Celebrities Who Lost The Most Weight: See Who Did It Naturally & Who Underwent A Surgery

Liz Torres – Gastric Surgery

Within the last few years, Liz Torres transformed significantly in terms of her weight. Everyone is still left baffled about her miracle, although there have been numerous speculations since she appeared on the Netflix reboot of Gilmore Girls. Many rumours have spread about the cause, with some e-news portals citing a gastric bypass surgery which must have cost a ton of investment money. But many people were confirming that Liz Torres was strict about her diet in that period. However, in her past interview’s she even mentioned that she did not follow any special diet.

Apparently, Liz simply used to ate nutritional meals as well as snacks in the early phases, while she kept herself away from processed food items like sweets, oily food, sweetened beverages, and many more. To some degree, she seems to be making great progress with her newfound self despite her facial appearance. With that, we can safely say that this issue got her a spot in the cast of the upcoming movie Chick Flick.

Ricki Lake – Fitness and diet

Ricki Lake started her professional career when she was cast in Hairspray as a 300-pound teenager. Her being overweight was so problematic that she decided to adopt the Atkins diet, costing her up to $100.52 per week. Despite its crazy price, it did the job for Lake. It became a viable investment as the actress losses over 100lbs at the age of 24. She confessed, that in that time period she wasn’t much healthy and also she keeping herself starving and at a certain time she was conk out. At the end she said that all pays off.

Thanks to this achievement she arose on the cover of US Weekly in 2007, posing in a bikini picture. Lake is also prone to quick weight-gain; she appeared a little bigger after divorcing Christian Evans. To overcome her weight issues, she signed up for a workout schedule. Lake may not have a high degree of flare for weight loss, but she certainly has the bulks for it.

Jonah Hill – Fitness and diet

To battle his increased weight, Jonah Hill chose between a gastric sleeve surgery amounting to $23,000 and a strict diet plan. After considering each option’s upsides and downsides like someone going through his credit report, he opted for the diet plan. Hill mentioned that he lost the weight just by fixing his unhealthy diet, as his nutritionist advised him what to eat and what to not for changing the routines and daily stuff.

He eventually became the jogging enthusiast and started to do routine exercising and also used to do 100 push-ups a day. And after this hustle, he recorded a tremendous weight loss. It was, indeed, a good investment for Hill. To some degree, he served to be an inspiration to all those battling with weight issues and considerably larger fans. It is unclear whether he did it for himself or for his roles, but he was committed to getting back in shape. Jonah is the living example of weight loss without any surgeries or magic pills.

Rachel Frederickson – Fitness and diet

It seems nearly every star who participated in the show The Biggest Loser is a miracle maker. Rachel Frederickson entered in the show at 260 pounds and the last night of the final she weighed in at 105 pounds, forming a show record by losing 60% of her body weight.

The season 15 winner emerged from the popular show a shadow of what she once was when she first appeared on the show. She speaks out that it was much more essential for her to get back into the shape and she gave credit to her tremendous fitness plan and diet program, which has helped her achieve not just a slimmer physique, but a healthier body as well. She probably would have felt like an investment plan that finally started making a profit. There’s no doubt everyone’s dreamed of this significant type of success.

Matthew McConaughey – Weight Loss Program

Matthew McConaughey had a reputation for his biceps and muscular packs; with such a lean appearance, it’s no wonder that this A-list celebrity hardly goes by unnoticed. His case does not at all concern weight gain but instead covers a weight loss so extreme that it made him look as hollowed out as a starved investment plan. McConaughey made the decision of making himself skinny enough for his role in the movie Dallas Buyers Club.

With the passion for acting he started eating nothing but vegetables, egg whites, fish, and tapioca pudding to lose his weight for his role as Ron Woodroof. After all, the movie became the blockbuster movie and so many people have appreciated Matthew McConaughey for this incredible change. Immediately after the movie was over, he only required a particular amount of time so that he could bring himself back to his muscular appearance.

Kelly Clarkson – Balanced nutrition

Everyone was ecstatic with the 2002 American Idol contestant Kelly Clarkson when she came out as the reality singing competition’s first winner and claimed the prize. Moving forward, her victory boosted her confidence into recording her first ever album which brought huge success. Despite these milestones in Clarkson’s career, she was not happy with her overweight appearance, and thus she decided to opt for any means possible to eliminate her excess fats.

Consequently, she registered for several online classes as well as other physical assistance programs, Clarkson embarked on a journey to a healthier body, which successfully got her almost 40 pounds less. However, during a red carpet interview with Extra at the 2018 CMT Music Awards, she disclosed that her weight loss was the outcome of a restrictive new eating plan. Apparently, its about how we make our food, non-GMO, no chemical, eating absolutely organic.

David Barner – Fitness and diet

Since he was a kid, David Barner has always shown a particular love for food. His culinary investments came in the major form of a wide selection of unhealthy comfort foods which have all contributed to him gaining a lot of weight. He was later determined to seriously lose all that extra weight loss, especially after he was confirmed to be suffering from sleep apnea and hypertension.

Therefore, Barner adopted a low-carb diet that lasted four to five days per week plus a strict fitness schedule. He even though begun to follow a strict fitness routine, which ultimately paid off because of how fit and muscular his body is. David has never been this fit, and hopefully, he’d be able to maintain his body. With his devotion to the regimen, Banner achieved a significant degree of weight loss.


The Origliasso sisters weren’t so popular until they made their big break online. Despite this fame, Jessica and Lisa didn’t feel great about their weight. Even though the duo weighed as a typical 20-year-old would, they thought to do something about it. Consequently, they opted for a stringent weight loss routine that almost destroyed their career since their unexpected weight loss only suggested that they could be addicted to drugs.

Unfortunately, this misconception cost the Origliasso sisters a large majority of their fan base. However, after this Origliasso sisters has taken to social media to deal with critics who say that twin-sister singing phenomenally are sick and encourage eating disorder because of their skinny frames. Apparently, then they revealed that their teen physiques were because of genetics and balanced nutrition. Soon, the two successfully rebuilt their reputation, following good credit scores.

Sasha Pieterse – Fitness and diet

Sasha Pieterse is yet another star who has struggled a lot with the weight. She continuously got bullied for two years at various platforms for being so overweight. However, the famous Pretty Little Liars actress explains that she gain additional 75 pounds over the period of two years, however, she wasn’t having the clue why it happening. She was eventually diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a hormonal unevenness with symptoms involving uneven periods, infertility, and yes, weight increase.

Once she came to know about this medical situation, she became vocal about it and encouraged every sufferer to embrace who they are, regardless of how hard it could be. Unlike other celebrities who didn’t know which method to take, Pieterse knew the perfect weight loss investment. Fortunately, her time in Dancing with the Stars helped her shed off the pounds. Halfway through the show, Pieterse lost about 37 pounds, more than half of what she gained from her condition.

Kathleen Turner – Strictly DIET

At about 30 years into her acting career, Kathleen Turner was shocked to see herself gain so much weight. Despite her weight gain, however, she did not consider undergoing surgery or extreme weight loss option. She was later diagnosed with arthritis and osteoporosis, which can be linked to the excess weight of the human body. Usually the bones could not support the body’s rapid increase of weight so muscle pain, bone strain, even nerve damages happen.

After the diagnosis, Kathleen adopted a weight loss routine and changed her lifestyle habits; an investment towards her health. Her reduction strategy was based on a strict diet coupled with a healthy lifestyle without that much vice. The actress regained her confidence and her desired weight which put her career back on track. Little did she know that what she needed was a little time to invest on a little weight loss hassle to boost her self-esteem.

Snooki – Fitness and diet

Snooki was never concerned about her weight until she gave birth to her first child, causing her a high degree of weight gain. Giving birth varies from woman to woman. Some new mothers tend to restore their old body back naturally and effortlessly. For some, the weight seems harder to lose. Snooki knew she had to work extra hard to lose the post-partum weight gain.

