Forgotten Celebrities: Where Are They Now?


Philip Michael Thomas is a retired American musician and actor.The 1975 Coonskin shot Philip to limelight before he went on to contribute to the 1980 era of remarkable TV shows. His performance as a Detective Ricardo Tubbs in one of such shows, Miami Vice, was nothing short of the sterling act. Thomas later branched into the gaming world in style. He voiced the famous character, Lance Vance, in the best-selling game, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Philip wrote his first song at age 11 and over the next 40 years he composed,wrote and sung everything from Gospel to R&B to pop standard to rock.He wasn’t as outstanding in his musical career, where he had two albums that were flops. We want to believe that the release of these albums was cushioned by his business insurance (we assume he had one) and that he was wise enough to make suitable investments during his career.


Harry Belafonte was born in Harlem to emigrants from the Caribbean Islands of Martinique and Jamaica. He is a Jamaican-American singer, songwriter, actor, and activist. His ability to popularize the Caribbean style of music in the ‘50s earned him the alias of “King of Calypso” Harry learnt songs at the library of Congress’s American folk song archives. He sang Caribbean folk songs in night clubs and theatres.

He is popularly known for his recording of “The Banana Boat Song”. He was the male lead but he didn’t sing in the musical Carmen Jones; his costar was Dorothy Dandridge. The pop singer won various awards during his career, including three Grammy Awards. Harry, as an activist championed numerous social causes, including the “Civil Rights Movement” of his hit records were “Day-O” and “Jamaica Farewell.” He starred in Island in the Sun and Odds Against Tomorrow. Now in his 90s, we sure hope Harry has some suitable investments and insurance plan in place.


John Austin played the part of the patriarch, Gomez Addams in the Addams Family TV show and his portrayal of that character gained him a lot of recognition. Right from that period, Astin was on a success roll in his career. John Austin was born March 30,1930,in Baltimore,MD. He attended Johns Hopkins University and studied Mathematics and he also discovered a passion for theater and started performing in minor plays and doing voice-over work for commercials.

Getting advanced in age, the American actor refused to give in as he keeps making a positive impact by lecturing young actors at the famous Johns Hopkins University. Austin has since lent his comedic talents to numerous appearances as Dr.Gangreen in several Corny killer Tomato movies and has contributed his voice to recreate Gomez Addams in the animated series, The Adams Family. It is wise to assume that the veteran actor must have cleverly secured his future and final moments and that of his family with smart investments and suitable insurance policies.


Betty Lynn reigned on the big screen from the 40s right through the 80s. She was a screen goddess churning out excellent performances to the amazement of her numerous fans. She came from a musical background as the daughter of a singer and started her career as a young girl performing in both super clubs and on Broadway in such musical production as ‘walk with music’ in 1940 and ‘Oklahoma’ latter as a dancing replacement.

Betty made her movie debut in a small, sprightly role in a classic Clifton Webb comedy sitting pretty in 1948. Lynn became more famous with her role as Thelma Lou on Andy Griffith Show. Now at 93, Elizabeth Ann Theresa Lynn, aka Betty Lynn, lives a life of tranquility and contentment, enjoying the fortune she amassed during her career. Having retired in 2006, we have every reason to believe that she put her fortune into great use by obtaining a decent insurance package with wise investments while still in the limelight.


Terry Kilburn is English-American actor who was born in England in the year, 1926. He relocated to U.S and picked an early career by acting in the Hollywood at age 10. He was popularly known for his talent as a child actor, as he starred in movies such as A Christmas Carol in the year 1938, as well as Goodbye, Mr. Chips in the year 1939. We are used to witnessing child actors turning out bad with the worse ending, but Terry was an exception to the rule.

He instead used that spotlight to create the best life for himself and his fans. Terry Kilburn realized his acting dreams in Hollywood after several unsuccessful unpaid attempts in England. He made his last television appearance in 1969 and retired afterward. However, the UK born actor would not entirely quiet as he continued his career working as artistic director of Meadow Brook. Having spent some active years in the movie industry, Kilburn must have invested in a perfect insurance plan with a life free of bankruptcy.


Cora Sue Collins was a beautiful girl born in April 1927,in Beckley,West Virginia.she is an actress who in very much demand in her 30s,was one child actor who made history in the acting world with her early exit. She came into the scene at 5 with The Unexpected Father and surprised the world by promptly retiring from acting at 18.In her short acting career, the former American actress made 47 appearances, not bad for one so young.One of her roles that stood out was as the illegitimate daughter of Colleen Moore in Scarlet letter in the year 1934.

In 1945 Cora Sue Collins exited the acting world and she did very well,she had received her first role because she was at the right place at the right time.The talented actress’ early retirement makes you wonder what investments she was able to make during and after her acting career and if these investments allowed her to live free of bankruptcy.We sure hope so.


Gavin is another American entertainer who has enjoyed longevity in the entertainment industry, with a career that has spanned over six decades. He is also a ship’s ambassador, a Christian activist, and an author. His acting career began in 1957, and he later appeared in The Sword of Ali Baba (1965), but his most prominent role was that of ship captain Merrill Stubing in ABC’s The Love Boat. Macleod met and married a fellow divorcee, Patti Kendig, in 1974, and it ended in divorce some years later. Three years later, they remarried and have stayed together to date.

Hopefully, they are living in comfort as a result of his investments. In his exploit, MacLeod was made a global ambassador for Princess Cruises in the year 1986. The role he played in ceremonies launching on the ship gave way to him being featured on “The Oprah Winfrey Show”. He has also made several appearances in musicals like Gigi and Copacabana between the year 1997 and 2003.


Lee set out as a beauty queen when she won Miss San Francisco, Miss California, and Miss America Between 1953-1955. Following her reign as Miss America, she joined NBC’s Today Show. Merriweather had her film debut portraying Linda Davis in 4D Man. Lee has also acted a role in the Cat woman movie, and also replaced Julie Newmar in one of the Batman in the year 1966, as well as playing a major role on a popular science fiction series (The Time Tunnel).

Her stardom came when she featured as Betty Jones in the 1970s long-running crime drama Barnaby Jones as she bagged two Golden Globes and one Emmy award nominations from it. Meriwether has enjoyed a lengthy period of fame and marriage after divorcing her first husband in 1974. She is not retired but has taken a back row in the entertainment industry, and we hope she has channeled her fortune towards wise investments to ensure that she enjoys a loan-free retirement.


Pat Priest was born as Patricia Ann Priest on August 15,in the year 1936 in Bountiful,Utah.If you were once a fan of TV shows like Bewitched, Death Valley Days, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, then you are familiar with the name and face of Pat Priest. She also starred in films like Looking for Love, and Some Call it Loving. She, however, retired from the acting scene in the ‘80s but did not give up as she dabbled into restoring and selling homes for a while in Idaho and also lived there.

She married twice and had two sons who were Pierce and Lance Jensen, before she retired after 20 years. In 2001, the actress was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which went into remission following medical treatment. However, we are not sure of her present health status, but we hope she already has stable investments in place and insurance plans in motion.


Richard Beymer was a veteran actor born 1938 February 20, in Avoca, Lowa, he then moved with his parents to Hollywood California in the late 1940s.He was a painter, and filmmaker in Hollywood who made his mark in the movie industry with her portrayal of Tony in The West Side Story also acted in various films while attending North Hollywood High school but didn’t go to college instead decided to pursue his dreams of becoming an actor.

He moved on to stamp his name in the hearts of movie fans with his roles in Sky King, Paper Dolls, and Star Trek. He left the movies to venture into book writing and wrote “Imposter: Or Whatever Happened to Richard Beymer.” A decade later, reports surfaced that Richard Beymer has retired. We assume that he has been able to acquire solid insurance plans with the help of an experienced financial advisor who will also ensure he keeps well away from bankruptcy.


Richard’s acting career started in the ’50s in the theatre, which was a norm back in the days. He then moved on to feature in the Dr. Kildare show, a role that secured him a place in the hearts of his audience as a teen idol. This role earned Chamberlain a Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actor. He was also featured in sensational movies such as The Thorn Birds in 1983 and even became the first actor to play Jason Bourne in The Bourne Identity in 1998. He also starred in The Drew Carey Show during the latter part of his career, when he moved on to focus on television work.

Today, Richard still looks good at his age. He lives a worry-free life by opting for sustainable choices and making the right investment decisions. Chamberlain’s estimated net worth for the year 2020 is somewhere in between $100,000 to $1 million.


Paul Hogan is famous for his excellent depiction of his roles in movies. His captivating performance in Crocodile Dundee in 1986 is not an exception; it’s no wonder that it earned him a Golden Globe Award. It was also with this movie that Hogan first received a million-dollar cheque. He also doubled as the screenwriter for the movie, which also fetched him an Oscar nomination. While Paul is mostly remembered for his role in the film, he has branched out into stand-up comedy further proving his versatility. Though the actor retired 20 years ago, he made an appearance in The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee, which aired on July 2020 in Australia.

Thanks to his successful career and having made smart choices, he needs not worry about his finances. He also owns a $3.8 million home in Malibu which he sold to a fellow Australian actor, Chris Hemsworth. We, however, hope he has financial advisors to guide him through future business ventures.


The Brigitte initially dreamed of becoming a ballerina, but later opted for a career in acting. A decision she has not had cause to regret. Bardot has been featured in over 40 movies, including And God Created Woman and Viva Maria which landed her a prestigious BAFTA Award nomination for Best Foreign Actress. The French actress also started building her music brand and modeling at the same time.

It is no wonder that she is one of the wealthiest female models of her time, with a fortune of $65 million to her name. Brigitte is no longer as active in both small and big screens, having retired from the entertainment industry back in 1973. However, she remains active and still makes an impact by being an activist for animal rights. It is safe to assume that she has secured comfort for the rest of her years with a good insurance plan.


Loretta Swit started her acting career pretty early. She started her career in theater in 1967 where she toured with a national company named Any Wednesday. After, she landed her first TV sitcom, Hawaii Five-O. However, it was Loretta’s role as Major Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan in M.A.S.H., which started in 1972, that helped her gain public recognition. The role earned her two Emmy Awards. Swit starred in over 55 television series during her entire acting career. Her charm and wit captured the hearts of many viewers.

