness for the next generation celebrities to follow. Her legacy lives on as she was given credit as the 20th greatest female star in classic Hollywood.

Lisa Whelchel – Age: 57 Years

Lisa Whelchel’s rise to stardom started from the New Mickey Mouse Club hosted on Disney and was further advanced when she joined the set of Facts of Life, where she spent nine years of her career. To the best of our knowledge, she has never had any legal problems and has been quite good with her finances.

Even though it has been a tough battle maintaining healthy relationships, she has gained a ton of experience which she now hopes to share with the world. The fact remains that relationship issues can really be stressful and could affect one’s mental health, which did not happen to Lisa. Lisa is still as stunning and attractive as ever. She is currently a life coach and mentor, and we are sure many people will benefit from her online classes. We can only hope that she throws in some of the secrets to her youthful glow in there.

Julie Andrews – Age: 85 Years

Julie Andrews is more popularly known for her role in The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, and Thoroughly Modern Millie. Julie is yet another star of international repute. Known for her unique appearance and voice, she was cast in many roles that quickly made her a favorite by many people. However, due to a badly done throat operation, she lost her voice. Even after spending a whole lot of money on the procedure, she never regained her well-known and loved voice. This operation affected her singing career, but she avoided bankruptcy by securing more acting roles. She should have contacted an attorney to file a lawsuit for those responsible.

Aside from her talent in singing, she is also a notable actress with beauty and elegance. Her regal beauty makes her the perfect fit to be Anne’s royal grandma in The Princess’s Diary. To cap it off, despite her many troubles in life she was able to maintain a good public image.

Barbara Bach – Age: 74 Years

Barbara Bach is also one of the Bond girls, but has so far managed to avoid all the sad Hollywood stereotypes. She has been married to Ringo Starr since 1981, and they appear to have a loving and happy marriage. Also, she’s the successful model and actress featured in the movie The Spy Who Loved Me.

Barbara has maintained her great looks over the years. She says that she has never had cosmetic surgery, not to mention Botox injections. When asked for her beauty secret, she states that she owes her great looks to a healthy lifestyle as a vegetarian and happy marriage. The actress claims that these are the secrets to maintaining a timeless, graceful, and radiant look for years. This seems agreeable as it is evident on her face. Clearly, no amount of surgery or creams can surpass what a healthy lifestyle and a happy life could bring. We believe that this is really worth the investment, and we would like to explore those options.

Ally Sheedy – Age: 58 Years

Ally Sheedy attained international fame after her appearance in The Breakfast Club. She was also a member of the Black Park in the 1980s. For a while, she was in a relationship with Richie Sambora, a guitarist of the rock band, Bon Jovi. Sadly, we believe that this relationship led her to spend a lot of money on unhealthy things.

Thankfully, she got over it and decided to get her life back. Since then, she has resumed acting and also writing to pay her gas and water bills. The actress started appearing in movies like Maid to Order, Heart of Dixie and Only the Lonely. Surprisingly, she still has stunning good looks in spite of her life’s mishaps. Her beauty secret is yet to be known but it is safe to speculate that she is observing a good skincare routine and she is probably blessed with good genes as well.

Jodie Foster – Age: 57 Years

One of the most talented and beautiful actresses of her generation, Jodie Foster, started her career at the age of 3. She was never out of the limelight since then. Her major exposure was as Sahara in the film, Taxi Driver. Throughout her career, Jodie was able to manage her life effectively. She went further to get a degree from Yale and thereafter, decided to focus on her career in acting.

Foster has appeared in many movies including Silence of the Lambs and Panic Room. In her late 50s now, she seems to be young looking and radiant as if she is only in the 40s. Although she claims that she has no particular skincare regimen, we are quite sure that happiness and good health is the reason for her non-fading beauty. For that very reason, living a good life with a healthy marriage could be enough of a beauty regimen for her.

Daryl Hannah – Age: 59 Years

Daryl Hannah has had a number of appearances in classic movies and blockbusters, including Blade Runner and Splash. Her performance in Kill Bill was very admirable. She is an exceptional actress with a knack for speaking up for things she believes in. Hannah is currently past her golden years but still looks so young which she attributes to a vegan diet.

She claimed that her good looks were due to making good choices and investments in her diet. However, we have a few questions about her wrinkle-free forehead. Could it be the work of a skilled plastic surgeon? Is there a special cream she is using, her vegan diet coupled with regular exercise, or some other closely guarded secret? We hope that she spills it out soon as we all want to age as she does. Whatever it may be, we love the way she looks and hopes she continually ages well.

Barbara Eden – Age: 89 Years

From her days in her church choir, Barbara Eden had been cut out for stardom. She gave beautiful performances as a child in the church, and when she became a teenager, she decided to pursue acting. She took this interest quite seriously, and at 16 years old, she joined Actor’s Equity so as to hone and showcase her skills. She succeeded in her own way as her career is still active.

At 89 years old, one of her most memorable appearances was her role as a genie in the film I Dream of Jeannie. She has remained beautiful all through the years. She has not yet named her favorite brands or her self-care routine, but we are sure that whatever it is, it works well for her. As insurance companies do not cover beauty treatments, Barbara spends her own money for it, which is not a problem at all given her wealth.

Sophia Loren – Age: 86 Years

Even at the age of 86 years old, Sophia Loren remains one of Hollywood’s favorite actresses of Italian origin, and the reason is not far-fetched. She looks fresh and youthful, and her acting is impeccable, too. Loren is one of those actresses who never look their age no matter how many years go by.

In recognition of her skill and talent, she was the very first offering actress to win an Academy Award for Best Actress. While several people have advised her to do plastic surgery because of her nose, she has chosen to remain all-natural. It is a good decision as her nose became the remarkable beauty feature that makes her stand out among others. The real question here is how does she keep herself looking great even at her age? With tons of savings and investments, she could easily afford high-end beauty products. She also deals with less stress in life.

Mary Steenburgen – Age: 67 Years

Mary Steenburgen is an Oscar-winning actress whose career spans multiple decades. Many actresses look up to her as she managed to keep a steady career. She has appeared in a number of movies and shows, including Melvin and Howard and Back to the Future 3.

For someone who is 67 years old, Mary looks incredibly young, and many people believe that she must have done skin rejuvenation, breast enlargement, and possibly some other forms of plastic surgery. We’re unsure if any of that is true. They could probably just be rumors, but we are interested to know what her skincare routine is. Hopefully, she did not have to break the bank and deplete her investments to look this glorious. One thing for sure, she knows that her face and appearance is her bread and butter which she needs to protect. We do not know many 60-year-olds who look half as good as she does! And we do hope to age beautifully like her.

Rene Russo – Age: 66 Years

One of our favorites, Rene Russo, is a model and actress whose journey to stardom started with the movie Lethal Weapon Contract. She has since appeared in several movies, including Nightcrawler and Thor, exhibiting top-notch acting every time. Rene and her husband have been married for almost half a century, and this is something to be proud of despite the fact that she has been managing and treating bipolar disorder for many years.

Rene looks younger than her age, and of course, this has led to questions about her skin regimen and whether she has had some work done. She denies ever having any form of treatment including Botox or laser treatment as she credits it all to natural beauty. It is a probability as she was once a model and her God-given genes could be blessing her well. Whatever the case might be, we’re happy that she looks beautiful regardless of her life struggles.

Iman – Age: 65 Years

When Iman first started as a model, her main goal was to provide for herself and continue her studies to pursue a college degree. However, it didn’t take her long to become one of the world’s top models. With a body and beauty like that, it is inevitable.

The Somalian beauty pursued her studies and earned her diploma from the prestigious University of Nairobi. After achieving her initial goal, she later focused on her modeling career. After quite some time, she tied the knot with the late singer David Bowie. Iman was quite adventurous as she had no fear of getting herself into new things. She ventured into business, most likely without needing a business loan, which she proved to be skilled at too. She founded a cosmetic line, which is now one of the most popular ethnic cosmetics in the world. Now, Iman is more known as a businesswoman and her everlasting beauty helped pave the way to success.

Lena Olin – Age: 65 Years

Before joining Hollywood as an actress, Lena Olin was a nurse by profession. However, she had always had some interest in acting and decided to try it. The moment she earned her degree from Sweden’s National Academy of Dramatic Art, she auditioned for roles in different stage plays. She managed to get into the acting industry, but what really opened the door to her fame is when she joined a pageant. She was crowned as Miss Scandinavia in 1974, which made the road to Hollywood easier for her.

Lena made it to the big screen and was known for her role in The Unbearable Lightness of Being as Sabina in 1988. It has been many years since she was first seen on the big screen, but she still looks as beautiful as ever. We are interested in knowing more how she maintains her regal beauty and what regiment she follows.

Geena Davis – Age: 64 Years

Geena Davis was indeed the perfect poster child for beauty and brains. She has numerous skills to boast. She has worked as an actress, a model, a producer, a writer, and even an athlete thanks to her roles in movies like Thelma and Louise.

Life, however, had not been easy on the actress. At an early age, she was said to feel out-cast and felt insecure due to her height. She also had a hard time keeping a good relationship as she was said to call up her divorce attorney four times. While she might have spent quite an amount on legal fees, we’re glad that she was off from being bankrupt and has gotten her life back on track! She’s enjoying a quiet life now with her family and that could probably be the reason for her youthful looks; being away from the limelight as a public figure and enjoying privacy.

Andie Macdowell – Age: 62 Years

Andie MacDowell followed the footsteps of many other Hollywood stars. She started off as a model before taking on more challenging roles in acting. It is undeniable that she has this leading lady material as she appears to be innocent looking and lovable on screen. Over the years, she has honed her skills and has received a lot of awards for her various roles. Andie was famous for her roles in Groundhog Day, Four Weddings and a Funeral, and Hudson Hawk.

It is no wonder that in spite of the pressures of being a movie star, Andie never learned to abuse her health. In fact, she’s been an advocate of a healthy lifestyle. She sure did make the right Groundhog Days, as she still looks stunning and healthy. Indeed, this must be the secret to her youthful glow. Anyone who wants to look as glamorous her at 65 should be taking down notes about Andie’s lifestyle.

Catherine Bach – Age: 66 Years

Catherine Bach’s first appearance as Daisy Duke in the Duke of Hazzard series has captured many hearts, and her fan base grew pretty rapidly all over the world. Who could not love her when she has an incredible fashion sense? Her character is also very likable. People started copying her looks, and this was, to a degree, a great boost for her career.

She has not retired from acting and is still actively scouting for roles. Her most recent movie is The Restless and the Young. Despite challenges and the threat of bankruptcy thrown her way, Catherine has been able to maintain her good looks. You may be wondering what her secret is. Well, it is quite simple: Catherine spends about three hours daily doing extreme dancing, and it is easily the most intriguing beauty tip we have come across so far. Burning all those fats certainly can help maintain a youthful look.

Jane Seymour – Age: 69 Years

Jane Seymour is known for her role as a Bond girl in the James Bond movie, Live and Let Die in 1973. She does not look a day older than 30 despite the fact that she is 69 years old. Her fans are amazed by how well she has remained youthful throughout the years. Many of her followers, as well as fans of the Hollywood industry, are curious to hear what her beauty secrets are.

When asked, Jane simply gives credit to a moderate diet and regular exercise. She also recommends that one’s skin would benefit from regular exfoliation and alternating peels. That could explain her shiny and bright skin. Indeed, these routines don’t sound inexpensive, especially the routine exfoliation and peeling as it needs professional guidance to work tremendously. But if it’s what it takes for a star like Jane to retain her ageless glow, then we’re all up for it!

Danica Mckellar – Age: 45 Years

Danica Mckellar is well known for her role in the movie titled The Wonder Years, where she delivered an outstanding performance. What you may not know about Danica is that in addition to being an outstanding actress, she is actually both brains and beauty. The actress earned her degree from UCLA. She is also a writer, and an advocate of education. True enough, she even authored a number of mathematical books. Now isn’t that impressive?

Now in her mid-forties, we are amazed at how Danica has been able to juggle two obviously dissimilar career paths and still look amazingly stress-free. What more to this is that she is championing both careers very well. While rumors surfaced of her undergoing bleaching procedures, it is fine as we all know with her massive savings, she can afford it. Whatever her beauty regimen is, we’re simply happy that she’s looking as young and happy as ever.

Morgan Fairchild – Age: 70 Years

For those who do not know, Morgan Fairchild was the queen of Hollywood in the 1970s and 1980s. With her platinum blonde hair, perfectly chiseled face, and gorgeous body not to mention great acting talent, how could she not get many projects then? Throughout the course of her career, she bagged several awards, including 152 IMDB credits and a single Golden Globe Nomination.