Everyone thought that her credit report and history of plastic surgery would have influenced her to go for a cosmetic surgeon for liposuction or a gastric bypass surgery. However, Snooki was going all natural this time, quickly commencing a weight loss routine hinged on proper diet and moderate exercise. This time, her choice was priceless for anyone who goes natural in weight loss is always a winner. Her investments and decisions paid off! The star reportedly lost about 40 pounds without overspending on a surgery.

Lauren Alaina – Strict Diet

After appearing on American Idol, Lauren Alaina found herself at the peak of her career earning several accolades especially with the massive success of her debut album Wildflower. Rare are those “American Idol” alumni who would achieve a lot of recognition after the show; or from any other reality shows for that matter. We guess we could say Lauren is one of the few lucky ones.

Although the singer was not significantly overweight, she took efforts to watch her weight and make sure that she does not go over her ideal number. Lauren followed a low-carb diet which saw her drop about 25 pounds. She went even further by losing 15 more pounds. Like good investments, her hard work paid off as shown in her sleek appearance. She did not waste a single time getting back to the shape that the nation has known her by. Now, she is a sight to behold on the stage in concerts and operas.

Dr. Dre – Weight Loss Program

Dr. Dre decided to lose some of his excess weight to look healthier after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is one of the most common risks following having excess weight for some time. Luckily for Dr. Dre, he made time and jumped to a weight loss program. At 52 years old, the popular rapper has kept to a significant level of fitness and physical appearance he could be mistaken for a 40-year-old.

After Warren G saw how the weight loss changed the life of the music producer, the fellow rapper didn’t wait to be given any directions on what he should do next. What Dr. Dre did was to inspire another. With the perfect decision, Dr. Dre sure would not need an insurance company anytime soon. He was able to get back on track on his own, with the perfect combination of his determination, drive, and willingness to choose a healthier lifestyle.

Aiden Bryant – Fitness and Diet

Aiden Bryant was no devotee of the weight loss trend like her “Saturday Night Live” co-stars until she became aware of the potential health risks that her current status could cost her. Sometimes, people who experience a rapid increase in weight only needs a bit of a life challenging moment for them to wake up to the reality that they need to do something about their lifestyle as soon as possible.

Health scares often lead to good decisions. Aiden soon took no more chances to allow her weight gain to affect both her career and health. She quickly enrolled in a weight loss program that focused on both moderate dieting and exercise. Eventually, she lost 15 pounds of her excess weight and regained her curvy and sexy physique. With her smart decision and focused determination, she was smart enough to know where to place her investment money, definitely not on ill-health.

Kevin James – Strictly Diet

Kevin James is an actor well-known for his roles in “The King of Queens” as Doug Heffernan. In yet another sitcom, “Kevin Can Wait” the actor received a People’s Choice Award nomination in 2017. Did you know that in 2009 James produced a web series called “Dusty Peacock” that starred his brother, Gary Valentine? Even before webtoon series became a thing, he was already making them.

He has always been on the heavy side and like most plus size celebrities today hardly care about their appearance until they must change it. Kevin James reconsidered his weight issues after accepting a role in the movie Here Comes the Boom. He started following a protein-rich diet and exercising regularly. The actor was able to achieve his target weight that time, but quickly bounced back after the movie. We hope that he can maintain his ideal weight and keep it pristine like how one keeps their credit report.

Rikishi – Fitness and Diet

After news that the famous WWE wrestler who weighed about 425 pounds had now joined the famous Planet Fitness group broke out, everyone badly wanted to know the results of the collaboration. Fortunately, Rikishi showed a significant degree of weight loss, giving thanks to both regular fitness, especially cardio exercises, and a low-carb diet. Eating less sugar and carbohydrates is known to be the healthiest and the most effective way to shed those pounds. Sometimes, these types of diet are also known to be the fastest ones to show changes in the physical appearance of a person.

For the record, Rikishi has lost a remarkable 125 pounds of excess weight, but the wrestler hasn’t yet shown signs of slowing down. He plans to invest more time on living a much healthier lifestyle and losing more of the extra pounds. Credits to his determination that he was able to be successful in his weight loss journey.

Kelly Price – Fitness and diet

Kelly Price has been very vocal about her beliefs and it comes as no surprise given that she is after all, a gospel as well as an R&B singer. She began her music journey singing at churches as a child and the next thing, she was a background singer for Mariah Carey. Her discovery was purely by accident and was offered an on-the-spot job by the CEO of Sony Columbia then, Tommy Mottola. At one point, Kelly had to ask her attorneys to file a suit against a church for using her song without permission.

Meanwhile, the singer’s weight loss story was a rather complicated one, but judging by the changes the star who weighed about 300 pounds before had undergone, some divine intervention as well some of her own efforts tracing back to her eating habits and fitness have all obviously helped. She reportedly regained her self-esteem while she was on weight rehabilitation.

 Janelle Brown – Fitness and diet

Since appearing in the reality show “Sister Wives”, Janelle Brown had been considerably overweight. Being a public figure, this caused some talk and bashing. What she did was to reinvent herself by losing weight and transforming to a new look. After a few years of healthy nutrition and regular exercise, she managed to lose the extra pounds. Brown didn’t do this alone. She made sure she kept all her fans regularly updated through her blog.

Nowadays that we have social media, connecting with fans has become easier. It was also her way of being accountable for her weight loss. The blogs also served as an inspiration to many people – to achieve what their idols was able to do. Also, since she published some top-notch works like her book Watch Me Disappear, she has been given credit as one of the New York Times’ bestselling authors. She’s now a leading journalist often featured in lists of leading publications around the world today.

Theresa Caputo – Fitness and diet

Theresa Caputo is best known for her reality TV series, Long Island Medium. She is a psychic and was raised and born in New York. Her show is long-running, having started back in 2011. Apart from doing TV work, she is also an author who published two books. The medium was accused of being a fraud by many and her claims were said to be untrue.

To take her story from an inspirational point of view, Theresa struggled with being overweight for quite a long time before outright declaring her will to fight against any more weight gain. She told her fans online about her tremendous change of heart and that she would do something to reach her ideal weight. In her case, proper nutrition and regular exercise did wonders for her. After following her routine as well as every instruction written out in her rather meticulous plan, Theresa lost about 30 pounds, credits to her perseverance.

Tyra Banks – Fitness and diet

Tyra Banks once rocked her past overweight self without worry. However, looking at the retired model now, she seems to have changed her plan; she’s lost about 30 pounds, earning herself more time on the catwalk. She revealed in a Shape Magazine interview that she didn’t care about the extra pounds, daring not to exercise at all. She later became concerned when her condition seemed threatened her career, so she thought to hire a personal trainer and nutritionist regardless of this investment’s demanding status.

Just like an insurance company, good nutrition counseling is necessary for all celebrities. Tyra is living proof that even supermodels can stay out of shape. Being one of the most famous personalities in the modeling world, she continues to inspire so many women around the world. Even with her previous weight gain, she still remains an inspiration. She could easily be compared to fellow supermodel Chrissy Teigen; both being good examples when it comes to their lifestyle and health.

Miranda Lambert – Fitness and diet

Miranda Lambert is a popular country singer who had been fortunate enough to have been born with her God-given talent of singing and songwriting. She had once been the wife of fellow country music contemporary Blake Shelton, but their marriage failed to last prompting the two to hire lawyers to settle their divorce.

Probably as a means for the country star to rehabilitate herself from her recent divorce, she signed up for a flexible weight control program that doesn’t really sound so strict. Instead of crying and writing sad songs, Lambert decided to focus on a more productive decision that would affect her life and career. Through her own personal determination, with some feeding therapy, Lambert lost up to 25 pounds of her excess pounds. Lambert was always on a bigger side when it comes to body shapes and sizes. Now, she appears to be fit than she ever was her entire career.

Jennifer Ellison – Strictly diet

Jennifer Ellison is another celebrity who has lost weight in a more positive way—by following a strict diet regimen. Ellison decided to quickly grab the opportunity and invest her time and will to something that would not only make her feel good about herself, but also, to make her a lot healthier. If you have watched reruns of “The Brookside” you would realize that Jennifer had not always been on the big side. She was rather slim when she joined that show then.