In 2017, she published her book entitled, SwitHeart: The Watercolour Artistry & Animal Activism of Loretta Swit. It just goes to show that despite having worked in the industry for decades, she has even more talent to show! She has since stopped acting, but has amassed a net worth amounting to $4 million thanks to her money management skills. With this, she can live a comfortable life with her family.


Betty White is an American actress and comedian, who also has enjoyed the longest career of any female entertainer, spanning over eight decades. While she is considered as one of the pioneers in the industry, the actress’ most acclaimed early milestone is that she is the first woman to work in front and behind the camera. White was also the first woman to produce a sitcom, which in return had given her the honorary title, Mayor of Hollywood in 1955.

The actress’ achievements are a result of her role in the sitcom, Life with Elizabeth, which was regarded as the first sitcom to be produced by a woman. The legendary actress has also won numerous Emmy awards and even a Grammy award. In 2010, White launched her own clothing line and her financial advisor can confirm that all proceeds go to various animal charities she supports. Is there anything Betty White cannot do?


James Lipton who studied law early in his life, initially ventured into entertainment as an actor just to raise money for his education. He went on to become a writer, lyricist, actor, and producer. Lipton showed his versatility when he wrote several successful soap operas like Another World, Guiding Light, and Capitol. He also has numerous books to his credit, including An Exaltation of Larks and Mirrors.

On top of these achievements, he also appeared in several Broadway plays like The Autumn Garden, The Big Break, and Sherry!. He was awarded France’s Order des Arts et des Lettres in 2014. Lipton had also been an accomplished pilot and since the 1980s, he has recorded over 1,000 hours of flight time. Throughout the years, he managed to maintain his wealth, too, with the help of a trustworthy financial advisor. He may have passed on, but no one can deny the legacy he left in the industry. Younger generations of actors will certainly see him as an inspiration.


The American actress is famous for her role as Mary Ann Summers in the series Gilligan’s Island, and is one of the only two remaining cast members. Wells won the Miss Nevada competition in 1959 and then represented her state a year after in Miss America in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Months after, she debuted in her first Hollywood appearance on ABC’s The Roaring Show, and the movie The New Interns. She also appeared in other films such as 87th Precinct and The Detectives.

Throughout the years, Wells ran a lot of charities including making clothes for people with limited mobility and is known for her support to the Denver Foundation. The actress has been going through some financial struggles since last year, but we have not seen her require the services of a bankruptcy attorney. We hope she’s able to overcome them soon, though we’re also sure that with some wise asset management, she won’t have to worry about it anymore.


Sir Thomas Sean Connery or simply Sean Connery, was a famous Scottish actor and film producer. He is most popular for his portrayal of James Bond and introducing an entirely new take to the film character. Connery made his fortune starring in seven Bond films between 1962 and 1983. He also appeared in other successful projects, such as The Untouchables, The Hunt for Red October, Highlander, The Rock, and Dragonheart. Aside from these, he was also in some of the industry’s highest-grossing movies namely Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and the hit film The Rock.

There is no doubt that this three-time Golden Globe Award winner, who is also the recipient of two BAFTA Awards, has left his mark in Hollywood. The talented actor had an estimated net worth of $350 million. Known to his fans as “The Greatest Living Scot”, he had been in retirement for some years and had been spending much of his time in the Bahamas before he passed on.


Eileen Atkins is an English actress who is also known as an occasional screenwriter. Having worked in the entertainment industry since 1953, Atkins has been actively seen in movies, TV shows, and theater productions. When she joined the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1957, her Broadway debut in the production of The Killing of Sister George led to four Tony Award nominations for Best Actress.

The 1999 movie The Unexpected Man served as the right platform for the English actress to win the Best Actress award, and she did win it. Her most recent movie roles came in Robin Hood and Magic in the Moonlight. Atkins may have experienced health-related issues back in 1995, but after she received treatment the actress was able to complete recovery. She is back to her cheerful self and rearing ahead with any role that will suit her current age. She has no record of taking loans or filing for bankruptcy, and we’re sure it will stay that way.


His debut performance was in the 1952 film, Lone Star. This was followed by Crime and Punishment, seven years after, which bagged him both a Golden Globe Award and a BAFTA award nomination. He also got his fair share of fame when he appeared in high-grossing movies like My One and Only and The Godfather III. We also remember him from his role as the “Extra Crispy Colonel” from the KFC commercials, which he most recently featured in.

With an estimated net worth of $20 million, this actor has the luxury of taking things slow and enjoying his retirement. However, Hamilton is one of the few actors of his generation who is still continuously acting. Not too surprising since he exudes a great amount of fitness and cognitive ability even in his eighties. Retirement might be far off, but we hope he has thought of investing in insurance policies, which should benefit him in the long run.


There are just a handful of actors who started their careers before the age of 3, and Jerry is one of them. He began his career at the age of 2 as a model for a department store advertisement. He went on to appear in movies like The Seven Little Foys and The Trouble with Harry, but his most prominent role was in the sitcom Leave it to Beaver when he was only 9 years old! Mathers had to retire at an early age to concentrate on high school.

It was when he worked in a bank as a commercial loan officer that he began his career in real estate development. In 1978, he decided to reenter the entertainment industry. He appeared as the lead actor in a comedy play, Boeing Boeing. His reunion with the Still the Beaver cast marked his second success and the cast went on to star in its sequel series, which in 1983. He married twice but eventually found the love of his life in 2011.


The ABC sitcom Bewitched, which began airing in 1964, would go down as Roger’s first television appearance before he went on to star in two more sitcoms. He crossed paths with Frank Sinatra and Clint Walker when they all appeared in the World War II film None but the Brave. This led to a string of other successful rules, including the film The Calf of Women, where he starred alongside legends such as with Clint Eastwood and Eric Fleming.

However, he is best remembered for his appearance in more than thirty episodes of the series Gunsmoke. It was not long after when he decided to publish his book entitled Christian American Party. Ewing’s career began declining sometime after his peak, and he turned to professional photography instead. Being the private person that he is, Roger Ewing never returned to the limelight. He may not have made a fortune from acting, but he was never in need of bankruptcy lawyers.


The Norwegian actress’ talent was globally recognized when she featured in the film The Emigrants and won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress as a result. Scenes from a Marriage and Face to Face also brought her further award nominations from both the BAFTA Awards and Academy Awards. Ullman later went into directing and gained recognition for leading Faithless. The movie garnered both the Palme d’Or and Best Actress nominations at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

Multilingualism is another gift which Ullman is respected for. Not only does she speaks her native Norwegian, but she is also fluent in Swedish, English, and some other European languages. To top it all up, she is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and also co-founded the International Rescue Committee’s Women’s Refugee Commission. We believe that she is still in contact with her writer daughter Linn Ullman and has instructed her attorney to make Linn the heir of her million-dollar wealth.


Billy Dee Williams started his career early and made his debut in the production of The Firebrand of Florence when he was 7 years old. Since then, he has performed exceptionally in many popular movies. His role in the Star Wars film franchise as Lando Calrissian made him even famous more famous. This was followed by the cult favorite 1981 Batman movie in which he portrayed attorney Harvey Dent, viewers still remember him for.

Billy is showing no signs of tiredness or is planning retirement any time soon. He is even set to return as Lando Calrissian in Star Wars: Episode IX. The successful actor is also thriving in the world of TV commercials, having appeared in advertisements for Colt 45. He has had legal issues in the past, but he has since managed to get back on his feet. It hasn’t affected him financially, however, and he has done a good job with his investment money too.


Crosby initially wanted to become an actor but eventually made waves in the world of entertainment and music, particularly as his guitar tuning and jazz influence were second to none. His talent was so appreciated that The Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash, which were groups he co-founded, sold 35 million albums of his work with them. David’s personal life has not been a smooth ride. He is happy making music with his son Raymond but has also had problems with weapons offense and drugs, which we believe led to his liver failure and prison time in the past.

In 2005, David hit a jogger while driving his Tesla and left the victim with a broken shoulder, arm, leg, ribs, and kidney damage. It all ended with a $3 million settlement. Amidst all the problems, David Crosby is undeniably wealthy and we hope that he has made the right insurance and investment decisions to protect his wealth.


It is not every day that you come across a talented and dedicated actor with a career that has spanned nearly five decades. Eugene is an accomplished novelist and actor. His role in The French Connection helped him land a Best Actor award. However, he is best remembered as Buck Barrow in the movie, Bonnie and Clyde which practically launched his career. The actor has had many award-winning roles throughout the years. This includes his appearances in the Unforgiven and The Royal Tenenbaums.

Hackman retired in 2008 after featuring in the romantic comedy film Welcome to Mooseport four years earlier. He didn’t spend all that time retirement just relaxing, however. Ever the creative, he went ahead and published Payback at Morning Peak in 2011 and Pursuit in 2013. With such a tireless artist such as him, it’s really not surprising. Besides, with proper money management, he would be able to enjoy all of his passions in the years to come.


If you remember the 1980 film Flash Gordon, then you’ll recall Sam J. Jones who managed to beat Arnold Schwarzenegger and Kurt Russell for that role. Unfortunately, his falling out with producer Dino De Laurentiis destroyed any plans for the film’s trilogy. Playgirl magazine fans will also remember him for his infamous shoot back in 1975, which was even reprinted in 1981. In 2017, a documentary of Flash Gordon was launched entitled Life After Flash for which he was a co-producer.

Since then, Jones has retired from acting and poured his resources into his security business, which provides safety for traveling executives. He is known to be a private person who wants to keep business separate from his personal life, which is completely understandable. He has children to protect, after all. Like him, we should all consider getting better home security systems—not just for our valuables, but for the entire family’s safety as well.


The American actor bagged two Golden Globes Awards for his role as The Fonz or famously known as Fonzie on Happy Days. A year before, he also landed the role of Butchey Weinstein in the drama movie The Lords of Flatbush in which he co-starred with Perry King and Sylvester Stallone. Winkler is also an established director, producer, and author with numerous works credited to him, alongside awards and nominations.

One of his best projects was producing the documentary film, Who Are the DeBolts? And Where Did They Get Nineteen Kids? In 1977. His most recent role was portraying Coach Gene Cousineau in the HBO hit comedy, Barry, which aired in 2019. His portrayal helped him bag a prestigious Primetime Emmy Award. Since 1978, Winkler has been married to his wife Stacey. They are among the rare couples in the industry who have managed to stay together for decades. For that, they deserve much credit.