At 70 years old and with such an interesting career, Morgan has us wondering how she has been able to remain healthy, wrinkle-free, and gorgeous for so long. She started a cosmetic brand called Fabulous, which has been doing incredibly well in the market. This could probably mean that she is a believer in a good skincare routine to combat signs of aging and keep that luscious look. She has not been in the news in recent times, but we’re certain that she’s doing great, enjoying her life.

Bernadette Peters – Age: 72 Years

Bernadette Peters is an actress with an impressive career throughout the decades. She has won several awards ranging from Tony to the Drama Desk Awards. Bernadette is one actress who has explored every aspect of acting. This makes her one of the most versatile actresses to date. She tried out her hand at Broadway, on-screen acting, and even voice acting. It’s safe to say that Bernadette excelled in all those fields. She’s known for some of the Broadway roles she played in musicals like Into the Woods, Sunday in the Park with George, and Mother Landmark.

The wealth she’s accumulated from her undeniably successful run in the industry helps pay off her electricity, water, and other bills long after she retired from acting. This could also help her preserve her beautiful appearance. Why could she not be? After all, her appearance serves as her asset and her main bread and butter.

Helen Slater – Age: 57 Years

Helen Slater began her career as the lead role in Supergirl in 1994. She also gained popularity in her roles in movies like Ruthless People, The Secret of My Success, and The City Slickers. Overall, Helen has had a successful career both on-screen and off-screen and even started a music career. She is the voice behind the songs, Tracy’s Song, You’re a very Ugly Duckling, and Remember Last Sunday. With five hit albums,

The actress is doing very well for herself. She made a new investment in the form of a theater group located in New York. This could be her expression of going back to her first love as a stage actor. Her passion and commitment to the craft truly makes her an icon in the industry and explains why she’s so well-loved by fans apart from her good looks and amazing effortless glamour. There is not much said about her beauty secret as she is well focused on her artistry.

Diane Lane – Age: 55 Years

In all her years in Hollywood, it’s almost as if Diane Lane did not age one bit. She makes looking young appear so effortless and easy. Like wine, she aged wonderfully but not evidently. She has done a lot of roles but she is most notable for her role in Unfaithful in 1992. While there are countless procedures and skincare products out there specifically for the purpose of reversing age, we believe that Diane is keeping it all-natural.

She claims that the secret to her youthful look is investing in a healthier lifestyle focusing on proper diet, adequate water, and sufficient sleep. There is simply no evidence of surgery when you look at her. Although she battled several woes in her personal life, she managed herself well and strived. Her worry-free life and adequate insurance coverage must be helping her enjoy her peace of mind and free time while still taking roles from time to time.

Faye Dunaway – Age: 79 Years

Academy Award winner for best actress category, Faye Dunaway, is one of America’s favorite Hollywood stars. She is famous for her portrayal of Bonnie Parker in the Bonnie and Clyde biopic movie in 1967 which also paved the way to her earning the said prestigious award. In her younger years, her physique and acting skills got her to land big roles and become one of the most sought-after leading ladies.

At 79 years old, she appears 20 years younger than her age. She’s one of the few people who have maintained their natural look and youthful appearance with very minimal use of makeup. This beauty is no mean feat, and many actresses shell out investment money for anti-aging solutions just to achieve an effortless young look. Everyone wants to know what Faye’s secret is. As we wait for her to reveal her magic skincare regimen, we’re content with seeing her photos and admiring her beauty.

Cybill Shepherd – Age: 70 Years

Cybill Shepherd is rocking her 60s with zero worries of losing her youthful glow. With her beauty, it is no doubt a lot of male stars have fallen for her. In her autobiography, she mentioned several male big personalities who took an interest in her and one of whom was Elvis Presley himself. To add to the controversies she faced were her divorce cases that included frequent calls to her attorney.

Surprisingly, Cybill stays winning with her jaw-dropping net worth and ageless beauty. Her talent and spot in the Hollywood world are irreplaceable, and she continues to be one of the industry’s legendary actresses. We are nothing short of impressed as Cybill is also an advocate for countless causes, and this truly makes her shine even more. Long after retirement, she continues to help out whenever she can, using her means for the better. Truly, her beauty radiates from the inside out.

Charlene Tilton – Age: 61 Years

Charlene Tilton is a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood. With four decades of acting beneath her belt, she surely is something to look up to. She started in 1978 with the show called Dallas, and since then her career has ramped up and so has her net worth.

At 61 years old, the star seems to have largely overcome the effect of aging save for some loose skin on her neck. Well, it is part of aging, but clearly, it seems she’s no fan of cosmetic alterations. People look twice in disbelief upon seeing how she hasn’t changed a bit since she first walked the red carpet. Charlene isn’t actively accepting projects at the moment, but she could possibly take a break to enjoy the private life that she missed during her active years. It is safe to assume that she probably has enough investment money she draws from during her retirement years.

Lucy Lawless – Age: 52 Years

Former Miss New Zealand, Lucy Lawless is one of Hollywood’s iconic stars, best known for her role as Xena in the TV series, “Xena: Warrior Princess”. She has also played important roles in other movies and series such as Spartacus. For someone who debuted as a pageant queen, it is impressive that she has done so well in taking action-themed roles. Credits should be given to her perseverance and her passion for what she does.

Several years later, Lucy can still maintain her toned physique, bright and youthful appearance. For these, a lot of people wonder how she even did it. We believe that she has a rigorous exercise regime in addition to a strict diet; though she has never confirmed this or commented on it. It could also be because of her discipline which is rooted in being a beauty queen. Anyway, we are glad that she looks really great and is doing well for herself.

Julie Newmar – Age: 87 Years

The multi-talented Julie is a singer, dancer, and actress known for her role in a Broadway show titled The Marriage Go Around for which she won the Tony Award for best actress. She is so well rounded that she is also known for her role in the Badlands TV series, where she acted as Cat Woman. She has received several awards and accolades in Hollywood as a perfect mix of beauty, brains, and a healthy sense of humor.

The well-loved and sought after actress is also a wise businesswoman. It was said that Julie has made a number of sound financial decisions, perhaps under the guidance of a financial advisor. Even though we do not know the kind of skincare regimen she uses to maintain her youthful looks, we are happy that even after years, she is still active in the scene. Julie sure is a gem to the industry.

Maureen Mccormick – Age: 64 Years

Maureen McCormick is no less than an American author, singer, and actress of repute. She has consistently shown her passion, and the directors look forward to having her on every project. She is most famous for her role as Marcia Brady in the hit sitcom “The Brady Bunch” that started in 1969 which was made into a movie in the early 2000s.

Today, Maureen looks way younger than her age, and one would find it difficult to believe how she is already 64 years old. This could be the result of her joining the VH1’s show, Celebrity Fit Club. Her wanting to be fit developed into eating disorder, which she struggled with for some time. We hope that she feels better now and that she is doing things for the right reasons.

Though she had some unpleasant life experiences starting from her struggling with bulimia to bankruptcy, she overcame all these challenges and got back on track.

Kelly Le Brock – Age: 60 Years

Kelly Le Brock remains one of the most iconic 1980s girls who had graced the cover of Vogue magazine as well as the silver screen. Like many actresses before her, she handled her fame poorly. Her not-so-wise decision resulted in alcoholism, probably as a coping mechanism for the pressure of being a star. Wanting to be better, she spent a lot of time in rehab facilities, speaking with lawyers, and losing a lot of money in the process.

After this series of incidents, she became more withdrawn from the limelight and preferred to live a more private life with her family in an isolated estate for some time. She must have coped well with her finances that there is no news of her being bankrupt. As a matter of fact, proving that she is doing great and has fully recovered, she returned to Hollywood with her daughters. She had not committed to any projects yet.

Jeannie Tripplehorn – Age: 57 Years

Jeanne Tripplehorn started out as a feather actress gaining popularity from shows such as Basic Instinct, Sliding Doors, and The Firm. At the peak of her career she received a Primetime Emmy Award. Though now, she’s not as active in accepting Hollywood projects anymore. She could be focusing on her private life as we speak enjoying the life of a private citizen.

No one could deny that she still has her alluring physical features like she used to have during her younger years. Jeanne attributes her good looks to a dietary plan, one that costs quite a few credit card swipes. This is understandable as she mentioned in an interview with CNN, that her family has a history of breast cancer, and her healthy lifestyle is her way of taking precautions and avoiding developing such a disease. Taking precautionary measures and living a healthy life does seem to be the most prudent decision.

Lorraine Bracco – Age: 66 Years

Award-Winning actress Lorraine Bracco is one of those stars whose story is nothing short of inspiring. She has received a lot of nominations for her roles in various movies, such as Sopranos and Goodfellas. However, she was diagnosed with depression and had to undergo treatment and therapy. These experiences took a toll on Lorraine. Many of her fans were extremely worried. Her appearance significantly changed as it affected her weight, and overall well-being.

Soon after those dark days, Lorraine decided that it was time to take control of her body and time. She placed her investments on a healthier lifestyle and has been doing great since – judging from how fresh and young she now looks! As of 2020, she once again emerged into the limelight by being the face of “My Big Italian Adventure.” It is an HGTV show which showcased Lorraine’s home renovation for the property that she bought in Italy.

Mia Farrow – Age: 75 Years

Mia Farrow was featured in many big-screen films and TV series, and some were notable collaborations with other iconic Hollywood personalities. However, Mia has had her share of legal battles both in her personal life and professionally. She was once married to one of the biggest music icons, Frank Sinatra. She also tied the knot​ André Previn.

With love coming and going, she hired lawyers to help her sort things out in terms of paper works. Her collaboration with her partner Allen Woody ended on a sour note too, but the court gave Mia a handsome reward, making it a winning situation for her. Today, Mia is back to living the good life, looking as young as ever. When asked about her secret, she jokingly says that one needs to go through heartbreak and have a minimum of 12 children. She always takes her life lightly, which gives her positive energy to push forward despite the hardships.

Nancy Mckeon – Age: 54 Years

Nancy McKeon’s acting career started with getting side projects in commercials alongside her brother. Her first huge project was the popular show “Facts of Life”, where she played Jo’s role. She gained popularity and soon after landed another big role as Jinny on “The Division”. Once her career flourished she started doing investment planning for her future.

The way she prepared to have a comfortable life is evident, as Nancy’s appearance shows no signs of stress or aging. It’s been quite a while since Nancy took on a project, but she’s now enjoying a quiet life looking as glam as ever. With no plans of slowing down, she did really well with “Dancing with the Stars” in 2018. Moving forward to her recent projects, she also had side roles on “You Light Up My Christmas” in 2019, and “Animaniacs” for 2020. One amazing fact about Nancy is the managed to keep the ball rolling without any signs of aging at all.

Sissy Spacek – Age: 70 Years

Sissy Spacek’s long and admirable career spans several decades. Being the first actress to portray Carrie, which ended up with several remakes, truly makes her an icon. She has received a number of nominations, won some awards, including an Oscar, and saved up enough investment money for a comfortable retirement.

Over the years, Sissy succeeded in keeping a private life out of the media, enabling her to enjoy her marriage and enjoying a scandal-free lifestyle. She and her husband share 2 kids, who are all grown up, and managed to stay away from the spotlight. Having been away from the public’s eye for quite some time, she does share tips on keeping herself youthful very now and then. She’d also have interview appearances and guestings. She claims that her youthful look is due to using the right sunscreen, which helps her maintain her skin and keep her glowing. She also attributes her good looks to a strictly vegetarian diet and long strolls with her husband and dog.

Amanda Bearse – Age: 62 Years

Award-winning actress and director Amanda Bearse has appeared on many shows, including “Married….With Children”, in which she played the iconic Marcy Rhoades-D’Arcy. She managed to make it big in terms of sitcoms during her time, which made her a household name. I mean, who could possible foget D’Arcy? When the season ended, it didn’t stop her for living the good life as she shifted her focus on working behind the camera instead. She directed a number of shows and sitcoms, including “Dharma and Greg”.

She’s an exceptional, all-around star with a good financial profile and impressive credit report. Even though she is 62, she looks healthy, fit, and has very few wrinkles on her face. She got married to her longtime girlfriend, Carrie Schenken, in 2010 and has been happily committed since. Many are clamoring to know about her secret to achieving ageless beauty, but for now, all we can do is admire her youthful glow.

Ann Margret – Age: 79 Years

The Swedish American star, Ann Margaret, first started her Hollywood career in 1961 with 20th Century Fox. She’s a singer-dancer and actress occasionally landing a role in the musical state fair. Her talents definitely moved her across different platforms as she’d always have a way of wooing her audience. One thing that has remained consistent about Ann over the years is the fact that she has looked so effortlessly young no matter her age.