Luckily, her efforts yielded the results she wanted proving all her online bashers wrong. Making the choice to cope with a strict nutritional plan is not a joke, but like a lawyer who persevered to pass the bar, Jennifer was able to achieve what she knew would benefit her health in the long run. The bashers only served as a further motivation. What she was excited about was that after her weight loss journey, she got pregnant again!

Anthony Anderson – Fitness and diet

Anthony Anderson was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, a condition that can sometimes lead to giving up about losing weight, but it can also lead to striving for a healthier lifestyle. Anderson’s case is the latter. People with great motivation can easily get away from any weight related condition and, at the same time, regain their confidence by looking better. It’s a win-win. Anthony decided to invest his time in losing weight right away.

The celebrity chef soon realized that it was high time for him to put an end to his many bad eating habits. Like many celebrities, Anderson adopted a healthy diet and supported it with consistent a consistent fitness regimen. He soon reportedly lost about 47 pounds of excess weight and gained a much healthier appearance. We can even add that he was wise enough to decide on the right investment. Putting priority on health could never go wrong.

Michael Moore – Weight Loss Spa 

Unfortunately, some celebrities find it hard to practice a proper diet along with fitness for weight loss. The diet with exercise plans can be such a burden. Diet alone can be a struggle to those who are not used to eating less, or giving up their favorite foods to binge. Exercise, on the other hand, makes people think of ways no to hit the gym. The positive effects of exercising however could not be discounted. Given a degree of perseverance, a trip to the gym would not be wasted at all.

Despite this, Michael chose not to fret due to other more modern weight control methods. These modernized trends may not send you into bankruptcy, but it can burn a nasty hole in your pockets. Thank goodness Michael was up to the task. He quickly opted for a weight loss spa, spending up to $4,500 weekly for the plan. From the looks of it, his investments paid off!

Charles Barkley – Fitness and diet

Athletes have the most discipline in maintaining weight than any other celebrities. Aside from that, they have the most expectations from fans as well; these factors contribute to the pressure of being a celebrity athlete. For Charles Barkley, the pressure is doubled as he was an 11-tiome NBA All-Star and must keep fit. At his fittest, the basketball star weighed 114 kilograms, which was alright for his 6’6” height.

For a sports star like him, choosing the right recovery steps sounded sensible. He wanted to restore the physique that led to him to success, and, at the same time, the skills which the world has seen him perform. Weight gain got in the way of all that. With fitness training and proper diet, Barkley was back and ready. It was a matter of regaining lost confidence, like the confidence one would have by installing a home security system to keep your home safe.

Britney Spears – Fitness and diet

The music icon also made the list of celebrities who struggled with weight gain. According to her, emotional disturbance and depression played a part in her gaining extra pounds. We all know that the princess of pop went through a lot in life – from her love affairs to her parents to her managers and fans.

As a result, she noticed more weight gain and decided to opt for a solution. Perhaps this is due to Britney’s lack of interest in getting out from where she’s stuck in life. Later on, Spears signed up for a fitness routine, and as expected, she regained that sleek and beautiful appearance that people loved about her. In short, nothing beats the expression of determinism in the pursuit of a goal. More so, for the singer, fitness was just the right insurance needed for her career. She invested her time to eat healthier choices of foods and working out. She now has an athletic, muscular body and decided to spread positivity on her social media accounts.

Jason Segel – Fitness and diet

Jason Segel earned his fame from his appearance in the beloved sitcom How I Met Your Mother. Everyone who saw the series talked about him and the other cast members with enthusiasm. Like other celebrities, Segel didn’t care about all that extra weight until he accidentally came across a picture of him shot by his assistant. Since that day, he did a whole 180° turn on his weight issue and quickly took to proper nutrition and regular fitness; credits to his assistant because it helped him make a choice to look healthier.

Segel’s fame and fortune are also factors of his rapid weight changes; nonetheless, these things are somewhat the reasons behind his choice of a healthier lifestyle too. Segel had a great contribution with his quirky character to the hit show “HIMYM”. He was just waiting for a wakeup call for him to realize that he should start investing his time less on eating and more on shedding those extra pounds.

Sherri Shepherd – Fitness and diet

Sherri Shepherd seemed to top anyone who didn’t care about weight. She ate as carelessly as someone with a loaded credit card splurging on vacation. However, she changed her mind when she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Realizing her need for a weight loss she opted for regular exercise and a proper diet, eventually losing about 40 pounds, thanks to consistency.

Nowadays, she no longer needs her diabetes medication. Sherri used nutrition and diet to improve herself and take on her health challenges. Her recovery was somewhat considered a miracle, but then again, miracles don’t often work themselves, they require hard work and motivation, and of course, spirit. Sherri used to be one of those people who preferred to not mind all the body shamers and decided to splurge on food, perhaps keeping in mind the tag line that “life is short”. She probably started believing the tagline that “health is wealth” and therefore made an investment.

Penn Jillette – Fitness and diet

The race to healthier weight recovery hardly slows down for anyone. The news that Penn Jillette enrolled in a weight loss program to improve his body’s immunity against cardiovascular diseases dumbfounded everyone. Well, it seems that even good money management still has the possibility of failure on a particularly bad day! Anyway, the popular magician’s choice wasn’t a surprise that time as he quickly signed up for the right diet and regular fitness.

With consistency, he lost 100 pounds of excess weight. It looks like this choice is enough insurance for his health in the years to come. What Penn did was not pure magic, he managed to cope up with his weight by investing his time to more discipline and self-control. Weight loss programs are often very successful to people who are one hundred percent committed and willing to improve themselves. His decision did not only make him healthier, it also made him more attractive. That’s a win-win situation.

Pauline Quirke – Fitness and diet

For those who remember the movie Birds of A Feather, could agree that Pauline Quirke’s career skyrocketed after her appearance there. More so, her own weight was affected just as dramatically, but the actress knew not to take her chances and made a great degree of effort. She quickly adopted proper dieting and exercise instead of paying for a surgery. After exerting much needed efforts, she shrunk down to a size 12, a massive improvement as opposed to previously being a size 28.

Pauline is considered to be one of the celebrities who lost the most weight, with sixteen sizes down, she is now on her way to saying goodbye to the plus size section and shopping at the curvy section for good. She admitted on an interview that this was one of the best decisions she has ever made her whole life. Who would not feel accomplished after experiencing what she went through, right?

Renée Zellweger – Strictly Diet

Renée Zellweger’s story is one that is full of adventure. The brave actress made a decision that most celebrities would probably never dare to. Due to her starring role in the Bridget Jones film franchise, Renée decided to pack on a couple more pounds to be a better fit for the job. When the series ended, she enrolled herself in a weight loss program to restore her natural physique. Like the help that every client hopes for from a good financial advisor, her nutritionist advised her to take the right path of strict dieting which paid off.

On one episode of Oprah, fans gushed at the actress seeing how tiny the Bridget Jones star got after only a few months of dieting. She is one of the most versatile actresses of all time, she once appeared on a red carpet looking too thin that fans were worried how they almost did not recognize her. The actress has also been working hard as evidenced by winning an Oscar portraying the role of the legendary Judy Garand in the film Judy.

Kate Winslet  – Strictly Diet

Adopting the conventional diet and fitness routine for the purpose of losing weight requires a lot of time and hard work. According to Kate Winslet, she remarked that she had a hard time coping with her weight loss efforts in line with her projects. She also disclosed that she had to depend on a strict diet and extra exercises before the results started to show.

Being hailed as one of the best actresses of all time, credits to her undying classic film Titanic, Kate joked during one red carpet interview that her body changed after Titanic. But it’s not what people think. She said that Leo is now a lot bigger compared to his body when they were doing the movie and she is now on the thinner side when she was supposed to be the chubby one. This proves that the award winning actress has a body that easily adopts and shifts to whatever size she aims it would be.

