Oldies But Goodies: They’Re Still Alive And Kicking


Philip Michael Thomas is a retired American musician and actor.The 1975 Coonskin shot Philip to limelight before he went on to contribute to the 1980 era of remarkable TV shows. His performance as a Detective Ricardo Tubbs in one of such shows, Miami Vice, was nothing short of the sterling act. Thomas later branched into the gaming world in style. He voiced the famous character, Lance Vance, in the best-selling game, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Philip wrote his first song at age 11 and over the next 40 years he composed,wrote and sung everything from Gospel to R&B to pop standard to rock.He wasn’t as outstanding in his musical career, where he had two albums that were flops. We want to believe that the release of these albums was cushioned by his business insurance (we assume he had one) and that he was wise enough to make suitable investments during his career.