Though she is no longer active in the spotlight compared to where she was before, she still managed to turn heads every time she is out and about. Still flawless and stunning at 79 years old, she looks elegant and attractive – looking more like someone 20 years younger. Whether it’s a rigorous diet and exercise lifestyle or a procedure as pricey as the prevailing mortgage rates, we can’t help but wonder how Ann maintains her beautiful physique.

Ali MacGraw – Age: 81 Years

Hollywood star Ali Macgraw began her career in the late sixties and landed her very first role in Goodbye, Columbus. Basically one of the favorite faces back in her time, McGraw does have a huge following, and still managed to keep her fans to date. The huge project launched her into global stardom and set the tone for her Hollywood career. It was almost an overnight success. Her next movie, Love Story, earned her an Oscar nomination, a credit to her superb performance.

Today at 81 years, Ali continues to turn heads with her looks. She’s as radiant as ever, and everyone – both young and old – couldn’t help but admire her timeless beauty. Gracefully aging one can’t help but wonder what her beauty secrets are. She has lived a lavish and relatively stress-free life, which she deserved. Flashing a radiant smile on her photos also helps in making her 20 years younger, don’t you think?

Katharine Ross – Age: 80 Years

First gaining popularity in the 1960s, Katherine Ross remains one of the best talents the world has seen in the Hollywood industry. She worked on some of the best films that are still considered classics today, such as The Graduate, Sundance Kid, Butch, and The Stepford Wives. Being a talented actress that she is, she gained recognition and is still being looked up to even today. She did not focus on just one skill, as she also ventured into writing at some point.

She managed to release a few books such as The Story of the Pilgrims and Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bug. Apart from an impressive credit report, Katharine built an enormous fan base following her many projects. Today, her fans and the public remember her for her talent and passion in acting, along with her charming smile and timeless beauty. Since Katharine stepped out of the limelight, not much has changed with how she looks.

Karen Grassle – Age: 78 Years

Karen Grassle started out her career as an actress when she became one of the “Little House on the Prairie” graduates. In the show, she took on the role of Caroline. She then managed to land more roles after being able to deliver something that turned out to be a hit. The actress became busy with back TV films like Hotel, Harry’s War and Crisis in Mid-air.

Like other famous actresses, Karen is still active in the industry and makes most of her money from shows that she gets featured in. She recently appeared on a show called Lasso, and we got to see that the actress has been paying great attention to her skin. Even though she is currently in her mid-seventies, she looks amazing. It’s quite evident that she’s putting in a great degree of effort when it comes to taking care of herself. Her timeless beauty speaks for itself.

Agnetha Faltskog – Age: 70 Years

Agnetha Faltskog is no less than popular in the star-studded world of Hollywood for her melodious voice. In addition to being a member of the pop group, ABBA, she also released a solo album in 1968. For several years, she went quiet until her big comeback in 2013 after ABBA’s show. She released a solo album that topped several charts. Indeed, she deserves all the credit for keeping her fame throughout the years.

From her previous career to her comeback stint, one thing hasn’t changed about Agnetha—she still looks as fresh and young as she did in her youth. Fans can’t help but wonder what her secret is as she didn’t seem to age one bit. ABBA, for its part didn’t fade into the limelight as their music managed to live on, especially with A*Teens deciding to cover and relive their songs. The renditions are still a hit and still make the airwaves every now and then.

Anni-Frid – Age: 74 Years

Anni-Frid is a member of the ABBA band, and she is more of a reserved and shy singer than Agnetha. Her fiancée produced her first album called Frida. The reviews must have boosted her confidence because shortly afterward, in 1972, she began her own tours as a solo artist and made record sales. Coming from a well-known band, Anni did manage to emerge on her own and dominated the airwaves.

She has had a wonderful run in the music industry, and at 74 years old, she looks really amazing. As a matter of fact, Anni only gets wrinkles when she smiles. Other than a few signs of aging, she still managed to age with grace as she continually glows. She recently released a duet of an ABBA song in conjunction with Sandoval Arturo, and fans would be happy to take out personal loans just to see her play live again.

Barbara Minty – Age: 67 Years

Barbara Minty is currently in her late sixties, but she can still be correctly described as a captivating beauty with her charming smile and a perfect set of teeth. She was in sought-after model in the 1970s. We are quite certain that she must have made investments on some really good cosmetics to achieve a consistent look. Still, she looks young for her age.

The story about how she met her late husband, Steve McQueen, confirmed that she was always enthralling. It tells how he spotted her in an Ad, and quickly became determined to meet her in person. After months of dating, she became his third and last wife. What seem to be an infatuation turned out to be true love. We can’t help but notice how committed Barbara was to Steve even years after he passed away. Their relationship is one of the best proofs that indeed, true love lives on, even after death.

Vanna White – Age: 63 Years

Her first appearance in the Hollywood industry was in the game show titled “The Price is Right”, and Vanna White emerged as one of the top four contestants. Her radiant smile reminds us that age is just a number with the right skincare regimen, and one can actually defy the aging effects of time. Vanna’s acting career cuts across TV shows and movies like Graduation Day while she is the current hostess of Wheel of Fortune.

Being the face behind the family game show, she managed to earn a huge fan base. With a contract that runs till 2022, we are pretty sure her finances and electricity bills are well taken care of. Luckily, we will be seeing her beauty for a long time. Though she’s commonly seen onscreen, she also managed to shift her energy into something else. To date, she has written several memoirs that’s already been out and published.

Betty Brosmer – Age: 91 Years

American physical fitness guru, Betty Brosmer, who is later on known as Betty Weider, started her career pretty early. Given credit for her tiny waist and iconic pin-up girl look, she sure is super stunning during her glory days. At the age of 13 years old, she was already in the catalog of Roebuck and Sears. She discovered her love for athletics and physical activities at a very young age and leveraged it to launch her physical body training career. She also began a modeling career and is today believed to be the World’s First Supermodel, which apparently ended in 1961 when she married Canadian bodybuilder Joe Weider.

However, Betty rediscovered her love for fitness and bodybuilding and was frequently featured in fitness magazines. This love for physical fitness led her to have good health at the age of 91. She seems not frail at all and her face seems to be younger than her actual age. To this day, she is recognized as an authority in the health and fitness industry.

Cheryl Tiegs – Age: 73 Years

America’s first supermodel, Cheryl Tiegs, unlocked heights of recognition that very few models would ever achieve. Her latest achievement—aging with grace. In 1978, Tiegs’ photo in her pink bikini which was featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit was considered one of the most iconic posters in the 1970s. The photograph became, to a great degree, an important cultural objet d’art of that era.

Cheryl is also a respected fashion designer and healthy lifestyle advocate, utilizing her online platforms to create awareness to encourage people to make healthy lifestyle choices. For that, we may all consider that her never-fading beauty, radiance, and youthful glow can be attributed to following a healthy lifestyle. Recently, she spoke extensively about it on Deepak Chopra’s show titled “Renewal: A Time For You”. It is a much-see episode if you are aiming to get to know more about her advocacy and secret to everlasting beauty.

Alanis Nadine Morissette – Age: 46 Years

Popularly known for her alternative rock songs and beautiful voice, Alanis Morisette is a name to remember in the music industry. Her rock-oriented album, Jagged Little Pill, sold more than 33 million copied worldwide. This is also her most critically-praised work to date. Did you know that in 1986, Alanis appeared on the children’s show “You Can’t Do That on Television”? She also delved into stage acting appearing on “The Exonerated” in 2003.

The Canadian-American singer had her share of problems right from childhood until adulthood. She had some emotional trauma as a child, which was expressed as a dietary problem when she was growing up. We are glad that she is getting the help she needs and is on her way to full recovery. But as if her problems were not enough, the acoustic singer also got defrauded by her manager at one point. Her lawyers would have been called in to help sort out the matter.

Raquel Welch – Age: 80 Years

Raquel must have lost count of the times people asked her about her skincare regimen. No wonder why as her face looks so smooth that one would be curious if she had spent investment money on plastic surgery or expensive beauty products. However, Raquel has consistently dismissed this and said that her going under the knife is just a rumor and instead attributes her flawless look to the use of Bag Balm, which is a brand of ointment used by cattle farmers. She claims that the balm has lots of moisturizing properties, ensuring that her skin appears fresh and tight.

Raquel also states that she has never had any form of surgery. She has enough money to afford whatever skincare brand that she feels works best for her skin, so no worries there. Now that we know her secret, excuse us for a while because we need to make an urgent purchase.

Jennifer Lopez – Age: 51 Years

Believe it or not, Jennifer Lopez stopped aging at the age of 25. Pretty amazing, right? At her age now, she is definitely the “body goal” for women. Although there were rumors that she went under the knife to have a few things changed, she has not confirmed any of them. Instead, she’s been vocal about her skincare routine to the world. J Lo said that good skin and a youthful look requires a great degree of consistency and strict adherence to an exercise schedule.

For instance, some of her tips include waking up early to exercise daily, taking a sufficient amount of clean protein, avoiding the sun, getting enough sleep at night, using a moisturizer based on your skin type, and using glycolic acid for exfoliation. She also advises that drinking plenty of water and eating lots of vegetables keep your skin hydrated and healthy. We don’t know about you, but if J Lo said it, then it is the law.

Denise Austin – Age: 63 Years

Denise gives life to the words “looking good is good business”. Her fitness brand seems to be at its best as she, herself, is the living proof and walks the talk. Even at 63, she looks way better than someone who is ten years younger than her. It is not that surprising because she is someone with health training. She’s been doing physical training with exercise physiology from California State University.

At some point, she was a member of the US Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. It’s also interesting to note that Denise was a gymnast for several years and an instructor in Pilates for Everybody. Over the years, she has spent a great deal of her time doing online classes, making exercise videos, and generally teaching people how they can look healthy with the right physical activities. After all, investing in your health is always a good idea.

Joan Collins – Age: 87 Years

English actress and columnist Joan Collins is over 80 years old now, but she remains as gorgeous as she was back in the 1980s. That decade was the time when the original “Dynasty” series started where Collins played a scheming ex-wife role. The Golden Globe award-winning role brought her to international stardom, and the world can’t help notice her undeniable beauty. According to Collins, her secret is quite as simple as avoiding being under the sun as much as she can, and taking good care of her health.

She follows a comprehensive skincare and health routine that she couples with living a relatively stress-free life. The actress also prefers going the easy way on many things, probably including making credit card purchases online as it is more convenient. Her finances are also probably in order, contributing to her not worrying about the struggles of daily life which leads to a great and healthy physique.

Justine Bateman – Age: 54 Years

Justine Bateman is a woman of many talents; she is an author, director, producer, and performing artist. Although she was not able to obtain her diploma until 2016 due to a provision in her contract with the show “Family Ties”, she eventually figured it out and earned her Computer Science and Digital Media Management degree after moving on to UCLA.

Bateman has invested a lot in her directorial debut show, Five Minutes and the reviews have been great so far. The short film was officially selected as official entry in several festivals, including the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival and the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival. At her age, she certainly seems to be living a winning life as she managed to overcome her life trials. Her firm belief in good education and achieving her life goals is one thing we admire from her apart from her talents and outstanding appearance.

Susan Sullivan – Age: 77 Years

Susan Sullivan is a household name based on the number of TV shows she has appeared in over the past few years, most notably in “Castle” and “Falcon Crest”. She is a veteran actress well known for her roles in Broadway shows and TV shows. Sullivan is also marked by her zeal and passion for her job. These characteristics of her set her apart from her peers and led to championing her life perfectly.

Even in her late 70s, Sullivan remains healthy and strong with great skin. Obviously, she is far from retiring any soon as she seems to love being in the spotlight. Aside from the obvious, living a healthy life and having sound mental health, many have been asking what could have caused her stamina and vibrancy amidst her age. With a net worth of over $5 million, we are sure that Susan can set aside a part of her investment money for her skincare regimen.

Meredith Baxter – Age: 73 Years

Meredith Baxter is currently in her early 70s, but the American actress seems to have stopped aging somewhere during her 40s. She still looks amazing with her radiant smile and healthy body. She started her career on the TV show Bridget Loves Bernie which gave her a big boost and went on to join the popular sitcom “Family Ties”. Meredith received several nominations for the Emmy Awards that recognized her phenomenal acting. Her monumental success was established due to several notable movies she acted on such as the 1976 film All the President’s Men.

It should be a known fact that she has a good financial profile and most likely always targeted by insurance companies. She is not that active lately but it seems she has been doing and participating in several advocacies. Not much is known about her perfect non-aging secret, but we are pretty sure that whatever it is, it includes living a healthy lifestyle and finding balance in life.