Robbie Williams – Fitness and diet

Robbie Williams was a clear hit with the ladies. Things later turned sour for the singer as he began to notice his weight gain. This development cost Robbie his physical charm, so he decided to ask for help as a client would plan a visit to an attorney. He was advised to take part in a weight loss routine. He combined proper nutrition, fitness and a little bit of yoga.

With some amount of added dedication and time, the handsome musician reclaimed his moxie. During one of Taylor Swifts Red album concert, Robbie appeared as a surprise guest star and fans could not help but shout in excitement. This proves that Robbie, being the heartthrob that he always was, still has not lost his touch. He sang his huge hit Angels with Swift, while wearing a tight fitted jeans and a custom made dark t-shirt drawing more reactions from the crowd.

Sara Rue – Fitness and diet

For those who watched the shows Less Than Perfect and Shedding for the Wedding, you may have already heard about Sara Rue. The actress also had her fair share of weight issues. Sarah didn’t waste any more time away when she went to see a nutritionist like a company on the brink of bankruptcy in need of a capable financial advisor. She quickly took the right weight reduction plan for her that mainly followed the right diet for her as well as regular fitness.

Her efforts yielded the desired results. Her time and effort paid off after the vivid results of her weight loss. It seems she also had a great time shredding those extra pounds. She was also the one who said that weight management could be fun depending on how one uses their time to accomplish it. In her case, and by how happy she looked on her recent public appearances, we couldn’t agree more.

Valerie Bertinelli – Fitness and diet

Valerie Bertinelli gained her popularity thanks to her role in the movie Hot in Cleveland. The star actress relished in her effortless climb to the top of her career until she started gaining weight. In 2007, Valerie became overweight, causing unnecessary hassle to her professional career. She decided to sign up for a weight loss schedule that combined healthy nutrition and exercise. The actress so far has made a significant degree of physical transformation. Not only was her weight a burden to carry, it was also a burden to her mental and emotional stability.

Being told by managers, fans, and even loved ones that she gained a significant amount of weight is never easy. It is painful and puts on a lot of pressure. Thankfully for Valerie, she did not crack; instead, this became her motivation in deciding that things need to change fast. She invested her time in the best way, stealing back her old sexy looks which originally brought her to stardom. And now, more than ever, she is ready to have that praises in the limelight back.

 Jimmy Kimmel – Strictly DIET

Jimmy Kimmel’s case proved to be a slightly unconventional one since he apparently needed a quick and easy way to shed some weight without having to endure some meticulously-planned fitness regimen. In the end, the late night TV show host opted for calorie deprivation; this is a type of a fad diet that requires the drastically reduced intake of food close to starvation.

Although his weight loss investment paid off, we discourage you on medical grounds from ever trying this at home! Tad diets, skipping meals, or even intermittent diets that are being done the extreme wrong way are huge risk factors of having negative effects on someone’s health. Kimmel might have ended up being a lot worse instead of better, but, fortunately for him it worked. We can only hope that the famous talk show host will not do anything like this to himself again, no matter the pressure.

 Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne has dealt with a lot of issues. Besides being overweight, the TV personality constantly faced cyberbullying. After being diagnosed with Lyme disease along with constant seizures, she grew tired of her situation. She chose to put an end to the backlash by seeking the right solution, signing up for a weight loss program which she followed strictly. She surprised herself by losing over 70 pounds without making a huge dent on her investments.

Many people were inspired by her weight loss journey especially since it was complicated by the presence of Lyme disease. Other people who have Lyme disease find it difficult to handle everyday tasks but, Kelly makes it look easy. She definitely invested on a more positive attitude and got back up on her feet in wanting to feel good about herself. Now, with her new image, Kelly is rocking sexy outfits in events and photographs everywhere.

Drew Carey – Fitness and diet

Drew Carey did not seem to take his weight gain so seriously until he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes mellitus. This put an end to his “joke” of a weight gain and allowed the popular comedian to realize that he needed to start thinking about an increasing the insurance cover for his health. Although he had been advised to go for a gastric bypass surgery, Drew chose to lose weight through regular exercise and a strict diet. Presently, his efforts have earned him the praise of many. What Drew did was very impressive as he chose the difficult route of diet and exercise.

Carey was one the celebrities who took their weight to the spotlight as an asset and seemed to have enjoyed the fact that instead of being bashed for it, they found an excuse to gain humor and admirers through it. He also used to be one of the famous people who never would have gone for a healthier lifestyle choice if it were for their outside appearance alone.

FERGIE – Fitness and diet

Fergie surprised everyone like only increased mortgage rates ever could with an increased rate of weight gain. Well, she did not have a choice given the “bun in the oven” that she had. When the hip-hop star could not take any more of the fuss over her weight, she decided to follow a 1,200-calorie diet by Carrie Wiatt. Fergie followed the plan with determination and hard work, and within a matter of months, she lost about 20 pounds of her excess weight and then tried the more generous 1,60-calorie diet.

Being pregnant was a tricky time for Fergie, and we believe we are speaking for all the women out there. Having the excess weight during and after pregnancy is quite common. In Fergie’s case, it was a lot more remarkable than the others. With the help of her then husband Josh Duhammel and her own willingness to pursue a healthier lifestyle, the Black Eyed Peas singer accomplished her goal: a return to her gorgeous physique.

Jojo – Strictly DIET

Jojo began her professional foray into music during her early teenage years. When she was 17 years old, she already secured a mega investment deal with a top recording company. Being a budding star with great talent potential, her record label understood how important health and insurance were to Jojo as she was later placed on an HCG diet which allowed her only 500 calories intake daily.

This investment plan may not have made Jojo the sexy lady that she deserves to be. Jojo will always be known as one of the few stars who have achieved so much in their career at a very early age. We are guessing there is a downside to all of the early stages of rapid fame as well.. After she took a hiatus in music taking back what’s hers after a long battle with her old label, Jojo had a self-titled documentary where she revealed that she was forced to take as many pills in a day to lose her appetite. She rose above many challenges though, which is admirable.

Joel Ortiz – Fitness and diet

Joel Ortiz’s career remarkably blossomed in 2014 after losing 50 pounds. This was when the tides began to roll in his favor. Like everyone who follows a proper diet up with regular exercise, his healthier physique appeared to have shot the rapper up from nothing to being the envy of everyone around him. Had he known that weight loss would have such a significant effect on his career, as small business loans would when used appropriately, he surely would have started his weight loss program a long time ago.

Joel is one of the few artists whose larger physique did not seem to bother him or his fans that much. Being active on social media though, he has to make sure that he becomes a good example to his fans. He has a huge following on both Instagram and Facebook who would love to hear about how he successfully lost all those pounds and went back to a healthy weight.

David Styles – Fitness and diet

The impressive muscular body of David Styles did not happen until only a short time ago. The transformation story of the famous rapper started at the time that he began to develop a keen interest in his home finance, diet, and fitness. The founder of D-Block Records in turn opted for a low-carb diet that included a healthy combination of fruits and vegetables. In the long run, his decision to focus his lifestyle on his manner of healthy living through a proper diet and exercise paid him well off like someone making a good investment profit.

We admire these celebrities who are not at all ashamed to admit how much they used to weigh and are constantly reliving those moments. David does the same thing, he does not let people forget his journey to losing weight. He believes that losing weight is an accomplishment and a moment of pride. By the looks of it we couldn’t agree more as it proved he had grit and determination.

Teairra Mari – Fitness and diet

Teairra Mari was an amazing sight until alcohol addiction and poor nutrition worked against her physical investments. Her weight gain shocked her a lot, so in a manner of self-recovery, she embarked on a weight loss program. Like bad loans that could sink a moving company, her chronic alcohol addiction and poor nutrition weren’t helping her objective. Mari struggled to lose some pounds through regular exercise and proper nutrition.

The dancer tried to get rid of alcohol in her system. As many know, too much alcohol intake and smoking are the main causes of obesity. Aside from her career in music, Teairra Mari also engaged in movies, TV shows, and the fashion industry. She has made significant improvements in living a healthier lifestyle and many sure appreciate the singer for that. The Lottery Ticket actress now has a huge following on social media which is a testament to her being back in the game.