Voight is famous for numerous reasons, including winning four Golden Globe Awards, one Academy Award, and being the father of actress Angelina Jolie and actor James Haven. His career began in the early 60s with his appearance in several episodes of Gunsmoke, but his career was stagnant until he was cast in the film Midnight Cowboy. His role in the film had been very controversial but historic as well. With his newfound popularity, he made his way in the entertainment industry with even more interesting roles on shows such as The Defenders, Twelve O’clock High, and Cimarron Strip.

Voight was estranged from his children, but they reconciled in 2007 after the passing of his ex-wife. Though he was seen dating other women after his second separation, he never remarried. Seeing as his career has been long and successful, he has certainly made a fortune and must listening to his financial advisor because net worth has not dwindled despite not being as active as before.


The 1997-2003 television drama Oz had the Puerto Rican actress; dancer and singer display her talent in a supporting role. But, did you know that she has enjoyed career that has lasted over 70 years? This is a monumental achievement for artists. Among all her wonderful achievements are her supporting roles in musical films Singing in the Rain in 1952, The King and I in 1956, and West Side Story in 1961. Moreno ranks among the few artists who have managed to win all four major annual American entertainment awards: an Oscar, an Emmy, a Grammy, and a Tony.

In her personal life, Rita has been involved in a few tumultuous relationships, but she has only married once and has remained single ever since she lost her husband in 2010. Her numerous decades of entertaining the viewers has made her a rich woman, and we do hope that she made some wise investments with the help of her advisor.


Sally is an American actress and activist. The movie Five Easy Pieces launched her career in 1970 and was soon followed by the film The Getaway in 1972. She became a household name after she starred in All in the Family television sitcom, earning herself two Emmy awards. She has also lent her voice to many animated television series like TaleSpin, The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show, and Dinosaurs. Struthers, likewise, featured in other TV shows such as Gilmore Girls and Dinosaurs.

Her activism in ChildFund, among others, had once been satirized in an episode of the television shows, Grey’s Anatomy and In Living Color. The actress’ career has been a long and colorful one, which we assume translates into great wealth. With an estimated net worth of $10 million in 2020, she would, of course, need tactical money management skills or better still, an advisor to help her plan towards a worthy retirement.


Tim Matheson started his career when he was 13 years old, after he was chosen to be a part of a show called Window on Main Street. The movie National Lampoon’s Animal House, wouldn’t have been the same without Matheson’s role as Eric ‘Otter’ Stratton. Throughout the years, he has had a number of notable roles in the shows The West Wing, Hart of Dixie, and more recently, 6 Balloons. He has also provided voices for Jonny Quest, and Sinbad Jr., Space Ghost, and His Magic Belt. Roughly at the same timeline, Matheson was also appearing in shows such as The Virginian, The Quest, and Bonanza.

He directed Covert Affairs and the pilot episodes of The Good Guys. Despite his remaining active in the film industry until now, the American actor probably isn’t planning on retirement soon, but it is certainly wise to start making investments toward it as early as possible.


Linda Evans was one of the most celebrated television actresses of the 1960s. The American actress came into the limelight when she featured in The Big Valley and Dynasty. The latter made a big impact in her career and she was able to play the character of Krystle Carrington for 8 consecutive years. She had also been nominated for a Golden Globe Award five times. Over the years, she has won five People’s Choice Awards and even got an Emmy nomination. After her era of Dynasty, Evans semi-retired from acting, making only occasional television appearances.

She was later diagnosed with idiopathic edema, which led her to delve into investing in fitness programs and establishing chains of fitness centers. Now over 70 years of age, Linda Evans remains as beautiful as ever and manages to maintain her figure. With her fitness investments and her successful acting career, she has built a significant fortune for herself.


Walters is a television personality, a broadcast journalist, and an author. She gained fame mostly from hosting television programs like The View, ABC Evening News, and 20/20. Walters remains an inspiration and a pioneer for women in the industry as she is the first female co-anchor of the network evening news, and the first woman to co-host NBC’s The Today Show, among other feats. In 1996, she made it into the top 50 Greatest TV Stars of All Time.

Walters started receiving recognition in 1985 when she won the Paul White Award given by the Radio Television Digital News Association. To top it all off, she also received a Lifetime Achievement Award for her many industry accomplishments. It has been reported that her health is on the decline leading us to assume that she is already on a health insurance plan. Being free of financial worries at this point will make it easier for her to cope with her health.


Holmes was a child actor who likely would be a distinguished actor with quite a legacy by now had he continued with his acting career. Holmes began his acting journey right from his uncredited appearance at six weeks old in Operation Pacific. His outstanding fame came with his role as Mike Williams in NBC’s western TV series, Laramie. His acting career includes 50 episodes of Laramie, as well as his roles in Wire Service, Father Knows Best, Woman Obsessed, and Wagon Train.

He also later joined his former co-stars in Laramie in an episode of Dragon at the Door where they showed the adventures of Japanese entertainers. His last appearance was in an episode called Trapped which was aired on May 14, 1963. Although little is known about his present activities and whereabouts, we want to believe he had the foresight to make profitable investments and is living life away from the spotlight comfortably.


Carol Creighton Burnett is a multi-talented actress, singer, writer, and comedian. She has over seven decades of experience in the entertainment industry. Burnett was launched into the limelight through the Carol Burnett Show on CBS, a rare feat for a woman at the time. Her success reverberates through the television, stage, and film under different genres. The awards and achievements that she received are tangible testimonies of how great she is.

In 1962, she bagged the Peabody Award and was also the winner of two Crystal Awards. Her success in television shows was magnified even more when she won six Golden Globe Awards and six Primetime Emmy Awards as well. Carol’s stellar performance in Once Upon a Mattress gained her further fame, and she continued with more appearances and achievements. There is little doubt as to her success in her career. With an estimated net worth of over $30 million, she should remain free of bankruptcy with thanks to her tangible investments.


Richard Keith’s appearance as Little Ricky in the television sitcom, I Love Lucy and The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour etched him in the minds of many television viewers. The former child actor cum musician showed his talent and dexterity in playing drums, and acting right from the tender age of 3. What better way to show off his talents than to be featured in The Andy Griffith Show. With his rising fame, Richard Keith had to change his name from Thibodeaux to Keith at some point, to make it easier to pronounce and be remembered by his growing number of fans.

While his career has since slowed down, it is worth noting that he has a trust fund from when he was part of the I Love Lucy Show. Keith was also able to fully pursue his musical career. We hope he did some proper investment planning using the fund and his fortune from music to provide him a comfortable retirement.


The very adorable and famous identical twin brothers will always be remembered for their portrayal of Little Ricky in the I Love Lucy Show as toddlers. They both earned $150 per week and had a 12-week contract with the show. Unfortunately, both Joseph and Michael had different plans regarding their careers. Joseph retired from acting to delve into missionary work and is currently working as an ICT at Portland General Electric.

On the other hand, Michael continued his acting career for a short while, before he decided to pursue a teaching career. Currently, both are retired from performing, with Michael working as a special education teacher. In terms of retirement funds, Joseph must have some excellent money management skills since he managed to retire earlier. Michael, on the other hand, would have a substantial fortune to show for his extended stay in the acting scene. Health insurance is also paramount for both at this stage in their lives.


The French actor and businessman retired from his acting career only to make a comeback seven years later. His return to the industry, which could have been a result of his love for the craft was quite triumphant over the years. Some of his prominent works include Rocco and His Brothers, Lost Command, Once a Thief, and For a Cop’s Hide, among many others. He was even nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer in 1964 and won many other awards afterward.

In addition to his successful acting career, Delon has also been a prolific businessman creating his brand of perfumes, cigarettes, and stationery. His earnings in the entertainment industry coupled with his significant income in his businesses resulted in Delon’s substantial net worth. It is currently estimated that he is worth around $200 million. Despite not being as active as before, he needs not worry about loans with thanks to his hard work.


Theodore William Lange, also known as Ted Lange, is an award-winning actor, director, and screenwriter. He is most popular for his portrayal of the bartender in The Love Boat television series, where he worked with Isaac Washington. He also starred in Glitch!, The King of Queens, and Are We There Yet. He directed the drama For Love of Amy and even wrote about 17 plays. Lange later became an advocate for healthy living so he decided to start with himself.

He lost 28 pounds while he was part of VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club back in 2006, helping him maintain good health. The actor also studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts to further hone his acting skills. With his thriving acting career, he was able to amass a considerable fortune of about $4 million over the years, probably thanks to an experienced financial advisor who helped him handle his finances appropriately.


Don McLean, started his journey to fame after he released the album Tapestry in 1969. The American Pie singer-songwriter is worth over 50 million, thanks to his decades long music career and successful string of hit singles. Fun fact, did you know that he managed to sell the original manuscript of his 1971 hit song American Pie for a whopping $1.2 million? That’s just for the manuscript alone! Aside from his chart-topper that’s still beloved today, he also has other hit songs like I Love You So and Wonderful Baby.

Don McLean was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2004. He released over 20 different albums in the span of his years in the industry. With his multi-million net worth, McLean is seemingly unconcerned with retirement yet. However, we’re sure he’s already preparing the right Investments that will ensure comfort should he reach that point in life.


In the late 1950s, before her fame from movies, Loreta Lynn was just getting her career started by performing in local pubs. Not long after, she became a member of a band called Trailblazers. A decade later, she was able to release her first album, I’m a Honky Tonk Girl. Lynn’s musical career has spanned over six decades and the uber talented American country singer-songwriter managed to release over 45 million albums in that period!

Some of her most popular hit songs include Don’t Come Home A’ Drinking (With Lovin’ on Your Mind), You Ain’t Woman Enough (To Take My Man), and Coal Miner’s Daughter. These were successful across the globe and earned her multiple gold albums. In 1988, Lynn was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Despite the health challenges that she has faced, there’s no stopping this artist from always giving her best. No wonder she’s so loved by both fans and her industry colleagues.


Abby Dalton, with her perfect trademark smile, won her way into the heart of fans with her exceptional performance in the Hennesey TV Show. The role also got her nominated for an Emmy Award. She did not let her fans down in the course of her career, as she was always at her best in all the TV shows and films she featured in. This included popular shows such as The Joey Bishop Show and Falcon Crest.