Kathleen Kinmont – Age: 55 Years

More popularly known for her role in horror movies, Kathleen Kinmont seems to have carved out a niche for herself. Her most notable film so far is Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers with the reviews favoring the actress. The gorgeous lady looks more suited for movies of other genres, but she does well in horror, too. She was recently starred in another movie Sins and Seduction which was originally titled Do Not Be Deceived.

The 55-year-old is still gorgeous, with a remarkable face that does not require a lot of makeup and an enviable body—considering that now, it’s probably what makes her such a hit in horror movies. In addition to her acting, Kathleen currently teaches online classes on restorative yoga on YouTube. With all of these, we are sure that Kathleen has a nice income coming in. We hope that she has made the necessary savings for her retirement in a few short years.

Rachel Ward – Age: 63 Years

Rachel Ward is an English-born Australian actress who has graced the covers of many international magazines including Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s, and Queen. Her charming personality has helped her secure roles in many motion pictures, including Sharky’s Machine and Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid. Her big break came when she took on the lead role in The Thorn Birds, a TV series in which she played opposite Richard Chamberlain.

What is noticeable about the actress is her glowing skin and youthful energy. She must have a secret to attaining such a degree of beauty which we would like to know. She also directed her first movie, which was screened at the Sydney Film Festival. Evidently, Rachel is not retiring any time soon, and we are excited to see what the future holds for her. It would be better to see her directing more movies, or acting on a few more movies since her last one was in 2011.

Pattie Boyd – Age: 76 Years

Pattie Boyd is referred to as the embodiment of a fine British lady. She’s also popularly known for her high-profile marriages; first, to George Harrison, lead guitarist of The Beatles. However, their marriage lasted only 11 years, after which they separated. She then got married to another musician, Eric Clapton, who was also her former husband’s friend. The marriage did not last either. She began another relationship with Rod Weston, and they eventually tied the knot in 2015.

Her love story made her spend some of her money on attorneys, but if it worked in her favor, that is all good. Judging by her looks now, we can say that she is not someone who splurges in cosmetic surgeries or high-maintenance beauty regimens. Visible lines and aged skin are now apparent on her face, but she does not seem to mind so long as she is happy and living a healthy life.

Sally Field – Age: 73 Years

Sally Field is best known for her roles in the classic movies Forrest Gump and Mrs. Doubtfire, in 1994 and 1995, respectively. Her irresistible innocent-looking face and angelic charm helped her be noticed in Hollywood in addition to her acting skills. The multi-awarded actress is now 73 years old but does not look like her age at all. The actress still looks youthful and beautiful and credits her timeless beauty to avoiding using chemical products on her skin. She said that she uses natural products like coconut oil as a night facial cream as much as possible.

While her recommendation might be counter to what the media is telling us—which is to use chemicals on our skin, it is perhaps the best advice. True enough, beauty companies might not be earning much from Sally, but if an all-natural skincare regiment is what works best for her, we should not deny her that. Besides, putting on non-natural chemicals on the skin can take its toll and ruin the skin eventually.

Victoria Principal – Age: 70 Years

Victoria Principal earned her fame in the late 1970s following her appearance on the series, “Dallas”. Since then, she became a household name not only due to her projects but also because of her beauty. Before then, she had been doing TV commercials since she was five and eventually branched into full-time acting.

She withdrew from making public appearances some time ago and instead chose to live a private life focused on her charities and other interests. The actress-entrepreneur can be described as a beautiful woman with a golden heart, and she will always be remembered for her charitable acts. That inner beauty truly resonates outward as she seems to give a vibe of positivity and elegance. She seems to be someone with sound investment management principles, and we hope they stand the test of time. The actress is someone the younger generation can always look up to and emulate one day.

Lori Petty – Age: 57 Years

Here is another actress who does not look her age. At 57 years old, Lori Petty looks ten years younger than her actual age. Many people wonder what she has been doing to achieve that perfect skin and ageless look, and we believe that it is a combination of several factors including a healthy diet, regular exercise, possibly expensive skincare products, and definitely, good genes.

More popularly known for her role in Tank Girl, which is a 1995 sci-fi parody film, the actress took a hiatus from acting for some time. Lore, however, regained her popularity with her recent roles in Transformers: Robots in Disguise, Hawaii Five-O and Robot Chicken. She is quite energetic and purposeful, going after everything she wants with a sense of determination. Although she was once arrested for driving without her insurance papers, we can still say that she has not had many skirmishes with the law and probably learned her lesson well.

Eileen Davidson – Age: 61 Years

Eileen Davidson is better described as a jack-of-all trades and master of all. This American actress is also a published author, a TV show star, and a former model as well. Davidson is best known for her roles in many popular television shows. In the series The Young and the Restless, she was picked; beating out about 100 actresses who auditioned for the role. She was also seen in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and NBC’s Days of our Lives. Two of her roles landed her Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

The California-born actress has received recognition for her acting over the years, and we are almost sure that she has made some good investments out of her fat paycheck. With everything seemingly going for her, it is not surprising that the mother of one still looks stunning and elegant even at her age.

Princess Caroline – Age: 63 Years

Princess Caroline was born to Prince Rainier III by the Hollywood actress and fashion icon Grace Kelly. Today, Princess Caroline is 63 years old but continues to mesmerize her fans by looking younger by the day. Aside from the fact that she came from a long line of great genes, she also has put a lot of effort into maintaining her health and looks. She is known for her flawless skin and youthful glow. Surely, she must have invested a great degree in a skincare regimen that she’s yet to share.

Vogue UK recently posted an online article about how Princess Caroline is embracing her transition and how she is rocking it. While most women dye their hair to hide their age, she goes ahead and flaunts her grays in style. With her charm, glow, and finesse, it’s no wonder that Princess Caroline is a darling for the boys and has gone through marriage thrice. Any man would be lucky to have such a timeless beauty by his side.

Linda Hamilton – Age: 64 Years

Linda Hamilton’s rise to stardom came as a result of her role in The Terminator, where she played the role of Sarah Connor. She then appeared in several successful films like A Mother’s Prayer, Skeletons in the Closet, and Beauty and the Beast. Most of her projects bagged nominations and won different high-league awards.

A few years ago, she was diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder. She is not shy to talk about how she struggled with her mood swings and mental anguish. Though she had to spend a lot of money on treatments and therapy, she was able to bounce back from her condition. We hope she is recovering fully and will be able to return to her children and family in due course. Thankfully, she has a good health insurance package coupled with her impressive earnings, so she doesn’t need to worry about the expenses. It’s comforting to see that despite her condition, Linda is still glowing with hope and happiness.

Niki Taylor – Age: 45 Years

Famous model Niki Taylor should be the poster child for “You said I could not, and so I did.” As an older model, starting a career in the fashion and beauty industry was definitely not easy. Still, Niki took the Hollywood world by storm. She maintained her natural beauty by sticking to a healthy lifestyle and following a beauty regimen. Amidst the numerous choices that cosmetic surgery offers, Taylor resisted the urge to go under the knife or even get a simple facelift.

In 2016, she was featured in countless world-class fashion magazines and shocked the fans with her timeless beauty—once again proving to everybody that when beauty comes from within, it will stand the test of time. With a net worth of $18 million, it goes without saying that Niki’s investments not only provided a comfortable lifestyle, but also brought her the best skin-care essentials for her beauty regimen.

Kelly Shaye Smith – Age: 57 Years

Kelly Smith is among the most talented in Hollywood; she is a journalist, an author, TV host, actress, and sometime in the past, a model. She has practically done everything and has recorded considerable success in all her endeavors. You can say Kelly has the Midas’ touch, and you will get no arguments from us. With so many achievements under her belt, she definitely has a good credit score.

The mother of two is married to Pierce Brosnan, and they both have super successful careers. She appears to have no worries in the world, and certainly, this goes a long way in contributing to her beautiful and gorgeous looks. However, we have some questions about how she has maintained her figure, as there have been rumors about liposuction, especially since she lost a lot of weight some years ago. We also wonder if she follows some sort of magic diet plan, but whatever it is, we are glad that she remains gorgeous and inspiring.

Kathleen Turner – Age: 66 Years

One of the most striking things about Hollywood personality Kathleen Turner is her loud voice, which earned her a career boost in the ’80s. Her television debut in NBC’s daytime soap, The Doctors jumpstarted her career in the entertainment industry. She appeared in many movies, including Body Heat, Romancing the Stone, and Prizzi’s Honor. She has been nominated for various awards and won several prestigious awards for her appearances in both movies and theater.

However, her career took a bad hit when she came down with rheumatoid arthritis in the 1990s. Her body went through different changes that she had to slow things down to recover. She spent about eight years managing and treating the condition, which was made easier through her health insurance. Without a doubt, she is a successful theater artist with several notable performances in projects such as Who’s Scared of Virginia Woolf? and Red Hot Patriot: The Kick-Ass Wit of Molly Ivins.

Tonya Harding – Age: 49 Years

Tonya Harding is not only one of the most popular ice skaters in America but also one of the most attractive ones. She won her first national skating title in 1991 and was the first woman in America to complete a triple axel in that competition. Harding had a promising career, but it nosedived in 1994 due to an attack on her arch-rival, Nancy Kerrigan.

Even though we have questions about her livelihood source since the ill-fated incident, we have absolute confidence in her skincare regimen. Even at the age of 49, she looks stunning with her beautiful blond hair, and the little wrinkles around her eyes complement her looks perfectly. Tonya definitely has one of those timeless beauties that never go out of style. She is a very attractive woman, and we sincerely hope that she has at least secured adequate insurance coverage and long-term savings to keep her going.

Erin Murphy – Age: 56 Years

Erin Murphy is an absolute delight to be watched on the TV show’s set, Bewitched, in which she played Tabitha Stephens. Since then, she has had other roles in works including Deadly Fighters, but Bewitched always stands out in the minds of her fans and critics. Erin and her sister initially appeared on the show, but her sister left at the end of the second season.

She is currently a fashion and lifestyle writer, and her career seems to be paying her electricity bills and so much more. She recently acquired her dream house on the beach in Malibu. Talk about a great retirement nest! Erin remains beautiful and gorgeous in every way, regardless of her age. She is all about women empowerment and lifting each other so she doesn’t shy away from sharing beauty tips with the rest of the world through her writing, and we are grateful for that.

Melissa Gilbert – Age: 56 Years

Melissa Gilbert started her journey to Hollywood stardom in the late ’60s and she owes her initial popularity to her role in Little House on the Prairie.  The TV series served as her launching pad to other prominent and rewarding roles in several popular movies like The Diary of Anne Frank and The Miracle Worker. Gilbert showed her talent in writing when she published short stories for children entitled Daisy and Josephine as well as My Prairie Cookbook: Memories and Frontier Food from My Little House to Yours.

Unfortunately, Melissa has a history of relying on prohibited substances but we are glad to say that she was able to slay her demons and come out on top. Gilbert also wrote a book about her journey, and she has not strayed since then. After all these years of hustling, she still looks beautiful and healthy, and for sure people will benefit from her story if she ever decides to teach online classes providing life coaching.

Ursula Andress – Age: 84 Years

Ursula Andress has got to be one of the sexiest actresses with a face that is suited for action movies. She is one of the very first actresses to play the credit role of a Bond girl in the James Bond film and she has successfully carved out a niche for herself. She has also appeared in other movies such as Casino Royale, where she acted as Vesper Lynd.

In addition, Ursula has also acted in Italian, British, and American movies, which earned her many awards and improved her popularity. We are glad that she did not take out cash loans for cosmetic surgery but rather lives a drama-free, retired life. The actress respects the natural course of life and opts to take care of it naturally. For her age, she looks really good. Maybe that is what James Dean saw in her when they dated for a short time in the past.

Jenny Agutter – Age: 67 Years

Unlike other young actors who find it difficult to manage to have so many funds at a very young age, Jenny was an exception. With all the temptations of money and fame, she did not fall into the usual trap that can easily cause the downfall of one’s career. She never had issues with using prohibited substances and had always been smart with money, perhaps with the guidance of a financial advisor. She started acting at a very young age, but all those temptations never went into her head; she remained focused and humble and was able to maintain her relationship with family friends, and quarters.

She has paid attention to her health all the way growing up in the fame zone. This is probably the reason why at 67 she still looks utterly gorgeous. Whether it’s the healthy British air or her positive attitude to life, we are happy to see that this deserving actress is living beautifully and is still undeniably elegant.