Jack Black – Fitness and diet

Jack Black hardly cared about his weight gain even after gaining stardom. In case you don’t know him, he is one of the actors in the movies High Fidelity and School of Rock. The actor suddenly found himself motivated by the physical transformation of his former colleague and industry contemporary Kyle Glass. Jack didn’t waste any more time when he followed through a weight loss strategy including a low-carb diet and intense fitness. It was difficult, but the actor persevered.

Even though bloggers felt that his weight loss might have been the work of diet pills, his diet and fitness routine deserve all the credit for his transformation. Jack, famous for his fuller figure jokes and roles, decided that he would start to invest his time on a healthier lifestyle especially that he is getting older. He knows that as a YouTube influencer, he has to look good not only physically but also act as a role model for his followers.

Bruce Vilanch – Surgery

Having tried a variety of weight loss methods to no avail, Bruce Vilanch decided to redirect his investment money towards surgery. His decision appeared to have paid off with some reasonable amount of weight loss, but the success of his surgical operations was not meant to last for an eternity.

Due to his love for food, Bruce took only a short amount of time to gain back a lot of the weight that he had already lost. The famous actor is now 68 years old, and he can only do so much more about weight and a fitness schedule. Most people who invested on surgery as a form of weight loss have short-lived success. Some doctors suggest slimming surgeries for people who wants to remove the excess fat quickly, but not only are they risky, they are also very expensive. Nothing really beats the time-tested proper diet and exercise to shedding excess weight.

 Debra Giovanni – Strictly DIET

Like some of the other celebrities already mentioned on this list, Debra’s 300-pound weight was initially no matter of concern. However, the comedienne reconsidered her lax attitude towards her weight after realizing the looming risk of obesity and cardiovascular diseases. In turn, she adopted a weight loss routine and restructured her amount of food intake.

Giovanni now looks lighter and healthier which is a huge improvement from her former self. In the end, her decision to lose weight was the best she did for her health. Debra has been an inspiration to many overweight teens and even older women. She starred in movies about being overweight and has portrayed roles that embody positivity in spite of the backlash most overweight people are getting. Some people say these types of projects and word spread are only romanticizing obesity in women around the world, encouraging them that it is okay to not lose weight. It can also be argued to a degree, however, that movies like these serve as wake-up calls.

Sharon Rooney – Fitness and diet

Although some sources claim that Sharon Rooney had undergone some degree of weight loss, she considers weight as a non-issue. Despite her seemingly steadfast stance on weight, the popular actress who is famous for her role in the My Mad Fat Diary TV series appears to be lighter than her former self.

There is hardly any doubt that she must have been taking some extra online classes on fitness and dieting. Even though Sharon finds weight as trivial critics and fans would say, her being a role model to the overweight society is not good at all. Telling people that it is fine to be obese is a wrong thing to do because of its bad effect on one’s health. Even so, Sharon remained silent and worked hard to prove to the world that she now chose a healthier lifestyle not only for herself but for her fans to follow her path.

Perez Hilton – Fitness and diet

The famous blogging critic and celebrity rumor-monger Perez Hilton had his share of the cake when the time was due. Bloggers belong to the society of influencers. In a short amount of time, he became a classic Hollywood example of shocking celebrity weight gain. To save his digital career, Hilton decided to take the necessary measures for weight reduction.

Bloggers and influencers have a lot of pressure in maintaining their public appearances as well; this is the key to not losing their solid fan base. He also pointed out that his weight loss was thanks to diet and exercise. For a minute, he spoke with the same conviction of a good lawyer; however, his body later manifested signs of liposuction. Either way, Hilton invested his time on a more positive way to encourage followers all over the world to stay fit, and for those who aren’t yet, now is the time to make a move.

Margo Martindale – Strictly DIET

Unlike Game of Thrones star John Bradley, Margo Martindale easily connected with her fans. She was nominated for a Tony Award and is also one of the voices behind the show BoJack Horseman. Margo has had some issues with weight gain lately. With her consistency, she now looks healthier in a body weighing 20 pounds less. Consistency is an important thing in any journey one has to take on in life. Even though sometimes we might need a little break from whatever it is that we have been focusing on so much, we still need the investment to good maintenance and the balance which combined together lead to consistency.

More so, she appears to have supported her weight reduction with the help of a low-calorie diet and reduced alcohol intake. Let’s just say her decision to invest on her health and love for her fans gave her the well-deserved breakthrough.

George Wendt – Fitness and diet

Everyone thought George Wendt turned to alcohol after his appearance in Cheers, but he gained 300 pounds because he was struggling with food addiction. Food addiction is one of the most common problems the world is facing today, especially for famous people who are constantly facing the spotlight and too much pressure.

Nowadays, the pressure to appear good on social media is ever more present. However, the actor refused to back down from losing weight as he worked on several proper nutritional habits and adopted a regular fitness schedule. With his zealous attitude, he managed to lose 75 pounds of excess weight and a healthier physical appearance. George also noted that there is still much work to be done. The actor is not giving up until he makes his desired investment turnover. Looks like his time invested in being fit paid off, and in a healthy manner at that. What a bonus!

Eric Stonestreet – Weight Loss Program

Eric Stonestreet was a fan of fitness activities. Due to his early interest in weight loss, the actor spent more of his leisure time drumming, which can be argued as a form of exercise. He also improved his jogging record with extra minutes. Even though these methods didn’t produce the results he wanted, Eric still credits their contributions to his weight loss journey.

When he turned 40 years old, he started to become determined in making an investment or two to lose even more weight. Aging is usually one of the reasons why someone would decide to live a healthier lifestyle quickly. Aging usually serves as a wake-up call as the fear of becoming sick is now ever clearer. Realizing the need to exercise and lose weight, he enrolled in a weight loss program where he reportedly lost 35 pounds of excess weight. With a renewed vigor, we hope to see more of Eric. Perhaps he can be a permanent judge for America’s Got Talent.

Elle King – Strictly DIET

Like many celebrities, Elle King hardly cared about her weight. After her weight loss was revealed in the reality show “Say Yes to the Dress”, her fans got excited to a significant degree. With her marriage around the corner, the actress seemed to have undergone a weight loss program to look perfect for her special day. Obviously, we want to look out best on our special day and give our all on the day we tie the knot. As the saying goes, “we only get married once”, so better look fabulous in all our wedding pictures so memories could be worth looking back on.

Being fit also helps promote confidence which makes us comfortable in any occasion in any outfit. But, the best way to do the wedding body is still in a healthy way, even if it takes a little bit longer. Her strategy included alcohol restriction which was one addiction of hers. She lost about 20 pounds following her diet changes. She currently looks lighter and healthier.

Amber Portwood – Fitness , Diet and Surgery

Amber Portwood’s weight loss story is a very inspiring tale for those who come upon it. Nothing beats determination and willpower like working hard to claim that bachelor’s degree because Education is one of the best achievements. She started her weight loss journey in 2015 by observing a strict diet and regular fitness. Eventually, she lost a remarkable 36 pounds, bringing her weight down from 171 pounds to 135 pounds. Now, that is impressive!

She was close to sacrificing everything she could to achieve her dream physique. Amber wanted to lose more pounds so she decided to go for surgery, with her decision luckily paying off. We know that surgeries carry some amount of risk, but she now looks as gorgeous and as sexy as a Disney princess. We hope for the best that this surgery will not turn out to be either short-lived or a liability later in life.

Ashley Fink – Fitness and diet

After making an appearance on the musical series Glee, Ashley Fink’s weight began to increase up to an unhealthy 300 pounds. This extra weight was putting her at risk for a number of ailments especially cardiovascular diseases. In an episode of the hit show Glee, her character was serenaded by Noah Puckerman, her admirer and fellow Glee club member. The song was about Puck’s feelings for Fink’s character, demonstrating how he is so attracted to her weight that he wrote a song about how crazy he is over her in spite of how heavy she is that at one time.