Dalton also starred in the 1957 drama Rock All Night and in another hit movie a year after, Have Gun Will Travel. For the latter, she worked alongside another talented actor, Richard Boone. Dalton had also participated in a variety of game shows like Stump the Stars, PDQ, and Match Game. With the help of a financial advisor, she was able to invest much of her fortune and ended up with quite significant net worth before she passed.


Quincy Delight Jones is an icon in the music industry. A legend who has received 80 Grammy Award nominations, 28 Grammys, and one Grammy Legend Award. He is an American film and record producer, composer, and musician. Jones has also produced for stars like Michael Jackson. He initiated his career when he was 17 when he joined a European tour with a jazz leader, Lionel Hampton. His years of many successful projects led to an even bigger victory in 2013, when Quincy was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

He is also involved in various philanthropic projects, including the Quincy Jones Listen Up Foundation. Jones may have had health issues in the past, but rest assured that he’s still doing what he does best. At present, he reported has an estimated net worth of a $420 million, which he amassed throughout his career as a composer and producer as well. We sure hope he has put in thought into investment planning for the future!


Michael York began his acting career with theatre performances, until he landed his first significant role in the movie, Accident. A year after, he also appeared in the film Romeo and Juliet. From then on, there was no stopping him as he moved on to bigger and more notable roles. He has appeared in over 70 films and earned two Emmy Award nominations throughout his acting career. York was also seen in movies Borstal Boy in 2000, Megiddo: The Omega Code 2 in 2001, and Tand The Mill and the Cross in 2011.

Despite his age, York is nowhere near retirement. Who could blame him? He is as fit as a fiddle and remains relevant to the entertainment industry. Even though he has made substantial earnings from movies and TV shows, it will still be wise for him to also consider getting health insurance. After all, he is no longer young, and work can easily get the best of him if he isn’t careful.


The Swedish actress, singer, and dancer is popular for her amazing roles in Bye Bye Birdie, The Train Robbers, and The Cincinnati Kid, among others. She also performed in several TV shows, including Law and Order and Who Will Love, My Children? Her exceptional acting skills won her five Golden Globe Awards. She also made waves as a singer, releasing multiple hit songs and albums. She launched her first recording in 1961 under RCA Victor.

Her album, The Beauty and The Beard made it to the top of the charts. She successfully released a few dance hits from 1970 to the early 1980s. With a total of 14 albums, numerous movies, and TV shows, she is now retired and living comfortably. Olsson is presently worth more than $20 Million, which she accumulated over years of hard work and perseverance. Unlike most Hollywood stars, she had quite the long and loving relationship with her partner before his passing.


Peter Weller’s acting journey started in the early 80s and he made his debut in the movie, Firstborn. It paved the way for more notable roles and in his decades in the industry, he has appeared in over 70 films and television shows. He was also part of the Robocop movie franchise, as well as the film Mighty Aphrodite. In a different light, Weller is also known to be an expert on Roman and Renaissance art and history. He earned his Ph.D. Master’s degree on Italian Renaissance art history at UCLA back in 2013 and is currently an active contributor to The History Channel.

Currently, Weller is still active in the acting business, and he shows no sign of retiring soon or even slowing down. After all, he even went back to school at 57 years old to get his master’s. We assume the veteran actor has been investing his money well and have made preparations for when retirement comes.


Growing up, Gary Burghoff had a congenital deformity in his left hand, but it did not stop the actor from going after his passion and training to become both a tap dancer and a drummer. In 1967, he started taking active roles. Burghoff‘s first lead role appearance in M*A*S*H in the late 80s became the avenue for his further success in the industry. After the show ended, he went on to land on more notable roles, including You’re A Good Man and Behind the Waterfall. Gary also starred in the television game show, Match Game.

Like many actors of his time, he also went on to author his autobiography. Did you know that Burghoff also has a patent for various products, including Chum Magic? He has been mostly inactive since 2010, but given the fortune he earned through his film work and other ventures, we’re sure he’s in no need of personal loans any time soon.


Most audiences will remember Sigourney Weaver for the Alien franchise and two Ghostbusters films. She is given credit as the “pioneer of action heroines in science fiction films.” The actress is also considered as one of the most influential female protagonists in cinema history. This should come as no surprise since Weaver has starred in many successful movies like Тhе Ісе Ѕtоrm, Ѕех аnd Lоungіng, Тhе Vіllаgе, Тhе ТV Ѕеt, Ѕnоw Саkе, аnd 2009 blосkbuѕtеr Аvаtаr.

Throughout her decades long career, she has received various recognitions such as Golden Globe awards for Best Supporting Actress and Best Actress in Drama, as well as the BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. In fact, she was also given the Gotham Independent Film Tribute Award for all her contributions to the entertainment industry. At 70, she is set to be in Steven Spielberg’s next four Avatar films until 2028. With a jaw-dropping net worth of $60 million, she’s got all the investment money she needs for retiring in comfort.


Katharine Ross is an American actress known for her beauty and acting prowess. With this combination, she was able to land prominent movie roles for which she received various awards. Some of her award-winning appearances were in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Voyage of the Damned. She has also earned a nomination for an Academy Award, won a BAFTA Award, and bagged two Golden Globe Awards.

The actress was last seen in Malibu’s Playhouse first series, A Conversation With in which she was interviewed by Steven Gaydos. She may have had trouble in her personal life early on, but there’s no doubt that Ross came back much stronger. The actress has been married to Sam Elliot since the 80s and it’s clear that the two are still happy in love. Given how much real estate they not have in their portfolio, these two have certainly been making investments towards their long future together.


Born in August 22, 1947, the now 73 years old Hollywood star Cindy Williams is still active in the industry. Williams acted and wrote in different shows for her church when she was younger. Aside from being an actress she is also a producer. Williams was also part of the cast for the Happy Days show. She is famous for her role as Shirley Feeney in the TV sitcom, Laverne & Shirley in the years 1976-1982.

She has since appeared in other shows like Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Touched By An Angel, and American Graffiti for which she received a BAFTA nomination. Appearing in guest roles in several TV and Broadway Shows helped her build a fortune of about $10 million. She must have a skilled financial advisor behind her, who is helping her make smart choices when it comes to increasing her current wealth and develop her brand even further.


Kris Kristofferson was born on June 22, 1936, and grew up in Texas. Before his fame, he worked as a dredging contractor on Wake Island, which he referred to as the hardest job ever. Now, he is one of the industry’s most talented actors, singers, and songwriters. He composed his own songs as well as collaborated with other singers. Kristofferson released various hits like Help Me Make it Through The Night. His debut album was Me & Bobby McGee and has also landed film roles, including one for A Star Is Born.

In 2004, the efforts of Kristofferson were recognized and he was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. His acting career spans across movies, cartoons, and live performances. The actor remains active to this day and has been receiving credit for more outstanding work. He may have gone through issues with his health, but as they say, his passion keeps him going and creating. You can’t keep a good man down, right?


Coolidge has risen swiftly up the success ladder, landing on Billboard charts and even sweeping two Grammy Awards into her coffers. The American recording artist has various popular songs, including We’re All Alone. Rita Coolidge is one of those artists who worked her way to where she is now. She was discovered by Delaney & Bonnie, who she then worked with in Los Angeles, until she became a background singer for superstars.

Rita has sung for the likes of Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, and Graham Nash. She was also among the first hosts in the US VH1. Still very active at 74, Coolidge’s songs are frequently played on Spotify and Amazon. Retirement is obviously not on her agenda yet and we want to believe that she has other plans lined up. With her successful career, it would be easy for her to acquire a top-notch insurance plan and live free of bankruptcy.


William Shatner is one of the most iconic actors in Hollywood. Many do not know that he is also a producer, author, singer, director and screenwriter. Shatner gave life to role of Star Trek’s Captain James T. Kirk. He contributed immensely to the success of the show. When the show ended, Shatner briefly found it difficult to snatch some new roles. But the tables turned in his favor and he soon got back on his feet with more characters and various published books He also appeared in different TV shows as guest star.

Throughout his career, Shatner has won a Golden Globe Award, an Emmy and People’s Choice Award. As for his personal life, Shatner has had some issues with his past marriages for which the Canadian actor and author needed an attorney. Currently worth about $150 Million, Shatner probably has solid investments towards his retirement, so he can truly enjoy his hard earned money.


Hirsch has made a name for himself, appearing in TV shows and movies. Owing to his versatility, he has played many different roles such as John Lacey on Dear John, Alan Eppes on NUMB3RS, and Alex Reiger on Taxi On. As for movies, Hirsch took part in Ordinary People, Running on Empty, Independence Day, A Beautiful Mind, and Independence Day: Resurgence.

He is still on a roll to date, evens surprising his fans with a guest appearance in The Big Bang Theory comedy series. He is currently playing the lead role in Superior Donuts. Throughout his career, Hirsch won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series and two Tony Award for Best Actor in a Play. Given the fact that he is still active even at 85, it would make a lot of sense if he has given much thought to investing in a health and insurance plan.

Julie Andrews | 84

When it comes to iconic actresses in Hollywood, you definitely can’t forget about Julie Andrews. She played the character of Maria von Trapp in the blockbuster movie, The Sound of Music. However, she made her debut in the film Mary Poppins back in 1964, a role that earned her a place in the hearts of her viewers and an Academy Award for Best Actress. She has since featured in many musical movies, T.V. shows, and of course, won numerous awards for her performances. Aside from her acting and musical career, Julie has also ventured into voicing animations such as in Despicable Me and Shrek Forever After.

Andrews is a multitalented person. She has authored and published her autobiography, along with several other books for children. She is touted as one of the most influential actresses in Britain, with a reported net worth of $45 million. Julie definitely has an excellent financial advisor and is not likely to need a bankruptcy lawyer in her lifetime.

Olivia De Havilland | 103

Iconic actress Olivia De Havilland started her acting career in 1930s and has featured in many movies that have granted her fame, international recognition, and numerous accolades, including an Academy Award. Through the years 1935-1988, she starred in over 49 feature films and was one of the leading actresses during her time. Olivia is famous for her appearances in films such as The Snake Pit, Gone with the Wind, To Each His Own and The Woman He Loved– the last movie she featured in before retiring from the entertainment industry.