Erin Moran – Age: 56 Years

Erin’s rise to popularity came soon after her appearance on the hit show Happy Days. However, just like other young actors, the pressure of being a star became too much to handle. It got to the degree that reports of her being unhappy with her life surfaced in interviews. She had mentioned that contrary to the meaning of the show, Happy Days, the show contributed to her unhappiness because they insisted that she lose weight and focus on looking good for the cameras even though she was barely 15 years old. This was a lot of pressure for a young teenager, and it led her to a life of dependence on prohibited substances, which later resulted in bankruptcy.

Unfortunately, she passed away at 56 years old after spending a lot of time in and out of rehab and left behind many debts behind. We hope though that before she died, she found her peace.

Tina Louise – Age: 86 Years

After winning the Golden Globe Award in 1958 for her role in the film God’s Little Acre, Tina Louise was featured in several other successful movies and television shows. However, she struggled with her acting career and was getting very few offers afterward. It is undeniable that the entertainment industry is very unpredictable that only a few artists make it to the end zone.

When asked for her thoughts on the situation, Louise traced her seeming bad luck to the TV comedy Gilligan’s Island where she had to play Ginger Grant. She admitted that the role was quite difficult for her and may have affected her luck negatively. No matter what happened to her career, Tina is still one of the classics and the best. With all her earnings as a result of proper investment strategies, she was able to work on her skincare and health regiment, making her a timeless beauty.

Pam Grier – Age: 71 Years

Most of Pam Grier’s early roles were in action movies, and she received a lot of credit for her brilliant acting skills and natural talent as an actress. She is ranked as one of the world’s extraordinary female action heroes despite her skin color. Amidst her collaboration with Quentin Tarantino had a massive impact on her career, Grier managed to make a name for herself.

We think she has made a lot of good financial decisions, and we are glad to see that even at 71 years old, she looks way better than she ever did. At some point in her life, Grier tried her hand at substance due to the relationship she had with comedian Pryor Richard. Luckily, she rose fought and won. Since then, she has maintained a clean and healthy living and is now way better not only at managing her life, but she also has maintained her beauty and attractiveness.

Brigitte Bardot – Age: 86 Years

Brigitte Bardot became a popular face in the 1960s and 1970s thanks to her role in God Created Woman and other popular movies. The French beauty became an instant American sweetheart because of her unique and charming looks coupled with a talent for acting.

Like most struggling artists in the early stage of their career, she has had her fair share of trying experiences in the past few years. Some of the most notable ones were being fined £12,000, paying her medical bills, and keeping up with mortgage rates racking up. Brigitte reached her lowest point when she was once rushed to the hospital because of an overdose. As we all know that it is never about falling but how well you get up. Gladly, she recovered from that and started taking her health more seriously. She looks happy and healthy and young these days even though she’s 86 years old; her vibrant look definitely came at a price.

Twiggy – Age: 71 Years

Dame Leslie Lawson, a.k.a. “Twiggy,” was one of Hollywood’s most famous and likable personalities. She is an actress, singer, and model who became famous because of her huge bright eyes and tiny waist. Her unique facial features coupled with her positive and bright attitude paved the way for her imminent success in the entertainment industry. For a very long time, she claimed that she was not on any diet to maintain her figure. After a while, she stopped modeling and went fully into acting, exploring the world of theatre and TV screens.

She appeared in movies and TV shows where she continued to charm people with her talent. It’s been several decades, and Twiggy still looks completely beautiful and stunning; a true natural beauty. We have no idea how she has done it, but we’re crossing our fingers that she’ll soon start teaching online classes on her beauty routine soon!

Abby Dalton – Age: 88 Years

Entertainment life has no fixed rules and does not follow a strict timeline. While it is true that talent is the key to enter this captivating world, many would agree that timing also plays a major role in one’s success in the industry. That is why even though unlike most actresses, Abby began her career quite late. She was already in her mid-50s when she got her first role in acting and eventually got her first lead role in the film, All Night, which was released in 1957. Nonetheless, her appearance in the show opened many opportunities that led to more projects.

From there, Abby switched to TV and started building her career around shows. In no time, she instantly became a face to be looked forward to in her three major projects, Hennessey, The Joey Bishop Show, and Falcon Crest. She retired in 2008 to a substantial retirement where she can live comfortably, and we hope that with investments and planning, she will be able to enjoy her retirement.

Sharon Gless – Age: 77 Years

Sharon Gless is popularly known for her roles as Sgt. Christine Cagney in the movie Cagney & Lacey, and Maggi Philbin in the TV show, “Switch”. She is an exceptional actress with lots of awards in her coffer, including the coveted Golden Globe and Emmy awards. Her career in the industry became so successful she was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1996.

Throughout her life in front of the camera, many people were and are still in awe of her beauty. Time was on her side and her beauty indeed has stood the test of time. Anyone could attest to the fact that Sharon seems like she hasn’t aged one bit. While she is currently close to retirement and only makes cameo appearances in some movies, we’re certain she can maintain that youthful charm without fearing any degree of pressure. We hope to see her enjoy retirement as she deserves nothing but the best.

Britt Ekland – Age: 78 Years

Britt Ekland is one of the stars in the Bond movie titled The Man with the Golden Gun. She used to be a darling in the Hollywood world, massively followed by countless fans. She appeared in several movies in her heyday like William Friedkin’s The Night They Raided Minsky’s, and the British crime film Get Carter. All of which launched her as a movie sex symbol in her time. Even at 78, Britt is considered one of the most gorgeous older stars in the entertainment industry. Sadly, temptations won over her and the actress started to rely on other ways to preserve her youthful looks and beauty.

The several cosmetic procedures she went through during her youth took a toll on her body. It had some damaging effects, both on her appearance and her health. Luckily, she worked very hard to overcome her past mistakes and rose above them. We hope to see the actress make more investments on health and living a healthy lifestyle.

Tanya Roberts – Age: 64 Years

Another Bond girl who was in the movie A View to Kill, Tanya Roberts, has defied aging and still looks really stunning even at the age of 64. She was also featured in several shows, including “The Beast Master” and “That 70s Show”. Back then, she was one of Hollywood’s most charming faces. She is certainly one of the darlings of her time and today, she’s just as adorable.

Her great looks can be attributed to her intense skincare regimen and lifestyle that she seems to have gathered from skin experts’ online classes and guides. If there is one thing that most Hollywood stars have in common is that they meticulously take care of their body and that their skin seems to be oh so perfect. That goes for this former Bond girl, Tanya, who never fails to show off her luminous peels. Whoever her source may be, her skincare routine is evidently doing wonders for her skin.

BJörk – the gifted entertainer – Age: 54 Years

More popularly known for her unique music and entertainment style, Bjork has always had an exciting career that cuts across different segments of Hollywood. The great thing about the entertainment industry is that it has no limits as long as you are as imaginative and talented. That is certainly the case for the one and only Miss Bjork. She had made a name for herself and because of her adventurous side, she was not afraid to take some risks. She explored being a DJ, singer, composer, actress, and even a record producer.

The gifted entertainer has a lot of albums to her name–most of which housed chart-topping hits. Bjork has an impressive net worth that allows her to enjoy without worrying about escalating costs of bills and monthly mortgages, too. At 50 years old, she still looks amazing, and with her most striking features–her pretty eyes and hair–are still as noticeable as ever.

Claudine Auger – Age: 78 Years

Claudine Auger was best known for her role as Bond girl Dominique Derval in the movie Thunder Ball. She also appeared in several other television series, including The Three Gables and the Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. Claudine also held various beauty queen titles during her time – Miss France Monde, and 1st Runner-up of the Miss World Pageant in 1958.

One of her most controversial moves in the industry was when she had a semi-nude Playboy spread. Her perfect physique and gorgeous face made it impossible for people not to notice her. Back in her active acting days, Claudine was among the highest-paid actors and models, and with her earnings, we are sure that she must have left her love ones some good fortune from her stock of income and investments. Though she already passed away last 2019, we will always remember her radiance and smile lighting up any room.

Denise Richard – Age: 49 Years

Denise Richards is a retired vivacious fashion model and is also known for the different roles she played in many Hollywood movies. She, too, was once featured in a James Bond film titled The World is Not Enough. She also appeared in several popular television shows like “Saved by The Bell”, “Melrose Place”, and “Beverly Hills 90210”. Denise, when it comes to her style, is one who’d never hide her curves, but instead flaunt them along with her beautifully-toned body.

For sure, maintaining a body like hers would take some degree of dedication, rigorous exercises, and a strict diet. Although many think that her gorgeous look and smooth skin may have been acquired through facial surgery. Surely, a net worth of $12 million would have covered that and if she did, no one could question her. All we can say is that beauty plus money is a good combination, if used properly.

Marina Sirtis – Age: 65 Years

The British-American actress Marina Sirtis cemented her career in Hollywood as one of the entertainment industry’s icons through her role in the popular Star Trek Series and Next Generation. Marina knew that her fame is not intended to be isolated in the entertainment industry alone. That is why she started coming out of her comfort zone and began supporting her advocacies. When she isn’t working on honing her acting skills, she would work on activities to support her human rights advocacy. Many admire her selflessness and drive in helping out other people.

She used her popularity to be the voice of some important causes that made her more admirable. Unfortunately, Marina also endured her fair share of health problems like battling breast disease and some complications from her past two plastic surgeries. Thankfully, she’s now enjoying a happy retirement while getting the best care made possible by her health insurance.

Didi Conn – Age: 69 Years

Didi Conn is one of Hollywood’s stars who managed to remain graceful through the years. For over 60 years, Didi hasn’t stopped impressing fans with her looks and became famous for her roles in the hit movies Grease and Benson. She is one of the few that believes in natural beauty and organic ways to maintain it. That is why until now, Didi has not undergone any cosmetic surgery and other reconstructions. This just shows us how a good blend of work out, with an appropriate diet plan can help ensure overall well-being.

Of all the things she has endured in her public life, we have to say that marrying Frank Conn in 1975 and getting separated three years later is her most controversial. Thanks to their lawyers, the case was all ironed out. Didi is now happily married and settled with David Shire with whom she shares a son.

Jill St. John – Age: 80 Years

Hollywood will never have enough Bond girls! Jill St. John is another Bond actress who has found a way to keep her charm even in old age. She appeared in many popular films which include The Lost World, Tender Is the Night, and Come Blow Your Horn, for which she received a Golden Globe nomination. Already in her late 70s, Jill remains beautiful and youthful, much to her fans’ surprise. She claimed her fame from her role in the James Bond classic, Diamonds Are Forever, and interestingly, retired after the movie. Her next move after was establishing her investment in the world of culinary arts.

Jill also has a stake in the fashion industry as she is known for the successful sweater business she has developed and run through the years. Apart from that, she also engages in several outdoor activities from time to time to keep her in shape.

Stockard Channing – Age: 76 Years

The 76-year-old Stockard Channing is well-known for her roles in many movies and TV series, but most notably for The West Wing, Grease, and the Matthew Shephard Story. She has won many awards over the years including 13 Primetime Emmy Awards—an impressive feat. Stockard also bagged a Tony Award for Best Actress in a Play for her role in the Broadway revival of A Day in the Death of Joe Egg. The actress maintained her star quality features and she has aged gracefully.

Even as the years went by, Stockard has successfully maintained her near-perfect skin and she still has that youthful glow. Even though she has been through four failed marriages, Stockard continues to look worry-free. Her skincare regimen is one of those we would love to lay our hands-on, but we are yet to find out. Whatever her beauty investments may be, we know that we need it for ourselves too!

Beverly D’Angelo – Age: 68 Years

Beverly D’Angelo has been through quite a lot in her time in the industry. Apart from giving birth to twins at the age of 49, Beverly had to undergo a rocky marriage with her fellow movie star, Al Pacino. After lawyers were able to settle the issues and legalities of their children’s custody, everything went well and smooth for the family afterward.

Beverly, a talented actress, starred in several movies, including National Lampoon Vacation and Coal Miner’s Daughter. In 1984, she was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in her role in A Streetcar Named Desire. Now at 68 years old, Beverly still manages to remain graceful and charming. Though there are people who still wonder if she has gone through any plastic surgery, we’re sure that whether she did it or not, what is important is that Beverly is well able to pay for it without troubling anyone.

Maud Adams – Age: 75 Years

Maud Adams is another Bond girl who has managed to remain young looking despite her age. At 75 years old, Maud is remembered mostly for her two separate roles in the James Bond Classics The Man With The Golden Gun then she also starred as the eponymic character in Octopussy. Maud’s close acquaintance has acknowledged that Maud is lucky that no matter what she eats, she can maintain her weight. Most women are envious of this trait, but it has done Maud well in keeping her look as young as ever.