She was, however, advised by a doctor to quickly lose 40 pounds. After weighing the pros and cons of each of her many options, she decided to adopt a strict diet and intense workout routine. With a vast degree of consistency and hard work, Fink was able to drop 80 pounds of her excess weight. In an interview with her, she gave all the credits to a low-calorie diet and an intense cardio workout routine.

Lady Antebellum – Fitness and diet

It would to require extra guts to say no to vices like drugs or alcohol after being burdened with the same adversity that affected Lady Antebellum. Drugs and alcohol are a deadly combination, in many ways. One of these is with regard to someone’s weight. These vices contribute so much to obesity. However, the one-time winner of the Hilary Scott award chose to make a 180-degree turn from her drug addiction and alcoholism and opted for a strict diet plan and a regular fitness routine.

With perseverance, she managed to shed about 135 pounds of excess weight which rewarded her with a gorgeous and elegant appearance. At least she got to arrive at that crucial decision. Lady Antebellum is one of the most talented artists of her time, and now, with her new looks and a great image, she is no doubt one of the hottest stars with talent beyond compare. Beauty and talent are always a perfect combination!

Meghan Trainor – Fitness and diet

Meghan Trainor, also known as the ‘fat whale’, wasn’t only big; she was also mighty. Everyone made fun of her weight, but no one realized that the singer would work on her weight issues. Since she started her music career four years ago, she reported great success. However, Meghan’s weight still gave her a headache. Imagine being a plus size and have the entire world comment about it. This is only a few of the price celebrities pay for their fame and fortune.

Luckily, her fiancé broached the idea of following a proper diet plan and regular exercise routine. She has currently achieved a significant degree of weight loss which made her look lighter. We could give appreciation to her and her partner for her efforts. Her efforts truly paid off. Now, Meghan and husband, Daryl Saba, are expecting their first child. Meghan still looks amazing with her adorable baby bump, being able to maintain her healthy physique during the course of pregnancy.

Queen Latifah – Fitness and diet

Queen Latifah has always loved her curves, so she always imagined what the perfect body shape would look like on her. She was one of the celebrities who looked gorgeous no matter the size. Aside from that, Latifah was always an inspiration to many young girls and women. Weight insecurity is quite common in women all around the world and it is very important to them to have someone to look up to, showing them that weight loss isn’t supposed to be a race and pressure is unnecessary.

The singer didn’t waste any time joining the weight loss trend. Like the smart use of investment money, the A-list celebrity got the right information and achieved roughly a 10% decrease in her body weight. Although she attributed her weight loss to proper nutrition and exercise, it seems that the $12,000 breast surgery which she undertook also played a major role in her weight loss. However, the beautiful rapper now looks healthier like never before.

John Goodman – Fitness and diet

You can’t discuss “big sizes” without mentioning John Goodman, but he doesn’t care about gossip. However, just like personal loans with their respective deadlines, the star could no longer take it after being called Hollywood’s “fat funny man” and set a deadline for him. The common misconception in our generation today, especially in entertainment, is that when a celebrity is fat, they are ought to be funny.

Sometimes this appears to be true, but only because they have no choice. What most people don’t know is that, some of them would want to be involved in more serious roles too. Due to the name’s negative effects to his career, he knew that he should embark on a weight loss program. He hired a personal fitness trainer to help him with the workouts while he supported his training with a proper diet. Goodman’s plan seemed to work its magic on him as he remarkably lost about 100 pounds.

Seth Rogen – Fitness and diet

With Seth Rogen around, John Goodman isn’t the only Hollywood star labeled as “fat and funny”. After appearing in NBC’s “The Green Hornet”, the actor wanted to lose some pounds to spare himself from the horrible nicknames. His need for weight loss became more imperative after he was cast to play the part of a superhero, which by stereotype is a role model.

The producer decided to employ a personal trainer to help him with his fitness while he adopted a strict diet plan. Personal trainers can be very helpful. They provide routines and advice, together with a list of healthy foods and how much calories and sugar a specific person should consume in a day. In the end, he reportedly lost 30 pounds which is impressive for just ten days. Seth looks slimmer and healthier for his career’s sake. Rogen’s investment to a more fit figure has paid off making himself and his fans happy.

Jerry Ferrara – Fitness and diet

Nobody knew why “Turtle” decided to be a part of the Flab to Fab train. However, everyone was thrilled to see Jerry Ferrara’s remarkable weight transformation right on the screen. Just as everyone has a breaking point, Jerry never had much concern for his weight gains until he noticed he weighed about 203 pounds. This was bad news for the star especially for the fact that he is 5’7 inches tall.

In a bid to rid himself of the excess weight, Jerry decided to embark on a weight loss program. Weight loss programs have a variety to choose from, one can even do it himself at home and all they need is a little research and a lot of determination. Jerry employed a nutritionist and fitness trainer, and with some time, he lost about 55 pounds. He now looks lighter and healthier for his height. Apart from his health partners, his financial advisors must also be happy seeing that he is now healthier.

Kim Kardashian – EXERCISE

No arguments! Kim Kardashian’s curves are one of her prominent physical features. They are capable of grabbing your attention like an incredible investment deal. Unarguably, Kim K. is one of the most famous names in the world today and the sexiest amongst the Kardashian-Jenner clan, according to the majority. However, after she gave birth to two of her kids with renowned rapper, Kanye West, she saw herself gain weight.

As expected, Kim faced bashers along the way with bullies all over the internet swarming over her social media accounts as if postpartum depression isn’t hard enough. People can be insensitive, especially women who has never had the after giving birth journey. Nevertheless, it seemed Kim had a premeditated plan on the ground for this one. Not liking surgical procedures, the star went all-natural this time. After adopting a good fitness schedule, she quickly regained her gorgeous self and received praise from fans.

Zach Galifianakis – Weight Loss program

This time, the comedian’s big size was nothing to laugh about. The comedian finally put a reason for his fans to smile after making a tremendous transformation to his weight. Like electricity, his new physical appearance gave a shock to most of his fans as they could barely recognize him. In an interview with the star, he attributes his weight loss success to restricted alcohol intake and an advanced weight loss program.

He is looking slimmer and healthier to mount the stage for more thrills. There is no doubt that Zach has a very well-proportioned handsome face, and, after making efforts to live a healthy life, he is now overall a gorgeous man. A few months ago, he appeared with Brie Larson, Keanu Reeves, and former U.S. president Barack Obama on TV looking fit than ever. Zach is also active on social media, updating fans that he still maintains that good looking shape.

Alec Baldwin – Fitness and diet

Alec Baldwin’s path to weight loss was mainly through sugar reduction which resulted in losing about 30 pounds afterward. Although his decision to lower his sugar intake may be influenced to some degree by a health scare, it was, however, a win-win for him health and fitness-wise. At least he saved himself some money by not spending on surgical procedures and drugs. Alec was famous for his dashing good looks over the years in the movie industry.

Alec was big-boned, but he also gained excess weight, which was no longer healthy. The world has witnessed Alec’s evolution on and sometimes off screen too. Baldwin reached a point where he got sick gaining a humongous amount of pounds with fat almost enveloping his body. In his golden years, Alec didn’t find it too late to invest in a healthier lifestyle, and now, he is back to being a heartthrob, even in his later years.

50 Cent – Weight Loss Program

Not all weight loss routines turn out as planned. 50 cent embarked on a weight reduction scheme with the aim of looking lean. However, he ended up losing an enormous amount of weight. Fans couldn’t seem to put in words their concern for the star. We can’t say we weren’t worried because we were. Critics and some fans credit his sudden weight loss to drugs and other vice, but it was actually due to something more benign.

Fortunately, his more extensive weight loss fitted him better for the role as a cancer-stricken football player in the movie Things Fall Apart. After the movie, he merely needed a slight change in his diet to restore him to his normal self. This is what is so good about celebrities – they take on roles even when they are too challenging for them, sometimes, even when it means they have to change their own personalities. I guess some people love a challenge like 50 Cent.