Although she retired in 2009, Olivia is still recognized for her contributions during the Golden Age of Hollywood Cinema and for being the oldest living Academy Award winner. Despite her age, the actress still carries herself with much grace, no different from how she was during her younger years. She is still living a comfortable life, too, with thanks to the investments she has made throughout her career.


Mike Farrell’s unique depiction of his character as Captain Hunnicutt in the hit show M*A*S*H shot him to fame and also became one of the deciding factors for a top-notch role in the Providence series. He isn’t just an actor, however. He also produced Patch Adams, which starred the late Robin Williams. Mike has also been featured in popular T.V. shows, including Desperate Housewives, Law and Order, and Supernatural. We are not sure if he has decided on investments in preparation for his retirement, but we hope he has put insurance measures in place, just in case. His retirement will surely be a comfortable one considering his net worth.

Long before Mike was a Hollywood star, he had also been an activist for different social and political causes. He was even co-chair for the California Human Rights Watch for a decade. Mike is also the first person to be awarded with the Human Rights Award, which is named after him in 2006.


Marla Gibbs made a name for herself, thanks to her amazing skills in comedy, acting, writing, and film production. Her successful career has spanned over five decades and she has had notable roles, including Florence Johnston in The Jeffersons for which she received five Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series nominations. Marla Gibbs also featured in The Brothers, and Grantham and Rose. The result of her outstanding performances is evident in her net worth of about $4 million. We’re sure she has had the help of a reliable financial advisor, as she’s been able to grow her net worth throughout the years. We trust that Gibbs has also made investments towards retirement as she is advancing in age.

Her personal life has been a quiet one, despite the fact that she comes from a celebrity family. Her older sister is the late Susie Garrett, while her daughter, Angela Gibbs, is also an actress. Angela has had roles in the films Drumline and Together Brothers.


Jamie Farr, like many other actors in the M*A*S*H show, gained popularity after becoming part of its outstanding cast. At the age of 11, Farr was able to showcase his talent fully and even won in a local acting contest for it! He later attended Pasadena Playhouse, where his luck turned for the best and he was discovered by a talent scout from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. He rose up the entertainment ladder and is given credit as a television actor, but also a comedian, film and theatre actor.

Aside from his acting skills, Farr also contributed to the LPGA. He has hosted the Jamie Farr Toledo Classic Golf Tournament for about three decades. This isn’t too surprising given that his fortune is reportedly around $5 million. Jamie Farr had also served the U.S. Army and was stationed in Korea and Japan during his younger years. He remains happily married to his wife and they have been together since 1963.


The retired actress is fondly remembered for her role as Marion Cunningham in the A.B.C. television sitcom Happy Days. Her role on the show brought her two Emmy Award nominations. Years later, she starred in The Evening Star and was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress. Marion also became popular for her voice-over work on different animated television shows from the 1990s to 2018 when she retired. The American actress has amassed a fortune for herself from acting and her other investments. We hope she has also invested in her health, given her advanced age.

While Marion Ross is no longer active when it comes to acting, both of her children did follow her into the entertainment world and are continuing her legacy. Her sons Jim and Marion have both established their name in the industry and were even part of the film, The Boondocks and Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness.


Having failed to win a role in Elvis Presley’s Jailhouse Rock in 1957, Mimieux went on to attain global fame in 1960 when she appeared in the film Platinum High School for MGM, who signed her to a long-term contract. One of her first acting appearances includes roles in the shows Yancy Derringer and One Step Beyond. Throughout her career, she has been nominated for three Golden Globe Awards.

Her fan base grew significantly when she featured in the successful movie, The Time Machine. Mimieux eventually retired from acting in 1992 after starring in the movie Lady Boss. Her romantic life has been as colorful as her roles. She married Howard F. Ruby in 1986, and contrary to the Hollywood myth, these two are still happily together. We hope her attorney sees to it that she is comfortable in retirement, though we’re sure all of the businesses she has invested in will help make sure of that.


At the age of six years old, Shirley Jones had already made her first step into singing. She started out at the Methodist Church choir and eventually enrolled with Ralph Lewando for voice lessons. When Jones was still in high school at South Huntingdon High School in Ruffs Dale, Pennsylvania she also joined school plays.

Her six decades of experience in the show business is no small feat, and that is what Shirley has achieved as an American singer and actress. She starred in musical films such as Oklahoma, Carousel, and The Music Man. She later played the lead role as Shirley Partridge in the television series The Partridge Family, which also featured her real-life stepson, David Cassidy. The Academy Award winner is, by all means, a rich woman as a result of her hit songs and lead acting roles. Her advisor must have helped her hone her money management skills seeing as she has never filed for bankruptcy or needed financial help throughout the years.


In the ’50s, securing a Universal Pictures contract as a teenager was almost unheard of. However, Jill St. John managed to achieve exactly that, landing a seven-year contract that helped her earn $200 a week! At only six years old, St. John started acting, and later made her first full-length TV movie debut at the age of 9 in the movie The Christmas Carol. Having gathered experience as a child actress, she featured in a major film the next year alongside John Saxon in Summer Love. The American actress is, however, is best known for playing Tiffany Case in the Bond film, Diamonds Are Forever.

St. John’s personal life hasn’t been as rosy as her career, but she did find her happily ever after with fellow actor Robert Wagner. Given that they are both advanced in age, we hope that both have looked into investing in their retirement so they need not worry about having to mortgage their home in the future.


The 1967 film The Happening, showcased Faye’s talent and had producers hot on her tail. She landed her most decisive role the next year, when she was cast as Bonnie Parker in Bonnie and Clyde, for which she received her first Academy Award nomination. Dunaway has also received BAFTA Awards and three Golden Globes. In 2011, she was recognized by the government of France and she was honored as an Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters. She went on to feature in the films Three Musketeers, and Chinatown.

Dunaway’s personal life is also quite colorful. She had been romantically linked to many fellow actors, but she later got married to photographer Terry O’Neill. At the age of 79, Dunaway shows no signs of retiring and she is still active in the industry. Given the fortune she has amassed over the years, along with the investments she has made, we’re sure she no longer has to worry about her personal finances.


Tyne Daly was pretty much born into the celebrity life. Her parents are James Daly and Mary Hope who are both established actors in their own right. Tyne was raised in Westchester County, New York, where she paved her career by joining in performances with her family. At the age of 15, Daly has already earned her Equity Card.

Daly is an American actress in the class of other multiple award winners, as she has won six Emmy Awards, one Tony Award, and is a 2011 American Theatre Hall of Fame inductee. One of her most recent roles is that of Anne Marie Hoag in Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017). Daly is an actress with roles spanning across television, theatre, cabaret, and film. She was married to George Stanford Brown, and the marriage produced three daughters, but we do not know, with certainty, what became of that marriage. The female icon is still active in showbiz, and hopefully, she is setting up investments to make sure that her retirement would be a loan-free one.


With over forty films and having appeared in a little over two hundred television episodes, Tom is certainly an accomplished American actor. He started acting in 1962 and is famous for his roles in M*A*S*H, Alien, Up in Smoke, and the television series Picket Fences for which he landed an Emmy award. Skerritt has been married twice, which produced four children but never had to file for bankruptcy since there was never a need for an attorney. He is currently married to Julie Tokashiki, and they have one daughter together. Skerrit is also the chairman and founder of Heyou Media which is a digital media company based in Seattle.

Before becoming the famous actor that he is, Skerrit served a 4 year tour of duty as a classifications specialist at the United States Air Force. He enlisted just after high school and spent most of that time at Bergstrom Field, Austin, Texas.


Dirk Benedict, born Dirk Niewoehner, is an American actor and author with many famous movie roles and published books to his credit. He is best known for his role as Lieutenant Templeton “Faceman” Peck in the A-Team television series and Lieutenant Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica. He is the author of And Then We Went Fishing and Confessions of a Kamikaze. Benedict, in the 1970s, survived a major health issue but he rebounded and was able to return to living comfortably. We sure hope he has since invested in better health insurance to make sure he’s covered in the future. Despite experiencing a number of challenges in his personal life, he has never had any issues with his finances.

The early life of Dirk Benedict is quite prestige. His parents are Priscilla Mella who is an accountant and George Edward who is a lawyer. According to sources, Dirk was the one who chose his stage name. It might surprise you how he ended up choosing it, though. He got the name from the popular recipe “Eggs Benedict”.


Britt Ekland is, without doubt, one of the most charming faces in Hollywood. During her heyday, throughout the 1960s and 1970s, Ekland appeared in numerous films, including her notable roles in The Night They Raided Minsky’s and Get Carter. She got to the zenith when she featured in The Man with the Golden Gun as a Bond girl in 1974. The Swedish actress and singer remains active to this day, despite her advanced age. In fact, Ekland even participated in Let’s Dance in 2018, which was broadcast on TV4.

Ekland’s love life may have been rocky and though she remains single to this day, it’s clear that the actress is enjoying her life. During her prime, Ekland was a high-profile socialite. Her marriage to Peter Seller even led to her becoming one of the most photographed celebrities in the world. She might be living a low-profile life now, but Ekland need not worry about her finances, thanks to her personal investments.


Ranked as the 40th most successful dance artist of all time by Billboard Magazine, the Jamaican-American star certainly set the bar so high for the next generations of supermodels, singers, songwriters, and actresses. She had many notable roles as an actress, including parts in Conan the Destroyer, Vamp, and the 1985 James Bond movie A View to Kill. Grace is also given credit for influencing the cross-dressing movement of the 1980s and has inspired artists such as Annie Lennox, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga. She is now a mother and a grandmother, but she also remains one of the most iconic women to have ever been part of Hollywood. Her legacy alone outweighs any form of monetary investment.

Her early life had been quite rocky, however. As a child, she was shy and had only one friend at school. She was even teased by other kids for “skinny frame.” However, she excelled in sports and later found the comfort in the nature of Jamaica.


Dame Enid Diana Elizabeth Rigg, best known as Diana Rigg, was an English screen and stage actress. In 1955-1957, Rigg trained to become an actress at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. The role of Emma Peel in the television series The Avengers showcased this English actress’s talent, and she accepted the high demand that came afterward with dexterity. She featured in a James Bond film, On Her Majesty’s Service and played Olenna Tyrell in Game of Thrones (2013-2017).