Apart from her success in the entertainment industry, she also became the president of a cosmetic company, Scandinavian Biocosmetics. After her divorce in 1975, she then married the love of her life and has been together ever since. Although she managed to stay out of the public eye for quite a while, we’re almost sure she’s been enjoying life and the fruits of her investments.

Dawn French – Age: 63 Years

Dawn French runs her career as an entertainer and writer at the same time. She has also managed to retain her elegant appearance for years while all her fans keep up with her performances starting in her TV debut in the 1980s. Although she has refused to share the secret to her beautiful skin, she did tip us to use “Nivea Moisturizer”. Other than her beautiful face, she now also has a new bod to flaunt.

Since she lost some weight and gained her confidence, her radiance has been more profound. No doubt, having a regular exercise routine is key to maintaining a healthy weight and that radiant glow. If she keeps this vigorous lifestyle and positive outlook up, for sure, she won’t have to use her health insurance or the emergency fund she has set aside for health anymore. Instead, she can use it to boost her savings portfolio or spend it on her family.

Elizabeth Perkins – Age: 59 Years

Elizabeth Perkins earned quite a reputation as an actress in Hollywood. She appeared in various popular movies like About Last Night, Big, The Flintstones, Miracle on 34th Street, Avalon, and He Said, She Said. She was also the voice behind the character named Coral in the famous animated movie, Finding Nemo. With several nominations from her series of films and TV shows, she has won the hearts of many and gained followers.

However, in 2005, Perkins was diagnosed with diabetes. Her condition made her realize that she can do more with her fame other than just being in front of the camera. Since then, she became a strong voice in the campaign against the condition and focused her efforts on educating people about it through conventions and online classes or engagements. With her family’s support, Perkins has achieved a simple and happy life despite her condition. She also learned to focus on what matters most and enjoy every minute with her family.

Shannon Tweed – Age: 63 Years

The former third-runner up Miss Ottawa, Shannon Tweed, is also a gifted Hollywood actress who can instantly draw viewers into an emotional attachment with her characters in the movies, making them almost see themselves as a part of the story. She was seen as a rare gift her fellow actors in the industry would not trade anything for.

Shannon is also known for her almost perfect bod and flawless features which made her the Playboy Playmate of the Year in 1982. In 2011, she got married to Gene Simmons, a popular movie star from Kiss. The actress also appeared in the family TV show “Gene Simmons Family Jewels”. Even though she is currently 63 years old and already on her retirement years, she remains a face of fitness and good well-being in the industry. The ageless beauty’s net worth is currently estimated to be around $22 million which reflects her sound financial decisions made, most likely as guided by a financial advisor.

Donna Mills – Age: 79 Years

For someone who started her career in the mid-60s, millennials would not expect much from Donna Mills, and that’s where they’re wrong. Mills appeared as Abby Cunningham on one of the most successful primetime soap operas, “Knots Landing” for eight consecutive years. This role landed her the three Soap Opera Digest Awards as Outstanding Villainess. The award-winning actress also recently concluded a job in the film Best Mom after she was featured in 22 episodes of the 2017 TV series, “Hilton Head Island”.

Despite her being over 70 years old, she has somehow figured out a way to retain her youthful look, even though some controversy still exists on whether it’s all-natural or cosmetic. We can only speculate, but the degree of care she exerted in taking care of her body and face is commendable by itself. She also appears very happy and content, which is a sure contributor to why she looks radiant and fresh.

Angie Bowie – Age: 71 Years

Yes! It’s the same Angie Bowie who once was married to David Bowie, the legendary musician. Angie and David were together for ten years and had a child together. Interestingly, the child, Duncan Jones, would go on to become a BAFTA-winning movie director. Angie was briefly on Celebrity Big Brother in 2016 but had to leave in the course of the show due to medical issues. Although it remains to be only a rumor, the reason why she had to exit Big Brother’s house could be that her medical concern was a result of David’s passing. It would be understandable given that the couple was inseparable. The two even heavily influenced the fashion and glam rock culture of the 1970s. More could be learned from their relationship in the book Backstage Passes: Life On the Wild Side with David Bowie.

Good thing, Angie has a good financial standing and home insurance that makes her prepared for the unexpected. We are sure she’ll get by comfortably through old age.

Betty White – Age: 98 Years

One of the most impressive female entrepreneurs and actresses with the longest television career is Betty White. She is definitely a high-flyer, holding the record as the first woman to produce her own sitcom. Betty is also known as the first actress that was able to work in front and behind the camera. She is one of the best comedians on the scene to date with her career running for over 75 years. By now, we all would expect Betty to retire, but she has not. She even appeared on the 2009 hit rom-com The Proposal and was also the voice behind the character Bitey White in Toy Story 4.

Betty believes that people should embrace their age and those wrinkles are meant to be celebrated. At the age of 98, she still looks great in spite of her love for vodka. She still has a great degree of energy and would probably welcome more projects.

Kelly Lynch – Age: 61 Years

Although she had already had a modeling career before acting, Kelly Lynch gained popularity due to her credit role in the 1988 film, Cocktail. Her part in the classic is said to have earned her roles in several other classic movies such as Road House with the late Patrick Swayze and a number of other popular Hollywood films. There are claims that Lynch rejected playing the role of Catherine Tramell in the movie Basic Instinct.

Anyhow, at the age of 61, Lynch still manages to retain her youthful appeal, looking years younger than her age. And even though we haven’t seen much of Kelly Lynch on TV these days, her earnings from the past, for sure, have fallen in the right investments. Currently married to producer and author Mitch Glazer, the 60s life for sure will be blissful for her and we hope it will continue for many years to come.

Gina Gershon – Age: 58 Years

Well-known for her roles in Bound, House of Versace, Showgirls, and a number of other hit Hollywood movies, Gina Gershon is another gracefully-aging and young-looking actress to watch out for. The 58-year old has had guest appearances on TV series like Glee and even starred in Ugly Betty as Fabia, the opponent of Wilhelmina. Gina and her siblings have together created a book for kids, which they entitled Camp Creepy Time. After the success of her first book, she released another book titled, In Search of Cleo: How I Found My Kitty and Lost My Mind, in 2012.

How Gina managed to remain beautiful despite her age remained a mystery, until recently when she revealed that she was using a certain product on her skin that helped her maintain her youthful glow. Gina does not seem to have any financial issues and is able to settle her bills and gas expenses without any help.

Debbie Harry – Age: 75 Years

Debbie Harry, who is more fondly remembered for starting the band Blondie, enjoyed her share of great success in the 1970s. The band broke several records and relished many achievements until the 1990s. Fast forward today, Debbie Harry, already in her mid-70s, never ceases to showcase her youthful appeal. She exudes almost the same beauty and energy as she did in the 70s. Many would remember her performance in the horror film Body Bags as phenomenal.

Just last 2014, Debbie revealed to her not-so-secret fondness for both men and women. Many people admired her honesty and with that, she gained more support from her fans. No matter what, we are proud of her achievements and most especially her sound investment strategies. Like most powerful women in the industry, she is also known to be an ambassador for certain charity organizations that fight against HIV and cancer where she made generous donations for research.

Michelle Philips – Age: 76 Years

Michelle Philips has been in the entertainment industry for a while now. She is now the only living member of the popular band, The Mamas and The Papas. Although the band was dissolved far back in 1971, Michelle had long been public about her financial issues with fellow band members. Her concerns led to a series of interventions that eventually resulted in the hiring of attorneys for representation in the court proceedings.

After the band dissolved, Philips then went into acting and made quite an enviable career in the movie industry. Her supporting role in The Last Movie led to a Golden Globe Award nomination as Most Promising Newcomer. She was also featured in many TV series such as in the critically acclaimed hit series “Knots Landing”. Even at the age of 76, there is no doubt that Michelle looks younger than her age. Unfortunately, she has never revealed her secret to such beauty yet.

Barbra Streisand – Age: 78 Years

Barbra Streisand is one of those few artists in Hollywood with all-around talent. Her wide-range potential became evident later on when she was marked along with a few industry icons that have to her name a Grammy, Emmy, Tony, and Peabody award. After she established her singing career in the 1960s, she tapped into the world of films that landed her the lead role in Funny Girl.

Her career as a musician and actress spanned several decades, during which she managed to leave her fans spellbound. There is no doubt that her talents are extraordinary, and this has warranted the need for her to work with several business managers and financial advisors to handle her finances. Although there are claims that she’s under pressure to go through cosmetic surgery but she opted for minimal non-invasive procedures only. The Hollywood icon has somehow found a way to retain her graceful appeal even at 78.

Nicollette Sheridan – Age: 56 Years

Nicollette Sheridan started her career as a model. Upon completing her college degree, she went fully into modeling and eventually into the movie industry. Her big break came after she landed a role in Paper Dolls a TV series of 13 episodes. After Paper Dolls, Nicolette then went all out into acting and has remained in the industry to date. Sheridan was able to land numerous roles in numerous shows and films like Lucky Chances, Virus, and The People Next Door.

In 2014, she landed the role of Edie Britt on ABC’s hit television series, “Desperate Housewives” where she was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress. Another fantastic thing about Nicollette is how she has been able to keep in shape all these years. For sure it comes with discipline, diet and exercise. It is definitely a topic many people would surely want to know about.

Meredith Monroe – Age: 50 Years

Although Meredith is in her 50s, yet she still maintains the same pretty smile, angelic look, and slim figure that have been her trademark for the past years. Meredith rose to fame with her role in “Dawson’s Creek” as Andy Mcphee. As Dawson Creek ended and her teenage years have passed, she then joined other hit TV series such as “CSI: Miami”, “CSI: NY”, and the most recent one is “13 Reasons Why”. She also guest-starred in other TV series “Hawaii Five-O” and “Drop Dead Diva” just to name a few. The actress also showed an impressive performance in the blockbuster movie Minority Report in 2002 together with Tom Cruise.

Even though Meredith is an advocate of paying a regular visit to the dermatologist, she believes having a great skincare routine could go a long way. Her trusted routine must be the key to why still looks her best. And yes, she got enough in her credit card to afford both.

Amy Jo Johnson – Age: 50 Years

Amy Jo Johnson became famous when she starred as Pink Ranger or Kimberly Hart in the Hit TV show and movie Mighty Morphin Power Rangers way back in the 90s. The American-Canadian beauty, Amy Jo was also a singer, songwriter, and director. While Amy was filming for the TV show “Felicity”, she left the said show to grieve for her mother’s painful demise who succumbed to cancer. It was said that her mother didn’t leave any personal loans behind. She then returned as a guest-star in its 4th episode.

Amy also ventured into writing and directing. She directed short films such as Bent in 2013 and Lines in 2014. In 2017, she wrote, directed, and starred as the main cast in The Space Between. Her versatility as an artist probably banks her good fortune to this date. Her married life didn’t go well as she and Oliver Giner divorced in 2017. On a positive note, she did have an offspring with him.

Debi Mazar – Age: 56 Years

Debi Mazar is well known for her sharp-tongued roles in various movies well matched for her classy looks. She has featured in Goodfellas, Singles, Civil War, and L.A. Before that, she was first discovered by Madonna as a make-up artist and did Madonna’s make-up in her music video “Everybody”. As she took acting careers, she was still on Madonna’s wings as she appeared on some of her videos like “Papa Don’t Preach” and “Music”. It was said that Debi suffered insomnia at an early age.

Due to the demand of her work, she became reliant on sleeping pills just to get proper rest. She later stopped when she got pregnant knowing it would harm her unborn child. Although she suffered from insomnia, it did not even make a dent on her credit score. Debi said that physical exercise was the best and artificial antidote to sleeplessness which exits her need to take sleeping pills.

Jane Fonda – Age: 82 Years

And of course, next on the list is Jane Fonda. Known for her exquisite beauty and talent, Jane Fonda has managed to be one in all. She has been an activist, an actress, model, philanthropist, and even fitness guru. Her timeless look has kept many wonderings what her hidden secret is? Also, though Fonda is in the middle of a resurgence with the new series “Grace & Frankie”, she has continued to win the hearts of many men.

Fonda no doubt has experienced a rough romantic life as his life seems an open book, yet never turned to drugs and guzzled alcohol to deal with her heartbreak. When the police arrested her for suspicion of drug smuggling, they later on discovered it was just vitamins. Who knows maybe this is her way of investing to keep herself glowing? Fonda didn’t shy away with the fact that she has occasionally paid visits to a plastic surgeon without the need for personal loans.

Allison Janey – Age: 60 Years

Triggered by her own brother’s drug addiction and death, Allion Janney the multi-awarded American actress became an advocate against opioid use and abuse. She used her stardom and influence for a good cause. She was featured in “Morton & Hayes”, “As the Worlds Turns” and “Guiding Light”. Allison, who starred and participated in countless movies, is now worth $4 million, which means she can afford most mortgages out there.