Ruben Studdard – Weight Loss Program

No doubt, the American Idol star rose to fame as he emerged as the winner of the popular show. However, after he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, he decided to embark on a weight loss program to look lighter and healthier instead of going through a gastric sleeve surgery. Also, he signed up for a part in The Biggest Loser.

This show has its own ways of getting the audience hooked and inspire. Most famous people who wanted to lose weight in a more fun and challenging way have joined this show. Even when under a lot of pressure, at least they don’t have to face their journey and struggles alone. They have people with them who feel the same way. His perfect investment planning decision helped him lose 100 pounds. Ruben is a winner in losing weight indeed. He proved to America that he not only dominated the singing world, he also did well on a weight loss reality show.

Ronnie Ortiz – Fitness and diet

If you followed the famous Reality TV show Jersey Shore in 2009, you probably know Ronnie Ortiz. Before he took part in the famous show, Ronnie worked in the real estate industry. However, his love for the reality TV show made him appear once more in 2012. Ronnie, however, looked very different compared to how he appeared when he made his debut years back.

The bitter truth was that Ronnie struggled with weight gain and kidney stones for several years. Kidney stones, as well as gall bladder stones and other abdomen complications can often times lead to weight gain. This is not necessarily due to fats alone; it also has something to do with unnecessary unhealthy water inside the body. In a bid to look healthier and fit, Ronnie opted for a proper diet to lose weight and sustain a perfect shape. Ronnie made sure that his investment towards his health would be worth it.

 Jessica Simpson – Weight Loss Program

Getting shortlisted as one of America’s most beautiful singers is an excellent achievement that comes with a lot of responsibilities. Sometimes when a celebrity gets too famous, it adds excess pressure on their shoulders. Living up to people’s expectations can be a hassle, especially when the push comes from your own family.

Jessica Simpson was ready to give her all in maintaining her elegant face and beauty. Her constant gorgeous appearances thrilled her until 2012 when she gave birth to her daughter Maxwell. She gained some weight causing her natural radiance, for which she has been given credit for to dim.  This caused a reaction from fans while others chose to bash her body and decided to create a negative meme regarding how bad she looked which later scattered over the internet. Jessica was committed to regaining her much-envied body. She quickly opted for a weight loss program which saw her lose over 50 pounds. She has successfully restored her charming beauty as the star is fully back to rock the mind of her fans once again.

Kevin Federline – Weight Loss Program

The dancing skills of Kevin Federline weren’t enough to get him the fame until he tied the knot with the pop star, Britney Spears. Their marriage didn’t run smooth as they eventually divorced and Kelvin was left to struggle with a remarkable weight gain of about 200 pounds. Apart from working with a lawyer, he had to engage a divorce lawyer, too.

People thought Britney was the only one to have had suffered a remarkable weight gain after the break up but turns out, her husband earned extra pounds as well. Indeed, depression, confusion, and stress are huge factors to gaining body weight. Fortunately, his marital hassle wasn’t a match for his desire to look fit. He later on focused his effort on getting back to his original body. He finally decided to join the VH1 Celebrity Fit Club. This proved to be the right decision. In the end, Kevin recorded a significant amount of weight loss and vibrant appearance.

Melissa McCarthy – Exercise & Diet Programs 

Melissa McCarthy was another example on the list of heavyweight comedians in the entertainment industry. She might not have all the flare for a regular workout, but she thinks regular exercise and strict diet programs deserve all the credit for her current state. Irrespective of the comedian’s struggle in her path for weight control, we are glad she is currently doing fine and was able to shed more weight.

Melissa is one of the few celebrities whose aging is unremarkable. Due to her smiling face and positive attitude, she maintained a healthy lifestyle in spite of the few extra pounds she always had. She was first recognized in the show “Gilmore Girls”. Later on, she has become a part of a lot of projects and she has been involved in philanthropy and activism as well. McCarthy is a full package deal in show business, with many projects to her credit.

Amy Schumer  – Strictly Exercise

The famous comedian was in good shape, but she needed to shed some weight following her role in the movie Trainwreck. Although Amy revealed that the task was somewhat a challenging one, the actress seemed to have benefited from it all along. She had to show up at the gym regularly for several months before the result started making itself apparent.

She now looks just as dazzling as always. We guess her investment paid off. In one of her movies, I Feel Pretty, Schumer inspired a lot of people through her role – a woman who always felt left out who suddenly had an incident that made her realize how fortunate she is to be beautiful in her own way and it changed her life forever. The comedian is now a mother, and even though she had some pregnancy struggles accompanied with the condition called Hyperemesis Gravidarum, Schumer seems to love her new life.

Candace Cameron – Strictly Diet

After featuring in the popular TV show Full House, Candace Cameron’s rise to stardom became a step easier. However, she understood that fame and fitness stood at different cardinals when she embarked on a strict diet to cub her excess weight. In a way, fame and fitness stand side by side in order to gain more recognition and more healthy years of doing what she love.

Luckily, she was able to make a fantastic score without having to do additional exercises for her diet. Like a credit report of a rich person, the famous actress looks healthier and in better shape. Shedding her excess pounds was all she needed to look happier and more energetic. Like most people who became successful in losing weight, Cameron is looking more confident in life. She is a beacon of light and a symbol of new hope to those who desire to shed the extra pounds.


Jorge Garcia had always been overweight even during his appearance in the series Hawaii Five-O. Despite his weight, he kept on landing different acting jobs, including Deck the Halls, Little Athens, and LOST. The time came, however, that it became an issue wherein he was asked to lose some of his weight.

At times like these, it seems like the only way for managers, directors, producers, and mentors to do is to tell a celebrity frankly that they need to lose those extra pounds. It can either bring them down or create a whole new investment plan to help themselves rise to the occasion. Mostly it brings them down at first, but later on does something about managing the situation. He immediately worked on it and hired a trainer and a dietician to help create a healthy diet for him and a workout that is perfect for his body. Jorge replaced his unhealthy foods with veggies and fruits, and ensured that his intake of carbs remained low, resulting in him losing 30 pounds.

Amber Riley – Fitness and diet

Despite being overweight, Riley was still a beautiful butterfly, doing her thing with so much confidence. She is very friendly with everybody that she gets to work with. However, following her doctor’s advice, she made up her mind to curb her excess pounds. She was proffered with several weight loss methods such as gastric bypass surgery, but she decided to opt for proper dieting and regular exercise for her weight control.

We believe her decision finally paid off and was a better move. Amber reached the height of her career during her days in the hit musical Glee where she was given credit for the character Mercedes Jones. On the show, she inspired so many people around the world with her positive character and being a woman of color with an undeniably breathtaking talent. Amber portrayed the role unapologetically herself and she invested her time and effort for this career.

Chrissy Metz – Walking and Diet

Chrissy Metz is an American actress and is currently known as Kate Pearson from the NBC TB show, This Is Us. One of the best things about Chris is that she is losing weight at her own pace and doesn’t get pressured by the people around her. She followed a 2000-calorie diet and eliminated unhealthy foods. She also incorporated a 20-minute walk daily, which helped her lose 100 pounds in just 5 months. Now, that is pretty impressive!

She became a role model for every woman of all sizes and ages with her weight loss story, and it inspired many. She also thanked Dan Fogelman, the show’s creator for being supportive of her weight loss journey. Everyone needs a little bit support from time to time, even celebrities. This proves that no one is an island, and Chrissy proved just how much help it is for us to have a solid system of support when trying to accomplish something in life.

Susan Boyle – No Sugar & Workout

Well-known for her appearance in Britain’s Got Talent, Susan Boyle did not only gain more weight but a lot of fans. Everything turned out to be better for the singer when she was able to shed off some pounds. With a net worth around £22 million, all is definitely well for her health and wealth. So how did she lose weight exactly?