Rigg defied popular opinion in the 1960s when she refused to marry the older, already-married Philip Saville, who she lived with for eight years. She later went on to marry twice, though both ended up in separations. Thankfully, she never experienced financial issues. Despite these struggles with her personal life, Rigg maintained grace through it all. The credit she received as an actress throughout the years will ensure that her legacy lives on.


Sharon Gless is an American actress, who came into the spotlight with her television role as Maggie Philbin on Switch. Gless is a ten-time Emmy Award nominee and a winner on two occasions, a seven-time Golden Globe Award nominee and a two-time winner. In 1991, at the age of 48, Gless married Barney Rosenzweig, the producer of Cagney and Lacey, which she featured in. The couple are still married, and we believe that her financial advisor is helping her make the most out of her recent roles and that a sizeable amount of her money is going into investments. To date Gless is still active in the industry.

During her earlier life, Gless worked as production assistant and studied drama with actor Estelle Harman at the same time. She then signed a 10 year contract with Universal studios in 1974. Gless is also cited as one the last of the contract actresses in the industry, before the trend died out.


Notable for her portrayals of various eccentric characters, Shelly is a former American actress, producer, writer, and singer. She began her career starring in different Robert Altman films in the 1970s. Duvall went on to appear in numerous films till her last performance in Manna from Heaven (2002). One of her most iconic roles is playing the character of Wendy Torrance in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.

She is also credited for producing Faerie Tale Theater, which got her nominated for an Emmy award. Duvall has been living away from the cameras since her retirement in 2002, which prompted rumors that she appeared to be suffering from mental illness. However, this claim has been refuted and proven wrong. We hope she is enjoying her retirement, as well as the proceeds from her investments. To date, Duvall has a net worth of $2 million. It may be not that big compared to other retired stars, but it is enough for her to live comfortably.


The early life of Barbara Babcock is quite interesting. Many did not know that she actually learned the Japanese language before English. Her dad was stationed in Tokyo during her childhood, hence she spent most of her childhood there. She later graduated from Wellesley College where fellow actress Ali MacGraw was her classmate.

Barbara Babcock’s role as Grace Gardner on Hill Street Blues carved her name into the hearts of fans worldwide and also landed her an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress. She was later nominated for another Emmy Award in 1993 for her role as Dorothy Jennings on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. From 2001 to 2002, she featured in the Fox drama series Pasadena. It is safe to believe that the actress has since gone into retirement despite the lack of official announcements since she has not done a film since 2004. Fortunately, the actress has never been in contact with a bankruptcy attorney and has no debt tied to her name.

CHER | 73

Cher is an American actress and singer who is popularly referred to by the media as the Goddess of Pop. During her decades-long career, she has been a source of inspiration to younger female artists who struggle in a male-dominated industry. Cher’s childhood is not as colorful like the others, however. Her mom transferred to Los Angeles and started acting while working as waitress at the same time. When Cher was in fifth grade begun putting on performances, including the musical Oklahoma!, for her classmates and teachers.

Born Cherilyn Sarkisian, she opted to change her name to simply Cher for easier spelling and pronunciation. The diva made a fortune for herself when she launched a comeback in 1979 with the disco album Take Me Home and earned $300,000 a week for her two-year concert residency in Las Vegas. Hopefully, she spent a good portion of that money on investments so she can continue living a mortgage-free life.


Joe’s collaborations with Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese in the films Raging Bull, Goodfellas, and Casino, made him a fan favorite. In 1981, Pesci was able to win a BAFTA Film Award for Newcomer to Leading Film Roles. He then was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. In the following years, Pesci appeared in several films such as Dear Mr. Wonderful in 1982, Eureka in 1983 and Easy Money in the same year. He was also featured in A Bronx Tale, which was a comeback role for him after he announced his retirement from acting in 1999. Pesci was among the cast for the most recent Scorsese masterpiece, The Irishman.

Despite going on a few hiatuses during his time as an actor, Pesci never needed loans or the help of a bank when it comes to his finances. We wish him a healthy and financially stable retirement should he decided to leave the limelight for good.


Anne Buydens is an American philanthropist, producer and occasional actress of German and Belgian descent. She was born Hannelore Marx but changed her name for professional reasons. During her adolescence Anne and her family transferred to Belgium and she became a citizen there. She then continued on with her studies in Switzerland then eventually moved to Paris. In 1959, Anne became a citizen of the United States.

Anne is famous for her philanthropy, with notable contributions to the fight against Women’s Cancers and Alzheimer’s disease. She is versatile and is able to speak numerous languages, allowing her to do film subtitling as a result. She has been married to Kirk Douglas since 1954, and they have two sons. In 2004, Douglas and Anne renewed their wedding vows and eventually converted to Judaism. We hope she will never need a bankruptcy attorney and that her financial advisor keeps doing a good job for her to retire comfortably.


The Batman television series, its theatrical feature film, and its Saturday morning animated series are among some of Ward’s best-known work. He became so associated with it that he ended up having difficulties finding other acting roles after Batman. Ward cemented his place in the hearts of television film viewers with his appearance in over 40 films. One would think that Ward will be rolling in debt and must have mortgaged his house seeing that he has had personal troubles in the past, but fortunately this is not the case. We’re sure he must have a capable financial advisor helping him with investments.

Fun fact: When Ward was just 2 years old, he was featured in Strange as It Seems magazine for being a professional ice skater. Growing up, Ward had also been an avid reader of comic books, including Superman and Superboy. He also watched the Adventures of Superman which is an action-adventure show.


Karen Grassle made her Broadway debut in 1968 through the play The Gingham Dog. That was all she needed as a stepping stone for her stellar career because she found much success after it. Growing up Grassle had also tried out different creative hobbies such as ballet and acting in school play. She was also a member of the Baptist choir. Grassle had been very active during her school days and she was even vice president of the student body during her senior year.

The actress is best remembered by audiences for her role as Caroline Ingalls in the Little House on the Prairie television series. She may have had personal struggles, but she has weathered them all. Since she is still an active presence in showbiz and we hope that she making the right investments when it comes to her health and future retirement. After all her years in the industry, she certainly deserves to enjoy the fruits of her labor too.


The former child actress, model, and singer began her career at three years old and eventually became one of the most famous child film stars of the 1930s and 1940s. The story behind the film Small Town Deb is credited to her. Withers had been honored with a Young Artist Award–Former Child Star “Lifetime Achievement” Award for all of her many accomplishments in the film industry even as a young actress. It’s quite serendipitous to think that her mother had wished for the same, hoping that her daughter would become a successful actress. It just goes to show what dreams may become, right?

While Withers has suffered a few disappointments in her personal life, some of which have been certainly heartbreaking, she managed to weather all of them. It is only fitting that we give this actress the credit she so deserves—not just for her work, but for her strength as well.


McGuire is an American actress and singer who dominated during the 1940s and 1950s. She was born Marilyn Jeanne McGuire but changed her name when she grew up. McGuire did have a rough childhood, but these challenges did not deter her from her dreams. Eventually, the actress found her rightful place in Hollywood. She starred and grew in experience alongside acting greats such as Frank Sinatra in Higher and Higher. McGuire also had a role in Jumping Jacks before playing a minor role in Disney’s 1963 Summer Magic, which served as her last acting role as she retired that same year.

Her personal life was certainly blessed. McGuire was married to actor Wally Cassel from 1947 up to his passing in 2015. The couple have two children. She is a wealthy woman who has made money from acting as well as her investments, likely with the help of a capable financial advisor.


Jacqueline White had issues with her origin, which prompted her to alter her looks and change her name from Jackie Lynn to Jacqueline White. A casting director, who saw her work in a drama class at UCLA, gave her a role in Song of Russia. White retired in 1950 after her marriage to Neal Bruce Anderson two years earlier. Two years later, however, she came back with a role in The Narrow Margin. She has had no further film roles, but occasionally appears at film conventions. Her last appearance was in 2013, at the annual TCM Classic Film Festival.

After permanently retiring from show business, the married couple raised their four sons and one daughter together. In the year 2000 however, her husband passed away. Currently, Jacqueline White resides in Houston, Texas with her family. Her financial advisor must have helped her retain her wealth, seeing that she has been enjoying a comfortable life.


During her late teens, Gloria Henry moved to Los Angeles and took jobs for radio shows as well as commercials. She found success here, before eventually joining and performing with different little theatre groups. Gloria Henry’s portrayal of Alice Mitchell from 1959 to 1963 on the CBS family sitcom, Dennis the Menace, made her a fan favorite. Her career took on a slower pace after this role, but she was never completely out of the industry.

She did take part in many television movies playing bit-part roles, before joining the cast of the primetime soap opera, Dallas. Her return to the big screen came in the romantic comedy, Her Minor Thing. Henry wed architect Craig Ellwood in 1949 and they have three children together. She has reportedly shied away from acting since 2012, and we do hope she is getting to enjoy the fruit of her investments. After all, she has earned it well.


Sitcom viewers love Barbara for her role as Jeannie in I Dream of Jeannie. She is an American actress and singer who was born Barbara Jean Morehead, before switching to a stage name. In 1967, she released her album Miss Barbara with the record label Dot Records. In November 1988, Barbara was also honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of fame. Eden has been married twice, both of which ended up in separations. Her personal struggles continued in 2001, though it seems she has since recovered from it.

Growing up, Eden’s first public appearance was when she joined the church choir, wherein she was often made to perform solos. As a teenager Eden also became a singer for local bands and performed in night clubs, earning $10 per night. Eden became a member of Actor’s Equity at the age of 16, while she studied at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music at the same time.


Christopher Walken seems to be the master of everything. He is a great actor, singer, comedian, director, producer, screenwriter, and dancer – an overall entertainment genius. At 77, he has appeared in over 100 film and television projects from the 1970s to this day. Despite his advancing age, there is nothing that can stop Christopher from doing what he loves best – acting.
In his IMDb page, he still has a line of projects coming, such as The War with Grandpa, Wild Mountain Thyme, and Percy. With his excellent acting skills, Christopher has received many credits and accolades, including an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for the movie Deer Hunter.

Growing up, Walker and his brothers Kenneth and Glenn were all child actors. They were influenced by their mother’s dream of becoming a star. During his teenage years, Walken also worked in circus as a lion tamer. Initially, he had trained as a dancer before landing dramatic roles in both film and stage.