It seems that she never had a vacant time as she is always busy doing films and TV shows. This could be the reason why although she has been in numerous relationships the actress never for once got married. Perhaps, she just has not yet met the one for her or it could simply mean that marriage is not for her. Nonetheless, Allison still looks her best even at 61. Some say that her uncomplicated love life and lifestyle contributed to it.

Annette Bening – Age: 62 Years

Annette Bening is in her 60s now, and still, the multi-awarded American actress looks stunning as always. The actress played Lady Macbeth at the American Conservatory Theatre in 1984 where she became a reliable actress. She won the Best Actress awards for “American Beauty”, “Being Julia”, and “The Kids Are All Righ”—not to mention, other nominations in other award-giving bodies such as Primetime Emmy Awards and Tony Awards.

Annette is a bankable actress indeed. After her father who’s in his 90s felt sick, she decided to leave the limelight to take proper care of her father. In 2019, Annette returned to Broadway after being absent for three decades and starred in “All My Sons” by Arthur Miller. She was married twice and now with four wonderful children with Warren Beatty. After her boom in the industry and with an excellent financial advisor, Annette should still fare well up to this date.

Shirley Manson – Age: 54 Years

Shirley Manson is the lead singer of Garbage, one of the known alternative rock bands in the 1990s, and is responsible for hit tracks such as Stupid Girl and Only Happy When It Rains. Her rebellious character and outspoken style are what come to mind when the name Shirley Manson is mentioned. She is a talented singer, musician, actress, and record producer.

Shirley together with her bandmates produced and created the movie theme song of James Bond: The World Is Not Enough in 1999. Although covered with her punk rock-inspired makeup and style, it is undeniable that Shirley is a beauty. Like any other person, Shirley had bouts of self-doubt which she overcame with a great degree of fighting. She feels for youngsters who see the society’s expectations as too much. Young ones could follow in her footsteps and ensure they have not only timeless beauty, but a sound financial plan to be secure.

Lauren Tewes – Age: 66 Years

Is it a wonder how Lauren Tewes is still glowing even if she is in her late 60s without using any anti-aging product? She made it onscreen in 1977 when “The Love Boat” became a massive success for decades where she portrayed the role of Julie McCoy. Lauren was one of the few actresses to become successful after the series. Her debut was in 1981 with her film Eyes of a Stranger, where she starred together with Jennifer Jason Leigh and John DiSanti.

Lauren pursued her passion for cooking and later became a cheese specialist. She made sure to invest in her passion which is why she enrolled herself in a culinary school. This could probably be the reason why she is glowing because she is pursuing her life interest and living her best life. With the degree of her talent and bankable skills in culinary, Lauren probably is worth a lot and is getting by worry-free.

Angie Harmon – Age: 48 Years

Angie Harmon exudes sexiness despite her body build which is more athletic than curvaceous. The model is blessed with a beautiful face which by itself is sexy enough combined with her confidence and attitude. She became the face of and modeled for big brands such as Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, and Giorgio Armani. Her acting career was launched when she made her first appearance in “Baywatch Nights” after she was discovered by David Hasselhoff. Since then, she took part in several TV series such as “Law and Order” and “Living Proof”.

There has been some degree of stress apparent on Angie’s body and face now. Beneath the superficial though is a model of ageless beauty, of true character and wit. She has also lost some weight but, as long as it doesn’t imply further health concern, we assume she’s okay and will regain a healthy weight soon. Health is wealth, after all.

Mary Beth – Age: 80 Years

Mary Beth Peil is an American singer and actress. Mary assumed a position in “Kiss Me, Kate” which made a career on Broadway possible. Mary Beth, though in her late 70s, still radiates the elegance and sweetness of her childhood. She was featured in The King and I and later did her debut film, Jersey Girl. She also starred in many Broadway shows and TV shows. Her most recent role was in the Broadway adaptation of “Anastasia” where she played the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorvna, the grandmother of Grand Duchess Anastasia.

As for her on-screen career, she was part of the cast and a mainstay in “Dawson’s Creek”. She also did some roles as guest-star in several TV series like “Law and Order”. Mary Beth may have the money in her credit card to afford any kind of surgery, but has no desire to be a patient of plastic surgery, and she prefers to age gracefully and naturally.

Leann Hunley – Age: 65 Years

Leann Hunley has been famous during her days in NBC’s, Our Live and ABC’s primetime soap, Dynasty. She started the show “Days of Our Lives” which ran between 1982 to 1986. Leann has a long list of acting credits and soap operas. She guest-starred in several hit series such as “7th Heaven”, “Dawson’s Creek”, “Law and Order”, “NCIS”, and “Raising Hope”.

Not much has been known about her private life except the fact that she married Bill Sheridan in 1980 and ended their relationship in 2001. Lean’s good health, stress-free life and good mental health are apparent when she went back to the industry after sometime and still looking as glam as ever.

Leann has the face of a sweet next-door girl that we all love to. As she matured, her beauty did not fade away. Though it now comes with visible crow’s feet and wrinkles, these are acceptable and are part of aging.

Kelly Lebrock – Age: 60 Years

It was at the early age of 16 that Kelly LeBrock decided to go and venture into modeling. After some time, she made it big by appearing in the magazine in which she modeled for Christian Dior. In the 1980s she then made her debut in the acting world, through her role in the movie, The Woman In Red where she co-starred with Gene Wilder. She was named the sexiest woman in Hollywood sometime in the 1980s.

After a severe dive in her career, she took a break from being in the limelight. The actress then made her comeback when she co-starred with then-husband Steven Seagal in the film Hard to Kill. Her most recent work is in the 2015 film, A Prince For Christmas. She and Seagal got divorced in 1994 where they shared 3 kids. LeBrock, now in her 60s, was a three-time divorcee making her a frequent flyer in the attorney’s office.

Sean Young – Age: 60 Years

Sean Young is one of Hollywood’s big names from the 80s and most likely was frequently heard of by fans her age back in those days. She was praised for her alluring beauty and skills in acting. The brunette actress became popular for being given credit in movies like Blade Runner, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, and Dune. She also had a fair share of misfits which took a toll on her life and career.

Sean once had to go through alcohol rehabilitation after a severe case of indulgence in alcohol. As she needs to focus on getting better she lost some projects that dented her good financial standing. She was featured on the TV Show “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” where she revealed her tough journey to the public. Today, she is still very active as an actress and has just reprised her role as Rachael in the recent Blade Runner movie. Although she had some troubles in the past, she looks radiant and youthful these days.

Honor Blackman – Age: 94 Years

With a career that dates as far back as to the 1940s, Honor Blackman was regarded as a Hollywood veteran, especially in the acting arena. She was known to have debuted her acting career in the movie Fame is the Spur, and was later featured in movies like The Virgin, The Square Peg, A Night to Remember, and The Gypsy. Her role, however, in the British espionage TV series “The Avengers” as Cathy Gale helped her gain more popularity.

Her best credit as an actress was for playing the Bond girl in Goldfinger as Pussy Galore. This year, at the ripe age of 94, Honor Blackman said farewell to us, and she was yet again praised for her extraordinary beauty, brains, and physical prowess she showed in life and her career in and outside of the industry. She is well remembered not only for her great acting but also how she aged gracefully and beautifully.

Marcia Clark – Age: 67 Years

Although she only had a few roles to her name, Marcia Clark is better known as a TV producer and correspondent, but above it all, she is a respected attorney. Motivated by the mistreatment she endured at a very tender age, she pursued a career in law. Marcia was the lead prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson murder case trial, and it was probably one of her most notable cases.

As an actress, she has had a few acting roles but the most notable amongst them is playing the role of Sidney Barns in the TV series, “Pretty Little Liars”. It is undeniable that Marcia is a jack-of-all trades; she has talents, beauty and brains. At the age of 67 years old, the actress still manages to look younger than her age, despite her legal cases and film projects in tow. Now, many of us wonder how much of her earnings go to her beauty and obviously effective skin routine.

Sherilyn Fenn – Age: 55 Years

Sherilyn Fenn gained popularity in the 90s after her role in the popular TV series, “Twin Peaks”. Then, she was featured in several movies after, such as in Rude Awakening, Of Mice and Men, and Wild at Heart. Sherilyn recently played a role in the TV crime-drama series, “S.W.A.T.”, and is reportedly to feature in the movie Something About Her.

There’s no doubt that the actress’ outstanding work rating made her earn more and consequently made her credit report excellent. She must thank not only her good acting skills but also her gorgeous face. At her age now, she still looks stunning as she was before and her glow is undeniably youthful. Keeping in mind all the future projects in line, she is set to manage and retain her laudable physique. Also, we doubt that she’d ever need to try surgery, and we sure do hope it won’t come to that.

Loretta Swit – Age: 83 Years

Winning two Emmy awards as far back in the ’70s, Loretta Swit has proven herself a star and veteran in the Hollywood entertainment industry. She won two Emmy awards and given credit for her role as Major Margaret “Hot lips” Houlihan in the TV series “M*A*S*H”. In 1996, Loretta also took part in the movie Forest Warrior which was a commercial success. Interestingly, she stepped away from the spotlight after these hit projects.

She has recently started pushing for a career in theatre and has already been featured in several productions, among which her most recent is the play “Six Dance Lesson in Six Weeks”. With her comeback, it was noticeable how she still looked so amazing despite her age—not that she did not age at all, but her elegance and her sheer youth is very much intact. We then wonder what her secret is to look this good.

Kim Basinger – Age: 66 Years

Despite being over 60 years old, Kim Basinger’s stunning look favored her to score sultry roles such as Elena Lincoln, former lover of Christian Grey in Fifty Shades Darker. Kim’s seemingly tight face has sparked rumors from several quarters about undergoing cosmetic surgery. Although the former model has not officially reacted to these rumors, everyone else is waiting for her to share her skincare secret specially her fitness routine.

Kim gained popularity from her modeling career in the 1970s after which she started a career in acting to boost her fame and also her monetary investments. Some of her most memorable works include From Here To Eternity and Hard Country. She also got featured in L.A. Confidential, which won her an Academy Award in the Best Supporting Actress category. She was also praised for her performance in the high-grossing film Batman in 1982 which she played the part of Vicki Vale. Kim truly had an incredible career in Hollywood, and we’re not surprised.

Lea Thompson – Age: 59 Years

The irony of Lea Thompson as a young adult in her 20s is that she was told that wearing make-up made her appear older. But now, nearing her 60s, Lea looks more youthful than ever. Perhaps her most memorable role would be in the movie Back To The Future where she played Lorraine Baines McFly – mother of the lead character, Marty McFly.

Her career was at its peak moments way back in the 1980s and the 1990s but she never took a break or lay-low from the spotlight. Although she is not landing big roles, she seems to be busy taking roles relentlessly both on the big screen and in TV shows. Her longest-running TV Show to date is “Switched at Birth” which ran from 2011 to 2017. As for her beauty routine, there are unconfirmed rumors about Lea using Botox injections, which should not be a problem since she can clearly afford them given her net worth and size of her investments.

Claudia Wells – Age: 54 Years

Claudia Wells is one of the stars in the movie Back to the Future. As a matter of fact, her role as Jennifer Park in the film gave her a big break that boosted her acting career. However, upon discovering that her mother was diagnosed with cancer, she took the time out to look after her mother. Certainly, her earnings from acting and their insurance helped settle the bills and afforded her mother the best treatment during this period.

She was also able to put up a clothing business which probably helped her keep afloat during her hiatus in Hollywood. The actress went back to the big screen in 2008 where she played Laura Harper in Still Water Burns. She also voiced her former role, Jennifer Park in the video game adaptation of Back to the Future. Despite her hiatus, Claudia Managed to preserve her slim figure and glorious profile. She must’ve kept a good beauty routine to look like this now.

Rebecca De Mornay – Age: 61 Years

Who would have thought that the gorgeous Rebecca De Mornay already crossed her 61st year of existence? For those who are not in the loop, she’s one of Hollywood’s premier talents, especially during the 1980s. She received a massive breakthrough in the 1983 film Risky Business which she co-starred with Tom Cruise. After that, success followed her and made her a box-office superstar.

As expected, her credit report reflected the fame and fortune she got from acting and was never considered by banks as having high risk. She’s still active in the industry and was last seen in various series a couple of months ago. To date, she was a cast member of the hit series “Lucifer” in which she plays the part of Penelope Decker, mom of Chloe Decker, where she looks incredibly great by the way. She sports the character of a youthful and glowing vibe suitable of a Hollywood famous actress.