According to celebrity insiders, the famous talent show contestant disciplined herself to stick to a no-sugar diet and a lot of work out. We just hope this inspires those who are about to give up on their weight-loss journey. When there is a will, there is a way, that’s what they always say. Losing weight is not an easy job at all, but gaining them can be pretty quick. A no-sugar diet is one way to lose the extra pounds without having to make too much investment either physically or mentally.

Kirstie Alley – Organic Diet

Kirstie Alley is an American actress who has always been struggling with her weight. Rumors have been going around that, because Kirstie is bored with all of her wealth and fame, she decided to intentionally gain the extra weight every year. Once she surpasses the limit, she would go on a fad diet, and, once her desired body is achieved, she would binge eat again. This was never confirmed by the actress but it sure sounds like a lot of work for someone who just wanted something to do with her life.

She succeeded in losing pounds that she gained in 2005, but she gained them back after four years. In 2009, she weighed 230 pounds after she stopped following her weight-loss program. During this time, she decided to keep the weight off for good. Alley went on an organic diet and she showed this weight-loss journey in the reality series Kirstie Alley’s Big Life. She lost 100 pounds and she was able to maintain her weight compared to before making her health insurance company happy in the process.

Delta Burke – Diet and Exercise

Actress and former beauty queen Delta Burke has suffered being overweight to the point that she is already obese. She was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, battled with depression, and to a degree was ridiculed for her weight gain. Depression, stress, insecurity, pressure, and being unhealthy – seems like Delta has all of the factors she needed to have an unhealthy weight. However, with proper diet and exercise, and support from her husband she regained herself and became healthy again.

There is nothing better than having the support of the people you love the most in life, and who love you back and only want the best for you. She is currently happy and in control of her life and health. She mentioned that her goal is to help spread the word that communication and education plays a key role in managing her diabetes. She said that “The whole point is to encourage people to start talking.”

John Bradley-West – Strictly Diet

Unlike many others in the American movie industry, John Bradley-West was successful enough to take several breaks throughout his acting career. Those breaks caused him to gain so much weight that his own fans were curious about his health despite being active on the hit TV series Game of Thrones. Some people speculated and even blamed his hiatus from show business as the reason why he gained so much weight that made him barely recognizable.

In response to all these many concerns, John called his critics out for being “fat-shamers”. His latest appearance on the red carpet revealed that he may have actually lost some of that worrisome weight. Turns out, all he needed was a bit of rudeness on social media mixed with cyber bullying to make investments on a healthier lifestyle. Does this justify bullying? Definitely no. There are better ways to call out people for being unhealthy.


Jonathan Antoine used to be 280 pounds, but when he signed up with Weight Watchers in 2012 and took it seriously, he managed to lose 56 pounds. In 2013, he was about 224 pounds, and he felt good about his body. The Britain’s Got Talent discovery revealed that people from the music industry didn’t pressure him to lose weight, as he wanted to do it for himself to be healthy.

Jonathan felt better off with his lighter weight and decided to keep going, losing some more extra pounds. No degree of influence tried to change Jonathan, but just his intent to be healthy. He put on a lot of time, effort, drive, and determination to shift to a healthier lifestyle. He is determined, armed with a positive mindset, allowing himself to go the extra mile of losing weight without having to be bullied or be given advice by other people first.

Missy Elliott – Fitness and diet

Like Tyra Banks and Amber Riley, Missy Elliot hardly cared about her weight as long as she gets to keep making money off her booming music career. She is one of the most influential female rappers of all time. All the other young generation female rap stars look up to Missy. In an interview with Vogue 73 Questions, rap star Iggy Azalea was asked who she admires the most in the industry and who she would love to perform with, she then quickly answered Missy Eliot; she even elaborated how much love and respect she had for the O.G. star. Missy changed her mind about her weight when her doctor cautioned her about the risks of her weight gain and how it could cause cardiovascular health issues or a stroke.

Like a house in need of roof repairs on a rainy day, Missy urgently embarked on a consistent fitness routine and accompanied this form of therapy with proper nutrition. Fans were happy that she did that so that they could hear the rapper sing more sings in the years to come.

Rebel Wilson – Diet & Exercise

It’s the film Pitch Perfect that helped actress Rebel Wilson gain the spotlight. Her career skyrocketed because of her comedic abilities and of course, her adorable, chubby features. The Australian comedienne recently showed off her new bod! Say goodbye to “Fat Amy”, and hello to the fitness model Rebel Wilson who lost 18 kilos!

She gives the credit to diet and exercise with the help of her personal trainer. In case you didn’t know, she declared 2020 as her “year of health” and aims a goal weight of 165 pounds by the end of the year. We can’t wait to see more progress! Wilson is one of the most adorable and famous celebrities of this generation. She helped spread out body positivity by being confident while owning a plus size figure. She also continues to do so, in a much healthier way. Rebel continues to flood her Instagram account with daily pictures of her to update her fans on how much weight she is losing by the day and her investment with this goal is impressive.

Keely Shaye Smith – Clean Eating & Exercise

Pierce Brosnan’s wife Keely Shaye Smith used to have this Bond-girl physique in the 1980s but eventually gained weight after having four children. This usually happens to women after giving birth and is totally normal. Being the celebrity that she is, it caused her a moment of insecurity and self-doubt. At least all that fat-shaming didn’t diminish the journalist’s self-esteem. In fact, she’s recently even lost a lot of weight—approximately 250 pounds. That was an impressive achievement.

It seems that having a loving husband who adores you no matter how you look would definitely motivate you to be the best version of yourself. “I love Keely’s vitality, her passion,” Brosnan said about his wife. “She has this strength that I wouldn’t be able to live without. When Keely looks at me, I go weak. “Looks like Keely captured the heart of James Bond, credits to her motivation and charm. We hope that the two remain strong.

Gabourey Sidibe – Bariatric Surgery

Gabourey Sidibe is popularly known for playing Becky Williams in the musical drama Empire. The show gained a lot of success and recognition. However, most people don’t realize the impact Gabourey made with her arrival in the entertainment scene. She quickly sent out shockwaves with her acting prowess from the get-go in the 2009 film Precious, which earned her a Golden Globe nomination and an Academy Award for Best Actress.

When it comes to her health and body weight issue, it is another story. Many medical practitioners and health insurance officers probably stated their concern about specific health issues brought by excess body weight. She eventually followed their advice and opted for laparoscopic bariatric surgery. After losing 240 pounds with this procedure, she now looks more gorgeous! Not all weight loss and body shifting surgeries are ineffective. Most of these procedures have long term effects, too. It all depends on how a person handles and maintains their self-discipline after the surgery. 3

Celine Dion – Strict Diet

She’s labeled as the “Queen of Adult Contemporary” by Billboard and the Grammy winner, who’s had her own residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for the last eight years, has taken up ballet, which she credits with giving her such a svelte figure. And many people think that she’s also queen when it comes to weight loss! Over the years, songstress Celine Dion has looked thinner than ever.

As a matter of fact, she shared she has a newfound passion for dancing. Celine does it four times a week and recently she started that she has been dancing and working with her stylist and close friend Pepe Munoz. For the past nine years, the 52-year-old singer took up ballet, which she credits with giving her that slim figure. In an interview she said, “People say, ‘She’s a lot thinner,’ but I’m working hard. I like to move and (weight loss) comes with it.”

Jay Scott Greenspan – DIET & EXERCISE

You might not know Jay Scott Greenspan, but you probably know his stage name Jason Alexander, the popular actor, movie director, and comedian. Well, they are both the same person. Jay Scott Greenspan was the birth name of Jason Alexander. At a point in his life, the popular actor was dedicated to dropping some pounds. Jason adopted a low-calorie, well-balanced diet. Through this alone, he was able to drop 30 pounds. He didn’t end his weight loss journey there as he was determined to lose more pounds.

Until now, he is still on regular exercise routines. He is meant to keep his weight in the check. Alexander has been on famous movies and TV shows such as Criminal Minds, Shallow Hal, Pretty Woman, and more. His roles are always different which shows his investment in being a part of versatile projects, so much like his self-discipline to controlling his healthier lifestyle.

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