The world of showbiz has known Dick Van Dyke for over seventy years as an American actor, singer, dancer, and comedian. Van Dyke started his television career with WDSU-TV New Orleans Channel 6 (NBC). He started out as a comedian, before later becoming an emcee of a popular comedy program. His first network appearance was in 1954 on James’ Chance of a lifetime.

Van Dyke then burst onto the entertainment scene through radio and Broadway, and then he cemented his popularity with his role as Rob Petrie on the CBS television sitcom The Dick Van Dyke Show. He had been the recipient of five Primetime Emmys, a Tony, and Grammy Awards. He is also a television Hall of Famer. Van Dyke is famous for incorporating his children, grandchildren, and other relatives in his television endeavors. His investments will certainly guarantee him a comfortable retirement, should he ever decided to do so.


Robert Fuller, born as Robert Simpson Jr., is a retired American actor and currently a horse rancher. When fuller was 16 years old, his family travelled to Hollywood, California. There, Fuller landed his first job as a stuntman. He also worked at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, where he started as a doorman and eventually became an assistant manager. Eventually, after he got into acting, he joined the Screen Actors Guild and changed his name from Robert Simpson Jr. to Robert Fuller, which became his prominent name.

Fuller is most associated with his role as Dr. Kelly Brackett in the TV series, Emergency. He made a cameo in the film Maverick in 1994. He spent about five decades in the industry playing roles in Laramie and Wagon Train. He continued to take on smaller roles, but later picked up the pace after joining the cast of The Love Boat and Murder She Wrote, among others. Fuller retired from acting in 2001. Fortunately for him, he has been able to secure a stable retirement and insurance plan for himself.


Robert de Niro is an iconic actor and is in a league of his own. He is gained a lot of credit for starring in crime films and thrillers and is a regular collaborator of the master filmmaker Martin Scorsese. With his excellent acting skills, he has received prestigious recognition from the Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Cecil B. DeMille Award, and even the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award. He also got the Kennedy Center Honor in 2009 and Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2016 from then-President Barack Obama.

In 2019, he made a huge comeback to the big screen by playing the role of Murray Franklin in the commercially successful Todd Phillip movie Joker. He then reunited with Scorsese in the Netflix film The Irishman, along with Al Pacino, Charles Brandt, and Joe Pesci. Up to date, De Niro is still active with his acting career, and shows no signs of retiring soon.


Tippi Hedren is an accomplished fashion model during her twenties, appearing on the front covers of Glamour and Life magazines, among others. Her introduction into acting came after she was discovered by a movie director after appearing in a television commercial in 1961. She received global recognition for her role in The Birds, for which she won a Golden Globe, as well as for the drama Marnie which was shot one year later in 1964. Hedren was mired in controversy when she lost money through her lawyer, but we believe the situation has been resolved and that the actress is now enjoying her life as she remains active in showbiz.

Aside from being an award-winning actress, Hedren is also known for her commitment to animal rescue. She started her own non-profit organization called the Roar Foundation after shooting two films in Africa and learned the situation of African lions. Harden also supports the Shambala Preserve, which is a wildlife habitat for tiger and lions.

David James Elliott | 59

Canadian actor David James Elliott is best known for his role of Harmon Rabb Jr. in the television series JAG. He played this lead character from 1995 to 2005. When he was a high school student, he dropped out to focus on his band. After failing to reach fame and fortune, he decided to re-apply as a student and probably even thought about getting a degree. Eventually, he started an acting career. During his early days, Elliot wanted to use the stage name David Smith, but an actor had already been using it. Thus, he eventually settled on David James Elliott for the rest of his career.

Elliott appeared in the film Police Academy 3: Back in Training in 1986. He eventually landed roles in Melrose Place and also appeared as a guest in television shows such as Seinfeld. He is currently on break from acting, though there’s no telling if he’ll return or continue toward retirement instead.


Robert Redford has spent decades in the movie industry as a director, actor, producer, and businessman. The career of Redford started to emerge in the 1950s in New York City, where most actors found work in both television and the stage. His debut in Broadway was in Tall Story in 1959, though he had a small part in it. This was followed by Sunday in New York in 1961.

Redford recently announced his decision to retire from the industry, much to sadness of the fans who have followed him throughout the years. The announcement was made following the release of his newest movie, The Old Man and The Gun. Redford is also the founder of the Sundance Film Festival. It is just one of his investments that helped him establish, not just his legacy, but also the future of independent cinema. We certainly laud him for his contributions to the industry as a whole.


Singer and actress Diana Ross began her colorful career in the 1960s. She started out as a part of the pop/soul trio, the Supremes. After that, Ross went solo. She even starred in Hollywood films, like Lady Sings the Blues and The Wiz. Ross is known for her many hit songs, such as Endless Love, I’m Coming Out, and the list goes on. At 75, she has yet to retire and fully enjoy her $250 million net worth.

Ross still has a lot to give when it comes to her talent, after all. She has been continuously headlining concerts, performing, and hitting all the right notes in terms of her career. With her significant contribution to the industry, she is recognized by many as an icon. Currently, Ross is still living luxuriously with all her properties and other investments. Even if she retires, her three children will continue on with her legacy as they are all successful celebrities as well.


Born Alphonso Joseph D’Abruzzo, Alan Alda is a very skillful and successful actor, director, comedian, and screenwriter. He has six Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Awards to show for his work, too. He successfully played a role in The Four Seasons in 1981, appeared in The West Wing, for which he was critically-acclaimed. This was followed by his part in Crimes and Misdemeanor, among other notable appearances. He has also authored a few books since. Some of Alda’s $40 million fortune also came from his time hosting Scientific American Frontiers. He isn’t as active now, but with money management and a great advisor, he should never have any financial worries in the future.

Few know this, but Alan Alda grew up in show business. His mother Joan Browne is a former beauty-pageant winner. During his childhood, Alan travelled around with his parents. Another interesting fact: his father Robert Alda is a performer in Burlesque theatres!


Max Baer started as a television actor in Goldilocks and The Three Bears, which was followed by a part in Surfside 6. He later joined the cast of The Beverly Hillbillies. With the cancellation of that show, he branched out into movie writing, production, and directing. He even took part in popular movies like Macon County Line and Ode to Billy Joe to his credit. In 2015, Baer remained the only living regular cast member of the Beverly Hillbillies, following the passing of his co-star Donna Douglas.

Afterwards, Baer then transitioned from the movie industry and ventured into gambling. Sadly, Max Baer met with a lot of challenges when it comes to his investments in the gambling industry, and was not able to pursue it. We doubt if those efforts bore enough fruits to keep him afloat. We could just hope that he hired a financial advisor to help him steer clear of bankruptcy.


Another iconic actor in Hollywood is Jack Nicholson. He has decades of experience and he is nothing short of legendary. He is one of the actors who contributed a lot to the industry, with thanks to his risk-taking choices and the many projects he has helped produce. The American actor and filmmaker has starred in an array of genres, including romance and comedy. He is also the most nominated male actor in the history of Academy award with a total of 12 to his name. Not only that, he also has six Golden Globes Awards to his credit.

He has since gone into an unofficial hiatus since the release of How Do You Know. Though he is yet to announce his retirement, it seems he has only his savings account to fall back on. Nicholson would indeed need a financial advisor and money management skills to diversify and make a tangible investment.


Loni Anderson is best remembered as Jennifer Marlowe on the CBS sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati. Her role as a receptionist earned her three Golden Globe Awards and two Emmy Award nominations. Anderson’s career debut came when she took part in the film Nevada Smith in 1966. However, after the said film, she went on a career hiatus for about a decade. She then made a successful comeback in the mid-1970s and continued to build her industry legacy.

However, Anderson’s career started to slow down as of late. In fact, her last TV appearance was in 2017 on the TV series My Sister is So Gay. Her other acting credit includes So Notorious and Baby Daddy. Although Anderson is rarely seen on screen, she still makes appearances in various events. You’ll see her on the red carpet, attending different galas, premiere nights, and charity functions. Despite her advanced age, it’s clear that Anderson’s glamor is still unfading.


We all know Barbara Mandrell as the iconic and famed country music singer, musician, and actress. Throughout her career, she was able to bring home two Grammy Awards, seven American Music Awards, four Academy of Country Music Awards, and four Country Music Association Awards. There was a time when she faced major difficulties in her personal life, following an accident. However, fortunately for her, she was able to overcome the seemingly insurmountable odds. At the time, she couldn’t work, so she had to collect her insurance to pay for her bills. Even though she went through a devastating accident, her passion for art never stopped. Fast forward to the late 1980s, when she managed to rebound from it and recover her career.

She retired after her last concert in 1997. However, following her retirement, Mandrell is still a member of the Grand Ole Opry which is an honor she has had since 1972.


The Six Million Dollar Man, The Fall Guy, and The Bionic Woman are just some of Lee Major’s most notable works. The 80-year-old American actor had been nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor for his role in The Six Million Dollar Man. His rugged good looks and excellent talent certainly helped give his career the boost it needed. Sure, he went through a number of personal troubles—particularly with his romantic life—but it did not dampen the success he was able to achieve. He went on to become of the most beloved actors in the industry, with a reported fortune that is within the $15 million range. We’re sure he’s just as prolific when it comes to his investments as well.

Before he got into acting, Majors received an offer to try out for the St. Louis Cardinals football team. Instead, he moved to Los Angeles and found work at the Los Angeles Park and Recreation Department as the Recreation Director for North Hollywood Park.


Gladys Knight made a name for herself as the “Empress of Soul,” thanks to her soulful music and voice. She is a singer, songwriter, actress, businesswoman, and author rolled into one. A decade ago, the 75-year-old star embarked on her farewell tour in Manchester. But, given her love for performing, the talented singer eventually returned to the stage. Knight said that she has “reasons to keep on keepin’ on.” Despite her age, she still looks fantastic and has maintained the same powerful voice that earned her the illustrious title.

It seems retirement isn’t in the cards yet for this diva. With her $28 million net worth, along with a number of significant investments, Knight is still hungry for more in terms of performing. She’s still going strong at her age and her career has never really lost trajectory. It’s a feat that only a few others can manage. That’s the power of Gladys Knight as an artist.


Harrison Ford is best remembered for his role as Han Solo in the iconic film franchise Star Wars, which started in 1977. After more than 42 years he even got to reprise his role in the movie series’ four sequels.