Cheryl Ladd – Age: 69 Years

Cheryl Ladd started as an aspiring music star, but her role in Charlie’s Angels cemented her into the limelight. She is now a well-known actress who also authored and published a children’s book in 1996. Her multiple skillset enabled her to gain good financial standing who probably would never go bankrupt.

Cheryl was still studying for her college degree when she started her acting career, but that didn’t stop her from reaching for her goals. The blonde beauty is set to be one of the most beautiful women in their late 60s that we have seen, with her flawless skin and enduring attractiveness. Even though we do not know yet if she had some work done, we have to say that it is very impressive of her to look this great at her age. We hope that she will soon share her beauty and life secret in aging beautifully and gracefully.

Laura San Gia Como – Age: 57 Years

Laura San Giacomo is best known for her roles as Maya Gallo in NBC’s “Just Shoot Me”, and Kit De Luca in the highly successful movie Pretty Woman. The American actress recently turned 57, but her beauty remains timeless. She is yet to reveal her secret in maintaining her beauty but we assume that living a healthy lifestyle is one of the keys. She was said to be able to mother her new baby and film at the same time during her time in “Just Shoot Me”. Thinking about it, she must have been watching her health closely to be able to work two tiring jobs. If anything at all, she appears more graceful now and has successfully achieved her momentum between her careers in TV and film.

Despite being an active cast member of “NCIS” and “Animal Kingdom”, Laura managed to appear in the movie Honey Boy which was released in 2019, upping her credit score and net worth while keeping her in the fans’ radar at the same time.

Pauley Perrette – Age: 51 Years

There’s no denying it: 51-year-old Pauley Perrette looks amazing for her age, even when bare-faced. Her remarkable green eyes and amazing tight skin makes her a standout as ever. She is one of those women who can step out of bed and head outside without the need to put on any make-up. The famed phrase nowadays “woke up like this” must be meant for her.

Starting in Hollywood from the ABC’s Afterschool Specials, the Louisiana-born actress then accepted several small roles in movies afterward. Her big break came in 2003 when she starred in the TV Series, “NCIS”, earning her some recognition and increasing her fan base. She played her part pretty well making her character a real stand out among others. We are almost sure that with her successful career and fat paycheck, Pauley must have installed a reliable home security system to make sure she has the privacy she deserves.

Salma Hayek – Age: 54 Years

Salma Hayek is one of the actresses who seem to have it all: a wealthy husband worth over $20 billion, an enviable career, high credit score, a beautiful skin that defies ages, and a body to die for. Even if she is in her 50s, she seems to be younger and was able to play sexy and alluring roles. Her face doesn’t seem to age as she still looks exactly decades ago.

On the secret to her captivating beauty, Salma recommends cleaning the face just once daily — for instance, using a cleanser in the evening should be enough for the next 24 hours. She also uses coconut oil on her face, and even though she can afford any kind of skin regimen she desires, Salma has chosen to keep it simple. This seems to be a trend that is worth jumping on, seeing its effect on many people who claim that it works for them.

Linda Kozlowski – Age 62

Back in the early 1980s, actress Linda Kozlowski stole the spotlight with her stunning looks, charming smile, and visibly outstanding talent. Coming fresh with a degree from Juilliard School, she started her acting career by playing in Broadway productions. She slowly made her way towards the mainstream scene and never looked back since.

In the hit action-comedy film Crocodile Dundee, her role as Sue Charlton brought her a Golden Globe Best Supporting Actress nomination and where she met her husband, Paul Hogan. Linda revisited her role in the film’s sequel in 1986, where she showcased her fit body, and did the last installment of the franchise in 2001. It was also said to be her last film as she retired from acting the same year citing her need to focus on health. Seeing her pictures nowadays, despite being out of the spotlight, she seems pretty young and fit for a 62-years old woman.

Bo Derek – Age: 63 Years

Bo Derek was introduced to the world of Hollywood by her late husband, actor-director John Derek. The beautiful actress was stunning enough to be noticed by everyone. She came to prominence in the 1970s and is best known for her performance in the romantic comedy film, 10. She also starred in Ghost Can Do It, a film directed by her husband. When Bo semi-retired from acting, she still accepted occasional TV and film appearances.

Outside show business, she is seen as a horse enthusiast and volunteers to advocate for wounded veterans. Now at 63, how does Bo maintain her beauty after all these years? Well, she gives credit to her sunscreen and facial moisturizer for doing the job. She also follows a flexitarian diet and does open-water swimming to keep her body healthy and in perfect shape. She seems to be doing well despite being off-cam and not actively earning from acting.

Elin Nordegren – Age: 40 Years

For Elin Nordegren, life begins at 40, as can be seen in her lifestyle and her ever gorgeous demeanor. She may not be a superstar but Elin is well known for her high-profile life as former wife of professional golfer Tiger Woods and is now in a relationship with ex-NFL player Jordan Cameron. In addition to her portfolio, she holds a degree in psychology and worked as a model. As the wife of a famous athlete, she must be well advised to keep up with them not only with managing finances, but also in maintaining good physique.

The blonde beauty maintains her svelte figure by paying attention to her diet and exercise routine. Despite having 3 kids she must have put priority on her health as she makes time to train and exercise even with a busy schedule as such she also trains for triathlons. Elin regularly goes to the gym, and it is evident with her toned body! To many ladies, Elin has become what we call our “fitspiration.”

Gwen Stefani – Age: 51 Years

If you could point to one woman in her 50s, who seems to have stopped aging, look no further than Gwen Stefani. The versatile singer and The Voice star is stunning the screen with her flawless, wrinkled-free face and slender body. Apart from having a good relationship in her life, she is also open in sharing her beauty secret to the public. She’s even happy to share her skincare secrets through her online classes and social media posts.

Gwen has repeatedly stated that the secret to her flawless skin is “staying out of the sun”. For the actress, nothing is as important as wearing sunscreen to protect herself from the sun’s harmful UV rays which damages the skin and then equates to lines and premature aging. This seems to have done wonders for her. A lot of women have adopted her skincare process, and there are countless testimonials about its effectiveness. Way to go, Gwen!

Debbie Rowe – Age: 62 Years

Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson were married for about three years in the 1990s, and their union produced two children, Paris and Prince. We can say that Debbie’s association with MJ is probably what she is best known for. Before they were married, though, Debbie’s life was all about her work at the dermatology office where MJ would usually get his vitiligo treatment and her natural beauty struck Jackson. In 1996, the couple welcomed their first child and decided to get married the same year. Their union, however, did not last for long, but Debbie and MJ maintained a good relationship until his passing.

Not much is heard about her lately and we wonder how she is doing. Her recent pictures show that she still looks the same despite her sickness and her life’s whirlwind mishaps. We do hope that she gets well soon. For sure her health insurance company would cover the necessary costs of treatment.

Samantha Fox – Age: 54 Years

British singer, songwriter, and actress Samantha Fox is also a former glamour model who wowed people back in the 1980s. She took her shot to fame at the young age of 16 and eventually became the most popular pin-up girl of her era. Sam was also the most photographed British girl of the decade. However, more than the skin and body she publicly showed, her endearing looks made her a sight to see.

In an interview she had with The Sun back in 2018, the former model spoke about how reality TV shows had put pressure on young girls to go under the knife. She firmly shared that she still likes to keep her look as natural as possible. We have to say that it is so powerful and inspiring to hear from a famous glamour girl dedicated to going all-natural. For sure, with her early success, she did well to put some of her earnings into investments that she can benefit from today.

Brooke Shields – Age: 55 Years

Brooke Shields is one of the child stars who have been consistent in the industry over the years – transitioning from a child actor to one of Hollywood’s iconic personalities. She started acting when she was 12 years old and took a break to pursue her degree at Princeton University. The time eventually came for her to resume in her acting career. Since she left college, Brooke has shown the industry how she had grown a lot.

The actress has appeared in several TV series, including “Lipstick Jungle” and “That 70s Show”. It is quite fascinating that she can maintain her youthful looks and vibrancy after all these years. The 55-year-old lady seems to keep her signature smile and appeal even to this date. She claims this is mostly due to her vegan diet, her derma, and by drinking lots of water. Indeed, no one can deny the many benefits of drinking enough water daily!

Melissa Sue Anderson – Age: 58 Years

Melissa Sue Anderson made her mark on Hollywood as the star of NBC’s “Little House on the Prairie”. The actress started her career at a pretty young age and managed to maintain a good job to date. While she was still fresh on the Hollywood scene, her popularity grew in leaps and bounds. She has lived a seemingly drama-free life free of substance – no wonder she looks so graceful even at 58 years old!

While the Canadian-American actress’ skincare routine remains a mystery to all of us, it’s evident that whatever she is doing, it works, and she should keep at it. As far as we know, her credit report is sparkling clean, and we are sure that she takes her finances seriously. We can’t wait for an interview of her telling her secret on how to evade signs of aging and see her on the screen more often.

Kristy McNichol – Age: 58 Years

Kristy McNichol is one of the most talented individuals in Hollywood, especially during the 80s. Most people now may not recognize her name, but those who enjoyed the classic shows in that decade will undoubtedly recognize her right away. Currently, at 58 years old, the actress still shows a striking resemblance to her former glory. Even though her career was not as lengthy as what her fans hoped for as she retired in the 1990s, she always seems satisfied with the outcome.

Kristy probably doesn’t need to use her credit card to get expensive stuff to keep her happy. She must also have invested enough to keep a steady life outside the spotlight not worrying about her finances and credit limit. For sure, she’s just doing the things she enjoys and keeps her stress level in check. Her quiet and simple life right now could have been the source of her youthful glow.

Mayim Bialik – Age: 44 Years

Mayim Bialik is one of those celebrities that we have all grown to love for her best credit role yet, in the smash hit American TV series “The Big Bang Theory”. Her series character as the uber-intelligent neuroscientist Amy Farrah Fowler won the viewers’ hearts and for sure grew her fan base. No wonder why she played the role so well as aside from being a well-respected actress, Bialik is also a real-life neuroscientist and a mother of two.

Despite her busy schedule in front of and behind the camera, Mayim still manages to appear glowing and youthful. That begs the question, what type of skincare does she invest in? Mayim is a vegan, which means her diet is pretty healthy and it is evident on her skin. She may not have the doll-like appearance like other actresses in Hollywood but it is undeniable that she glows up better than anyone her age.

April Bowlby – Age: 40 Years

April Bowlby is entering her 40’s, but the actress doesn’t seem to look past 25. She is best known for her comedic roles such as Kandi in the comedy TV show, “Two and a Half Men”, where she starred alongside actor Charlie Sheen, April has also co-starred with Stacey Barret in “Drop Dead Diva”. Apart from taking minor TV roles, April has also made appearances in several big TV shows, including “How I Met Your Mother”, “CSI, CSI: New York”, and the film From Prada to Nada.

You have to admit that she does have pretty nice acting stints under her belt, and just in case you’re wondering what she does when she’s not busy acting, best to know she’s out there modeling. Her slender physique and perfect flawless face is her investment and for that reason we believe that she must be keeping tabs on beautification. And that’s why her degree of youthfulness is amazing.

Elisabeth Shue – Age: 57 Years

Elizabeth Shue is known for her contribution to the success of several movies, including The Karate Kid, Back to the Future II, and Leaving Las Vegas. She made her mark on the role she played in Back to the Future II and III as she played the role of Jennifer Park and replaced Claudia Wells for it. She won many awards, including Golden Globe, Academy Awards, and the BAFTA awards, and has been consistent over the past few years.

We are sure she has her finances under control, with no worries on home mortgage finance rates, bankruptcy or any of that sort. Until now, Elizabeth is still taking up new roles. She was on the set of the newly released movie Greyhound alongside Hollywood legend Tom Hanks and is said to rephrase her character in Karate Kid, Ali in the hit Netflix Series, “Cobra Kai”. With her earnings, she can afford any type of skincare to keep her Hollywood glow.

Lisa Bonet – Age: 52 Years

“The Cosby Show” star Lisa Bonet has grown so beautifully since playing the gorgeous cougar as Denise Huxtable in the famous NBC sitcom. Now married to Aquaman actor Jason Momoa, 12 years her junior, the 52-year old shared her secrets on maintaining her slender figure and stunning looks: It’s with no other than doing some dance!

Lisa shared her dancing prowess in an African dance class – one she’s been regularly taking for seven years. Looking at Lisa, we’re inclined to believe that dancing does wonders, whether in a studio or through online classes. Just look at how it made her look great and took years off of her. No wonder why Jason is tremendously into her. Maybe it’s time for some of us here to sign up for a session of those groovy classes too! But apart from her dance workout, we wonder what she uses to keep the lines out of her face.

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