Aside from that, he is also known as Indiana Jones in the immensely popular film franchise that started in 1981. His six decades of experience in the industry has certainly been fruitful. Ford has also had collaborations with the best directors in the business, like George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola, and Steven Spielberg, to name a few. Ford gets the credit for being the fourth highest-grossing domestic box-office star of all time with over $5.1 billion of box office grosses in the U.S. and $9.3 billion in the world as of 2019. Reportedly, Ford has a net worth of $300 million, which he puts into different investments. As for retiring, don’t expect the actor to quit any time soon.


Raquel Welch took Hollywood by storm with her eye-catching looks and her superb talent. She’s a versatile talent who excels in both singing and acting. Racquel graduated with honors from San Diego State College, where she also got a full scholarship for theater arts.

During the 60s and 70s, she became an international icon thanks to the strong female characters she portrayed, who were far from the typical female roles that flooded the screen. Her influence and undeniable charisma made her recognized as one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in Film History. In 2011, Men’s Health Magazine placed the number two crown on her as the Hottest Women of All Time thanks to the investments she’s made in maintaining her beautiful body. Because of her rapid stardom, she was named the “ Blonde Bombshell” of the ’90s. Indeed she has the whole package, and we don’t doubt that this is why she won a lot of awards during her time.


Sam Elliot had a fruitful acting career thanks to his classical acting skills and physical attributes. He is known for his deep, loud voice and his famous mustache. His most notable works were in A Star is Born, Tombstone, and Road House. He has been nominated for an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award (twice), and has won both the National Board of Review Award and Critics’ Choice Television Award. He has done numerous voice-overs for commercials, too. Sam got a lot of acting and voice-over projects during his time. They said that Sam Elliot’s acting is getting better and better. He already unlocked and mastered his acting skills to the maximum level.

After five successful decades of acting, Elliot seems to have no plans to retire soon as he is always involved in various projects. Good for him, though, especially since he has an excellent financial advisor who is helping him to be able to comfortably retire when the time comes.

Joanne Woodward | 89

Joanne Gignilliat Trimmier Woodward is an American actress, producer, and philanthropist. Right now, she is the oldest living Academy award winner for Best Actress. Her passion for acting and directing made her so successful. She rose to fame in the late 1950s after working on the critically-acclaimed psychological thriller The Three Faces of Eve. She has, through the course of her career, received many nominations and awards from the Oscars, the Golden Globe Awards, the Primetime Emmy Awards, and the BAFTA Film Awards.

During this time, she had a love affair with actor Paul Newman, who she eventually married in 1958. Paul is also one of the greatest actors of all time. Unfortunately, Newman died in 2008, and shortly after, Woodward was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. We hope that Newman had health insurance to help her and their family with medical expenses. Woodward is currently 89 years old and is under the care of her husband’s second daughter, Melissa Newman.


Nancy Sinatra’s name surely rings a bell. She is the daughter of the legendary singer Frank Sinatra to Nancy Barbato Sinatra Sr. Just like her father, she followed in his footsteps to make a name in the music world. She is also an outstanding actress, and she had a spot on some films and TV shows. However, she is widely known for her 1966 hit song These Boots Are Made for Walkin, which also became her signature tune.

Instead, she focused on her career and debuted on her father’s television special, The Frank Sinatra Timex Show: Welcome Home Elvis, in 1960. At the time, they welcomed the King of Rock and Roll’s return from Europe after completing his service in the U.S. Army. No news about Nancy today, but her work can still be heard on different shows. We hope that she will go back to the stage and still do her thing.

Agnetha Fältskog | 70

Have you ever danced to the tune of Dancing Queen and Mamma Mia? Those are some of the hit songs credited to the musical group, ABBA’s. ABBA is one of the most incredible groups of singers that started in 1972. One of the Swedish pop supergroup’s members is Agnetha Fältskog. She is a great and well-known musician who wrote a lot of popular songs for the group, including Queen of Hearts, I won’t let you go, and Disillusion.

Before Fältskog achieved success in the music scene, she displayed her immense talent at the age of 6 when she wrote her first song. She also took piano lessons and left school to pursue her music career. After the break-up of ABBA, Fältskog continued her career as a solo artist and an actress. She did not stop singing until her most recent album release in 2013, which received a Gold certification in some countries.

Goldie Hawn | 74

No bias, but she is one of the prettiest and gorgeous faces we’ve ever seen. The young Goldie Hawn was dubbed as the 1960s “It” girl because she was the whole package. Acting in front of the camera comes to her naturally. Although she has not completed her degree in drama, she became famous and became a huge box office artist. She was one of the most bankable stars of the ‘60s, all the way to the ‘80s, and she won multiple acting awards from both the Golden Globe and Academy Award giving bodies.

Hawn mostly appeared in comedy films, and she continues to work in Hollywood — although now, in fewer and minor roles. Her latest work was as a voice actor for Mrs. Claus in Netflix’s The Christmas Chronicles. She reprised the role in its sequel in 2020. Hawn is now 75 years old, but she can still act as well as she used to.

Dolly Parton | 74

Dolly Parton is a singer-songwriter, but she’s not just an ordinary one. She is a multi-talented musician who is also an author, humanitarian, and businesswoman. Parton knows how to keep herself busy and has a passion for it, especially in music. She’s a legend when it comes to country music. Throughout her career, she has 41 top 10 country albums, and she is a recipient of ten Grammy Awards among her numerous accolades. If this does not impress you, well, she has composed 3,000 songs to her credit, including Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You.

Parton also extended her talents to the film and TV industry. Acting is not her main thing, but she earned a Golden Globe nomination for her performance in a few movies. She is also visible in the world of philanthropy and has established The Dollywood Foundation. Even though she is now 74 years old, she was still able to raise funds for literacy and scholarship programs.

Angie Dickinson | 88

Angie Dickinson wanted to become a writer like her father when she was young. At the young age of 15, she already won an essay writing contest. She graduated from Glendale Community College with a business degree and worked at an airport before she began her career in the TV and film industry. Dickinson was discovered by a casting agent when she joined Miss America and was offered to become one of the showgirls on The Jimmy Durante Show. She reached her acting breakthrough in the 1950s and 1960s and became one of the most sought-after leading ladies. She appeared in more than 50 movies, including The Big Mama, Point Blank, The Art of Love, and The Chase.

Now 88 years old, not much is known about what keeps her busy. We hope that she is still into acting because her last known film was way back in 2009, Mending Fences.


Cicely is an American actress and former fashion model whose acting career has lasted over six decades. She has won Primetime Emmy, Black Reel, Tony, Academy and Screen Actor Guild awards. In her early days, the minor film roles she got did not deter her from achieving the fame that she set out to make. Her determination paid off when she played Rebecca Morgan in Sounder in 1972. Tyson was also nominated for a Golden Globe Award and Academy Award for her work in the film industry. She also appeared in Theatre Productions like Moon on The River Show, for which she won a Drama Desk Award in 1972.

She received critical acclaim and never looked back from that point. Tyson has only been married once, but it ended in divorce. The lack of romance in her life, however, did not affect her celebrity status or fortune. We believe she will enjoy retirement when she makes that decision since she has never needed a bankruptcy attorney given all the money she’s made from acting.


Before getting into an acting career, Elizabeth Ali MacGraw spent six years working as a photographer’s assistant in Harper’s Bazaar and as a model for Vogue Magazine.

As far back as 1969, Ali’s excellent performance in Goodbye Columbus put her in the limelight as an actress and earned her a Golden Globe Award. Her exceptional acting skills also increased her fans. Just when everyone assumed she had reached the height of her career, Ali was cast in Love Story, which gained her an Academy Award Nomination and a Golden Globe Award. She also became the crowd favorite and was voted as the “Top Female Box Office Star In The World.” Ali McGraw acted until the late 90s. She may be living off screen these days but she surely won’t be forgotten in a hurry. We can only hope that she has made smart investments to see her through her retirement.

Bob Barker | 96

Robert William Barker, who is more popularly known as Bob Barker, is a well-known former television game show host. But before hosting, he worked in KTTS-FM Radio — this was his first media job. He also became an editor and announcer in WWPG 1340 AM. Barker was discovered by the game show producer, Ralph Edwards, and was offered his first own radio program, The Bob Barker’s Show.

He rose to fame for hosting CBS’s The Price Is Right, a show he hosted from 1972 to 2007. This was one of the longest-running daytime game shows in North America. But aside from this show, he also hosted Truth or Consequences from 1956 to 1974. Barker also had cameos in popular television shows, including How I Met Your Mother. Barker also voiced Bob Barnacle in SpongeBob SquarePants. He is currently 96 years old, and we hope he is updated with his health insurance because he has experienced two health scares in recent months.

Stefanie Powers | 77

Stefanie Powers rose to prominence for playing Jennifer Hart in the TV series Hart to Hart, which aired from 1979 to 1984. It was one of the most successful TV programs at the time. She earned several acting award nominations for the role, including five Golden Globe Awards and two Emmy Awards for Best Actress in a TV series. She was also awarded the “Sarah Siddons Award” for her exceptional stage performance in Love Letters in 1993.

In 2008, Powers was diagnosed with Alveolar Carcinoma, a form of lung cancer. Because of this, she had surgery to remove the part of her lung that was affected. She still works in Hollywood and appeared in the 2020 film, The Artist’s Wife — she played a conceptual artist. This is said to be her last film appearance. At 77 years old, there’s no stopping Stefanie Powers from her love and passion for acting. The investments she’s made in her craft is truly remarkable and very inspiring.


Jane Powell made a name for herself as a singer, dancer, and actress in several Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer musicals in the 1940s. Powell experienced the stress and pressure of building a Hollywood career in the entertainment world at a young age. However, she didn’t let it affect her at all. She always tried her best to give an upbeat and energetic performance.

However, when the ‘50s ended, so did the era of Hollywood musicals. Producing musicals required studios to take out considerable amounts in loans, and it became expensive. The viewers, too, became more demanding and sophisticated. They wanted to see more story plots. Her last stage play, Bounce (2014) was the final production she was involved in. Anyhow, Powell takes comfort in knowing that MGM classics are still popular today, and that quite a few people still love to watch old musicals. Not much is known about what she’s doing now, but it will be awesome if we can get to see her perform once more.

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